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101 responses to “Anthony Edwards is going to Georgia”

  1. 4everUKblue
  2. Papaw

    Good luck kid. You’re gonna need it

  3. JerryCat


  4. StuckinLville

    Lol Crean had those two and Cal has how many? Clearly he just wants to be the man.

    1. mashburnfan1

      No…the players Cal had were top picks right from High School. Wall, Rose, AD, etc were all number 1 picks had they been able to come out of High School. Cal did not develop anything. Dwayne and Victor were players that were not #1 picks from High School. Now I am not saying Crean had anything to do with so called developing them, I think most of that is on the individual. However they did become better players as the college years, and NBA years, went on. I was at the tourney game where Marquette {well Wade} beat us in the tourney. People make a big deal about where these guys go……he can go to Stetson and still be the #1 pick. Same with Simmons, he could have played at Tulane and been the top pick. No coach makes these guys that much better in the 8 months they have them.

    2. Take a Deep Breath Please

      Bledsoe… Knight… Booker… Herro… none were #1 picks out of high school

  5. murphy60

    Have fun watching the tournament wile your playing x-box. You’ll also find out that Georgia is not a basketball school, and the BBN will show you what a whooping feels like

    1. mashburnfan1

      maybe we will put a whooping on them like we did Zion, remember the kid you all bashed last year. Well he is fat and overrated blah bah blah. We showed him, oh wait we lost that game? No…we just pretend we won it…..

    2. BigolBlue

      True mash. Everyone sucks if they dont come to UK. Or Cal just cant get the top guys anymore. Which is it?

    3. Tom Bombadil

      Hey Mashfan idiot stfu up with all this ‘we’ and ‘us’ talk. We didnt do shit..’We dont play the game! Us either. You sound like the biggest douchebag on here. No joke..STFU!!!

    4. makeitstop

      Mashburn, he’s not going to have RJ Barrett, Reddish and Jones in Athens. Frankly if Zion went to UGa this year, they’d be far better than they are but not far better than WE are. And Zion should be in the NBA this year, he’s not a good comparison by any stretch.

  6. tacoterry0412

    Yep good luck to you. If you make a good play, old Tom might give you a big kiss, lol.

  7. ChetSteadmansSalisburySteak

    Best of luck, young man. You’re gonna need it.

  8. mothandras

    At least is wasn’t Puke..

  9. CahillsCrossingNT

    Good luck to Edwards, even though I think he will regret this decision.

  10. 8XChamps

    Good ole kissin’ Tom Crean is going to be throwing you under the bus next year when your team goes 10-24. But the money Tom gave you and his smooches should comfort you.

    1. mashburnfan1

      Proof please. Did you see money? Maybe the kid wanted to be closer to home so his family could make the games? Look I don’t know why the decision was made but not going to bash the kid for it. Lets just pretend we got him, yea that will work.

    2. 8XChamps

      Mashfan, come back and talk to me when there’s an investigation in the next 5 years. Plan on it. There’s absolutely no appeal to Georgia BESIDES being close to home. If you’re the number 1 recruit, are seriously going to go to Georgia just because it’s close to home? No. Maybe because Tom Crean’s a hall of fame coach. Hell no. Or because he wants to get as much NBA prep and play at one of the most historic programs in basketball? Absolutely not.

    3. Tom Bombadil

      There you go again Mashfan! DOUCHE-BAGGING your way around the site. A complete bandwagon jackwagon! Douche

  11. fish on

    I think Crean should credit his success to Dwayne Wade and Victor Olidipo

    1. mashburnfan1

      All players make the coaches. Not a single coach will have ultimate success without having the best players. Cal has had the best of the best and still can’t win titles. Look at Self, Izzo, Crean, Pitino, that dude with whack wife at Wichita, Howland and hundreds more. The difference in good and great coaches the great ones still win {not titles but wins} with less talent much like Pitino did when he first go here. He took no name kids and got the most out of them, got them to do it together. When he got the best players it was over for all others. We would be at 15 plus titles had he stayed here. Look at Miller at Zona this year. The Pac 12 is very bad and his team still can’t win, why? He does not have the best players. He is the same coach that won all those games the previous years.

    2. 8XChamps

      You seriously thing we would have 15 titles if Pitino stayed here? Absolutely idiotic statement. We would’ve already had 15 scandals, not titles.

  12. fish on

    I think Crean should credit his success to Dwayne Wade and Victor Oladipo

  13. jperkBBN

    I guess he’s never heard of John Wall, Eric Bledsoe, Brandon Knight, DeAaron Fox or Shai Gilgeous Alexander?

    1. jperkBBN

      Oh and Devon Booker is a pretty good guard too!!

    2. ukcamel

      Tyler Ulis, Derrick Rose, and Jamaal Murray too.

    3. riandri

      How about Tyler Herro? Thinking if asked he would say, if he had stayed with Wisconsin he would not be considered a One-N-Done. However, by electing Kentucky he is now in the decision. Same for SGA with his Florida decision. Good luck to the young man, but his reasoning doesn’t add up.

      My guess, he knows he will be a top draft pick in 2020 so he has elected Georgia so he doesn’t have to work hard. Similiar to Ben Simmons decision to play for LSU.

    4. mashburnfan1

      Maybe he heard of the Twins, Bricksoe, POY, Goodwin, Gabriel, SKJ, Richards, Green etc. There are more players that flopped {went lower in draft than HS projection or not drafted after playing for Cal for 1-3 years} than went up in draft projections. Now granted Wall and AD could not go up from a #1 projection but still many more guys went way down after playing for Cal.

    5. mashburnfan1

      And to be fair I am not saying Cal is why these guys failed, he is not, just like he is not the reason others had success. It is the person, in most cases, that determines their success.

    6. BlakeBlueNation

      Briscoe has become a solid player in the NBA. Goodwin had a solid career in the NBA. SKJ has been in the NBA ever since he declared. And you can’t judge Richards or Green because they are in the league yet. Andrew Harrison has been solid in the league, Aaron needed more time but he decided to go with his brother. This is the worst argument ever. Gl trying to be over .500 with Anthony Edwards

  14. bbn606

    Why isn’t he at Duke if he is number one?

  15. Smyrna_Cat

    That is a surprise … not.

  16. a21CATSfan

    If they are Top 10, they are picking dUKe or the hometown team. Stop streaming these things. CATS

    1. JerryCat

      Except for the two top 10 recruits we’ve got next year and the handful we get every other year

    2. bigblue2284

      JerryCat Cal recruits well enough but he isn’t getting the talent he was. He gets more fringe top ten talent and more like top 15 now days.

  17. perkdawg_20

    How dumb can you be…Go to a coach that has had success with 2-3 guys over a coach who has had success with almost every player he has coached..not to mention the vast differences in programs!..some things ill never understand!!

    1. mashburnfan1

      you need to go look at all the players under Cal at UK who fell in draft status from their High School projections. That list is larger than those that went higher than projected. Neither is because of Cal, is the players desire and work ethic and talent.

  18. Wade

    Crean got lucky with those 2 bc they just outworked people! I wouldn’t credit crean but I guess sometimes better to be lucky than good!

  19. RickysVD

    Kid wants all the attention

  20. cats646

    Have fun flaming out. Smh. Could’ve had a great time at UK. Oh well, who’s next??

  21. Alex90

    It’s like choosing White Castle over Ruth’s Chris because you can get more food at White Castle…well yea there’s more but it’s just not that good

    1. 8XChamps


    2. cats646

      Great comparison.

  22. Headhurts

    Hey Anthony please send me a postcard from the NIT next season.

  23. makeitstop

    Talented kid, but guess he wants to be an upperclassmen? Those 2, Wade and Oladipo, played thru their junior year. I thought most of these guys wanted to get to the NBA as fast as possible? And Crean should get credit for helping those 2 guys bc neither was highly recruited, as opposed to Edwards, number 1 in his class. So, he really has a helluva lot more in common with Booker and our guards. Whatever… as we know people change their minds, and if not u hv to think it’s really about the ability to be “the guy” and get the numbers than player development, and certainly not championships I want guys who are willing to work as part of a team to hang banners. More of those guys please.

  24. Deuceski

    Oladipo and Wade weren’t elite players out of high school! They outworked everyone is why they were what they were lol!!! Better hope he doesn’t turn out like Malik Newman smh!

  25. Brad Gregory

    Good luck, it’ll be a good experience to find out what loosing is like.

  26. Aar

    A stronger UGA makes the SEC stronger and that makes UK better. Glad he stayed in the SEC family and wish him luck!

  27. ClutchCargo

    The butthurt is strong in the comment section today. Maybe learn to deal with disappointment like grownups.

    1. sprtphan

      Thanks for the life lesson.

  28. mgwolfe

    Makes no sense. Not a bit surprised though. My assumptions are doesn’t want to share the spotlight first off. After that I’d guess we might hear of an NCAA investigation down the road. Head scratcher.

  29. truebluefootballfan

    Guess he missed the interview of Tom throwing his entire team under the bus this past weekend. Best of luck to him. Don’t screw up kid….

  30. BCO

    AKA i want 40 shots a game and dont give a **** about winning

    1. bigblue2284

      Sounds better than being screamed at and pulled for every mistake you make. The way Cal acts on the sidelines I imagine is a turnoff for top talent and Cal aint winning a chip without AD talent.

  31. tgoff

    Said earlier, he’s clearly a selfish player who wants to be the one on his team. We’ll see how he handles the fact that he alone can’t carry a team. But Cal and BBN doesn’t want or need selfish players, we’ll be fine while kicking the dawgs asses!

  32. Sentient Third Eye

    This was a mistake by Edwards. Going into an unstable, disintegrating program will be trouble for a kid who ought to be free to focus on his future career. Now, instead of the Next Big Thing, he’ll be Ben Simmons 2 spending the whole season having to explain why his team isn’t better and why his coach is on the hot seat. It’s just sad, frankly. Fortunately for Edwards, he’s talented enough to be largely “bulletproof” (much like Simmons), but he will still miss out on a tremendous lot of development he could have gotten at a school prepared to have a recruit like him.

  33. kentuckybackupplayer

    He made the decision because he knows GA will not be in the NCAA tournament next year and he can start his pro training camp early.

  34. playmorezeppelin

    *googles players who played under Tom Crean*
    “I want to play at Georgia because Dwayne Wade and Oladipo”

  35. Rixter

    Clearly, Georgia is a shortcut. He doesn’t have to work hard in practice, he still gets all the shots in the games, the Georgia spotlight is clearly on him (for 3 months), and he still goes first round based solely on potential.

  36. JT919

    Amazing. Tom Crean is a hell of a salesman to convince Edwards that he had anything to do with D-wade or Oladipo’s NBA success.

  37. UKBigBlueForever

    this is all about him wanting to stay home close to family and be “THE MAN” aka Trae Young. He wants to shoot 30 shots a game. Calipari would never allow that. You also have to think that he doesn’t know who is leaving/staying yet.

  38. IrishCat

    We’ll be fine, but this does leave a big opening for Tyler to come back and be play to be an All American.

  39. Kentuckybbnfan01

    It will all work itself out that just leaves the door for a grad transfer guard we can still get McDaniel’s or hurt and possibly Hagans or herro returning plus maxey plus it gives us more completion in the sec which will help us for the ncaa tournament next year go cats!


    If Ashton or Herro stay, this could’ve played a part in his decision. As far as his decision, I use to question these kids decision, but it is what it is. They have there reason. His was Oladipo and Wade bc he is a slasher and athletic with a slight below avg. jumpshot like those two. He will get the same treatment as Ben Simmons and still be the #1-4 pick. Trae Young, Markell Fultz, Malik Newman they all didn’t care about a national title or playing with other elite players like them to get better and that’s ok. We don’t need those type guys. Still like his game and wish him the best

  41. UKfanman01

    Newman, Zimmerman, and Langford had huge success staying at home. Just to name a few

    1. mashburnfan1

      And I suppose you believe Cal had anything to do with the players he had go in the lottery. Did Cal prevent the Twins, POY, SKJ, Bricksoe and other to plunge. NO to both.

    2. BTownUKFan

      What? Where is Zimmerman today? Langford soing OK on apathetic team but my IU friends have been disapointed in his overall play.

  42. sprtphan

    Sorry but that’s just dumb.

  43. truebluefootballfan

    Pops looks like he just got paid in that pic?

  44. Suffering Fools

    Big fish in an awfully small puddle. Hope he enjoys it.

  45. jahanc2uky

    2 out of 4 guys in the background look a little too happy, if you kbow what I mean. $$$

  46. binarysolo

    Crean’s success with Wade and Oladipo… okay, but what about the dozens of other guards who played for Crean? Who can even remember any other guard who played for Crean?

    Meanwhile, the list goes on for guards who played for Cal.

    Just say Crean promised you minutes and shots. Next.

  47. bigblue2284

    You can’t make up Cal’s recruiting struggles at this point. Hilarious he can’t even lure the number one player from GEORGIA! LOL. Remember when he used to have his pick of talent? Now he gets the top ten leftovers, 2-3 year talent that think they’re one one and done.

    1. AirForceOne

      bigblue2284…..a Card fan trolling KSR. You’re an idiot.

    2. Catsfan1715

      “Struggling” to the get the 1st or 2nd ranked class every year lol. You’re a joke. Bigolblue is that you ?!

    3. catsarerunnin

      BigolBlew 1 and 2. One and the same meaning Slater the Hater. I don’t see any going to UL either.

    4. BigolBlue

      True big blue. Catsrunnin cant handle the truth.

    5. bigblue2284

      Getting the top classes because you got 5 top 20 players is different than getting the elite guys. Try and keep up with basic math. I’d suggest an idiot AirForceOne is someone who assumes I’m a cards fan because I think Cal’s recruiting has slipped.

  48. KYJelly

    Clearly staying close to home was a big priority. The logic of the 2 players Crean has had success with over all of Cal’s makes no sense, so it’s all about staying home, not gonna fault him

  49. KYjellyRoll

    He just wants to be that 40 point per game on a losing team kind of guy

  50. Kentuckybbnfan01

    I hope he does turn into a bust just so people will start realizing to come to Kentucky

  51. wyatts1

    What a idiot!! Did he not see how tom creen throw his players undertone bus?? Oh well enjoy the ass kicking that I’m gives you next season dummy

  52. Peas and Carrots

    Malik Newman 2.0

    1. mashburnfan1

      Richards 2.0..SKJ 2.0…Twins 4.0…Briscoe 2.0…POY 2.0…Green 2.0….we had a ton of players plue down the draft bod or not get drafted as well. Edwards will be top 5 or so if he is that good no matter where he goes. He will fall if he is just hype. Last year all of you were calling Zion overrated, fat etc. RJ, Zion will be top 3 picks, same as if they had gone to UK, dUKe, EKU or USC. They could have sat home this year and probably been top 5 or top 10 or maybe even 1 and 2 still.

  53. BluKudzu

    Good for Edwards to get this decision off his back. I wish him success except when playing against UK.
    Georgia needed something to happen for them, and like it or not, Edwards will make them a better team.
    Edwards will also bring that program to its knees when his season is over.
    Creen has just shortened his stay at UGA.

  54. Kat4Life

    The Ben Simmons model…..

    1. bigblue2284

      Ben Simmons has turned out pretty well I’d say, not like he missed out on a chip at UK by going to LSU.

  55. BigolBlue

    Cal misses again. Bring back Orlando.

  56. No more excuses cal

    Cal struck out again maybe he should focus on some 4 star kids thatwill be around three or four years you know like them k state kids that beat us last year

    1. bigblue2284

      What a joke Cal cannot get the top guy anymore. It’s almost as if players realize they can get to the NBA without Cal and UK. I love the way Cal tries to take credit for getting so many players to the league, because Davis and Wall wouldn’t have made it if not for Cal lol.

    2. No more excuses cal

      I remember when all the top players stopped coming to Kentucky in tubby last few years if cal doesn’t change the end my near for him

  57. No more excuses cal

    Maybe Edwards was a program first kid wanted to play for a team and coach and fan base that enjoyed holiday and conferences tournament wanted to try to win a conference title for Georgia wasn’t just playing for himself and he didn’t buy in to cals players first gold standard June is all that matters sales pitch

    1. The Big Lebowski


  58. The Big Lebowski

    I wonder how much that cost the UGa Boosters???

  59. fish on

    Wasn’t Anthony Edwards in Revenge of the Nerds?

  60. BTownUKFan

    To me the bigger question is going to be who will be on the team with him? Sounds like Crean is ready to cut all his current players loose.

  61. No more excuses cal

    I thought cal said when he was hired here 10 years ago that here he could requrte the best of the best. I guess this Edwards kid along with Zion. Barret and reddish Langford Stewart just to name a few are not the best maybe cal need to resign or keep his word

    1. BrusselSprouts

      Don’t forget Wiseman

  62. Thetruthshallsetbennyfree

    If you listin to alot of dawgs fans on a couple of their sites they’ve been joking he isn’t the first player who got paid to go there.

  63. chris43

    Goes to GA directly after Cream bashes every single player on the team…hmmm so basically you want to be guaranteed as many shots as you can handle no matter the quality of shot selection and don’t want to be held accountable? If so great choice! I understand home school BUT not with a coach like that. You honestly can’t even begin to compare UK, Cal, and BBN to Crean and the GA program.

  64. Arch Stanton

    Do you prefer closed or open mouth?