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Article written by TJ Walker

17 responses to “Ashton Hagans will be on UK’s campus in a few weeks”

  1. TonyMontana

    That’s good news. I’ve been waiting to hear this. I’m very excited about next year’s team, especially the scoring ability of so many players.

  2. Realme

    I love him already. Guys that take pride in defense are my favorite. So glad he’ll be able to go on the trip.


    I hope his defense in Lexington is better than what I’ve seen on his highlight mixes. He reminds me of Quade, honestly… Hopefully I’m wrong.

    1. BCO

      Really? To me hes kinda the anti Quade. Not as good a shooter. Much, much more atheltic and a much better defender. Both good passers. But he has skills that Quade lacks and vice versa.

    2. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      I haven’t watched many highlights, but everyone seems to be saying he’s a terrific defender. Are you sure we’re talking about the same player?


      Are you blind?? Haggans is nothing like Quade.

  4. Luether

    Looking forward to seeing Ashton play…


    I think he’s going to be my favorite. Plays full court D and is 100% about the team, but also had confidence in his abilities. I think he eventually starts like Shai did after a few games with Herro or Quickley starting the 2. I think Quade will play some 2, but if he wants to have a shit at the NBA, he has to be more of a pt next yr and better all around at it, a la Ulis, even though that’s hard to accomplish bc Ulis has D

    1. bigbluebanana

      “have a shit at the NBA” has had me laughing way more than it should for like 10 minutes now


      Lol sorry. Stupid autocorrect. Shot**

    3. ClutchCargo

      Damn, son… get that autocorrect checked out! LOL

  6. Robkycats54

    Don’t count baker out I’m telling you he is good enough to start, I believe he is best shooter on the team I could see

    Pg- Quade to start the season, it’s his job to lose
    Sg- Baker, Best shooter/x Factor
    SF- Johnson, Most Versatile
    Pf- PJ, Biggest Heart
    C- E.J, Best shot blocker


    PG- Hagan, Best Defender
    SG- QUICKLY, Best prototypical pass 1st ponit guard
    Sf- Herro, Smoothest game on the team
    Pf-Travis- Strongest player/Rebounder
    C- Richards- Most upside/Athlete

    I’m ready to see how Calipari will jugggle this roster & the many combination will have in the Bahamas and throughout the season, i honestly think this yr we should/could play 10 legitimate guys, the Shooting Guard position is the up for grabs.

    1. Cokely53

      Love the enthusiasm but Ashton Hagans isn’t reclassifying to come off the bench. Reid Travis isn’t coming if he isn’t a starter either. And Baker isn’t starting because Quade will likely slide to the 2 again or share a dual role with Hagans where they alternate who is the primary on ball guy.

    2. The last sith lord

      Ej is 200lbs dripping wet cant see him starting or really playing center. The SEC has some Bournemouth s down low

  7. Ranch

    I’m confused, has his reclassification been accepted by the NCAA formally? I’ve not seen that announced. He cant go to the Bahamas unless he is official. Until the University announces him enrolling in school, I would slow down. Cal just got in trouble for answering a question about him because is is NOT official yet. He had lots of work to do to get eligible to reclassify and the thought was this was going to be a late summer announcement. I don’t think that changed overnight. Slow down everyone!

  8. The last sith lord

    Ashton will be the starting pg from the first game of the season. I like Quade alot but so does every player he has to guard. His def sucks he makes slow D-3 guards look like pistol petes successor.

    I got ashton n think cal ends up surrounding him with the best defenders that can shoot
    Ashtons hs team was him n a bunch of shooters with an energy guy at the 4. They were real successful n with jemari, herro, quade, IQ, EJ you have guys that are shooters

  9. Ranch

    EJ is an outside player not a center. He likes to shoot 3’s. Too skinny right now to mix it up underneath. Similar to Wenyan I think with more upside. Don’t expect great things early.