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46 responses to “Anthony Edwards cancels FSU visit, decision set for Monday”

  1. Bigblue7982


  2. Catcasey1

    Could understand any school but Georgia wtf.

    1. Cokely53

      Actually Georgia would be the only one I could understand besides UK. Hometown has a strong push and the Wade/Oladipo is a pretty good selling point. But man this would get our recruiting juices flowing again if we snagged him

    2. RealCatsFan

      Who was that top ten guard wo passed on playing for UK to stay in his home state to play at MSU? Oh, you can’t remember either? ‘Nuff said.

    3. Cokely53

      Malik Newman?

    4. jahanc2uky

      Wade & Victor played more than 2 years for him… How many 1 & dones (especially guards) does it take for these recruits to realize, CALS SYSTEM WORKS!

    5. 4everUKblue

      Where is Newman now? Undrafted and in he G league, so that worked out well.

  3. JerryCat

    Lol you mean the 10-12 Georgia Bulldogs? Can’t wait to embarrass Tom Crean into retirement over the next few years

    1. michaelb

      I hope ur right , he shoulda go here if he wants to be drafted high

  4. michaelb

    Both sports have been brutal in recruitment the last year solid . Just the way it falls seems always uzpsetttting lol
    . Jeeez

  5. coolclay

    Doesn’t the UK staff always feel “confident ” about a recruit?

    1. CayutsBy90

      Why would they ever say they don’t publicly?

  6. Robinson73

    DON’T COUNT OUT Cal of this one just yet. Cone on down son BBN wants YOU. #9 #BBN

  7. maximumscott

    Dwyne wade was nearly 15 years ago… Oladipo is not the same as Wade… 2 in 20 years? Versus Cals track record? Lets be honest if Georgia gets him its bc he wants to play in GEORGIA.

  8. Brad

    He is coming to kentucky

    1. WatchutalkinboutWillis

      Agreed. This guy is going to be a Wildcat! He has Calipari guard written all over him!

  9. friendsofcoal

    I believe Cal still has the upper hand when it comes to getting guards drafted. I don’t think Oladipo and D Wade compare to the stack of guards Cal has put in the league.

  10. KYjellyRoll

    I agree…2 in 20 years…vs what Cal and UK has done?? If he goes to GA he might as well go play on the moon and draft himself. He will be a forgotten player. Cream can’t deliver

  11. a21CATSfan

    If TJ still did these posts, he would be predicting Kentucky. This is the type of kid Cal needs to regain traction with the elite, but him becoming a Bulldog will open up a spot for RJ Hampton when he reclassifies. CATS

  12. bwise

    Who wants to play for Tom crean…victor was a 3 star and I have no idea what wade was but I’m pretty sure he wasn’t the number 1 player in his class either. That leaves hometown school as the only true advantage as cal has way more examples then just 2.

  13. UK96Champs

    Crean: I’ve been missing you…alot!! Oops

  14. UKCatAttack

    It’s got the feel of Zion. Everyone thought he was going to Clemson and he picked Duke. I think this kid picks UK and I know nothing. Just a gut feeling and he looked awfully good in that UK Jersey.

    1. RealCatsFan

      Dook had a bagman tk snag Zion.

  15. RealCatsFan

    There are a LOT more successful NBA guards that Cal has coached than the two lone examples than Crean can crow about. Plus, he would have a chance to play for a Championship at UK. UGA will be lucky to make the tournament. Plus, he will be totally overshadowed by the football team. SMH.

  16. Catlogic15

    They said they would “build the team around him” ala Simmons. Cal doesn’t play that game with prima donnas.

    1. Catcasey1

      How do u build a team on a one year player

    2. Alex90

      You just be the terrible coach that is Tom Crean.

  17. StuckinLville

    I kind of think he might come to Kentucky. I feel like if he was that adamant on Georgia he would never have taken an official to Kentucky and now he has canceled every visit after. I think Kentucky has a chance thanks to Hagans.

    1. Ridge Runner

      My thought exactly.

    2. RAGE

      I agree and really hope you guys are right…

    3. mashburnfan1

      Agree with Stuck. Heard he and Hagans are pretty close so that should help UK. Not that they will play together {don’t know if Hagans leaves or not but probably will} but hope Hagans is selling him on UK. A bonus would be Hagans staying to play along side him.

    4. michaelb

      Plus why would he drag out the decision if he knows for sure he wants to be a hometown hero for uga? That kinda thing wraps up early in the periods – it’s illogical to string a home school out like that all suspenseful like .

  18. RAGE

    I agree with you UKCatAttack and Brad… I think we get him!!! Funny how he came to visit us FIRST!!!! I think that has to be a factor…. Or maybe I am just hoping!!!! LOL

  19. Han

    Eh, probably yet another recruit who keeps us as a possibility until the end to keep hype up and so his team can say he picked them over us.

    1. michaelb

      Seems to be the trend

  20. RAGE

    If this were FOOTBALL I would say he probably should pick UGA… But in BASKETBALL no way!!!! I get hometown hero thoughts but if he comes to Kentucky he will be a beast a lot quicker in the League

    1. michaelb

      He can be a home town hero in Lexington too.

  21. Wildcat_blues1029

    Sure he goes to Georgia. The chance to be the man of your hometown state and a solid team returning is too hard to pass up for some these kids. Not to mention play 2x against Us next year so you can definitely get the exposure. Hard to go against what we have here at UK but not many kids want to play as a team now days they want all individual shine. Know everyone is saying Crean has only had Wade and Olidipo but Wade is a Hall of Famer and this kids game is very similar. Cal hasn’t been getting these top 3-5 recruits lately which hurts but I like what we possibly have coming back next year and this kid is going want 30+ min a night and a lot of shots. Cal won’t and will not promise you that plain and simple

  22. Rixter

    Hold on. Am I supposed to believe Edwards is going to Georgia because Tom Crean is known for developing young talent??

  23. michaelb

    Brad calipari has a ksr commenting account

  24. BigolBlue

    This isnt a story.

  25. KyZoneBlitz

    He’s coming to Kentucky…. Mark it down…

  26. Soylentbeans

    Why does everyone think UK has lost recruiting momentum? Landing a top 3 recruiting class every year is not losing momentum.

    1. StuckinLville

      Because the top 5 aka superstars keep going other places.

  27. Kentuckybbnfan01

    He’s going to Georgia one of the people to that know him personally and keeps up with recruiting says 100% Georgia

    1. UKWildcatNation

      Yep, I hate to say it but this young man is going to Bulldog…