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Alternate Covers For Kim Davis’ Book

Editor’s Note: The following was written by Harold Leeder, editor-in-chief of The New Circle Circular, Lexington’s #1 source of fake news you can’t count on.

Former Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis is releasing a tell-all memoir, while the cover has not yet been released here are a few suggestions we’ve come up with for her to choose from. The book is expected to be available at Dollar Tree’s everywhere.


Article written by Harold Leeder

85 responses to “Alternate Covers For Kim Davis’ Book”

  1. WatchutalkinboutWillis

    I miss Tomlin’s posts. They were actually funny.

    1. katfan33

      This post is hilarious ?

  2. wyatts1

    WTF does this have anything to do with sports, I mean why?? But leave it to libtards to remind us on how but hurt some Democrats still are over a Christian lady standing up for what she thought was right. But yeah let’s put this what’s suppose to be a UK sports web page.

    1. DelrayCat

      Leave it to the snowflake cons to get their panties in a wad every time someone even makes a lame attempt at political humor. Don’t worry…the “libtards” have let this one go since real justice is beginning to be served…Mueller style!
      #MAGA – Mueller Ain’t Going Away

    2. Smyrna_Cat

      Chill. It was funny.

    3. cats646

      Say what you want, but I sir, do not wear panties. And even if I did they sure as heck would not get in a wad over liberals making fun of anything that isn’t there opinion, even though there motto is “everyone’s entitled to their own opinion”. It’s actually sad how hypocritical that is and you don’t even realize it because your too busy getting “attacked” by the whole world. What if ksr posted something making fun of a gay guy that wrote a book? Your panties would be in a huge wad and you would have to take picket signs to the streets just to voice your ignorant opinion. Smh.

    4. bhb71

      First of all, their*. Second of all, not a liberal (I’m a syndicalist), but the right always seems to be the side in America that believes everyone is entitled to their own opinion. The right believes that this woman didn’t do anything morally wrong because she was doing what she believed in and that schools should teach creationism because only teaching scientifically observable facts— such as the study of genetics and both natural and artificial selection— hurts their feelings. Liberals have their own large set of issues that offend them, but it’s always funny to me how the people on the right can simultaneously say that, “Facts don’t care about feelings,” but that we can’t do/talk about certain things because they offend their “traditional American values and sensibilities.”

    5. cats646

      This woman didn’t do anything morally wrong. Now should she have been fired? Absolutely she should have. But the thing that gets me is that if some gay guy got fired from his job for being gay then ksr would be praising about how courageous he is for standing up for what he believes but if someone stands up for something that is not the liberal way then how dare her. Let’s just make fun of her. It’s honestly ridiculous. And get outta here with that teaching creation in school stuff. They can teach whatever they want. And I don’t believe everyone is entitled to there own opinion because some opinions are so freaking stupid.

    6. wesmorgan1

      The key words in your sentence are, “what SHE thought was right.”

      Some folks take a dim view of gambling, sororities, and/or lobbyist groups…but the state uses license plate to collect donations for Keeneland, Delta Sigma Theta, and the Kentucky Coal Association….should state employees be allowed to refuse to issue those plates based on nothing more than their personal opinion?

      Some religions (e.g. many Baptists, Mormons, Islam) take a dim view of alcohol…but should state employees be allowed to refuse to issue a liquor/beer license based on nothing more than their personal opinion?

      Personal conscience/belief doesn’t give state employees a free pass on ignoring the law they’re paid to execute. Yes, Bevin may have “made it all better” after the fact via executive order, but the fact remains that she put herself above the law…and we can’t sustain that approach to government.

    7. cats646

      And as I said, she should have been fired.

  3. loservilletard

    please do not post of of this man’s garbage on KSR, if anyone wanted to read his crap they would go to his web site.

    1. BBNDan7

      Then don’t read it?

    2. loservilletard

      its taking up space where something good could be posted

    3. katfan33

      This is a good post!! Hilarious

  4. Smyrna_Cat

    Lighten up, snowflake. This was funny.

  5. channell

    What has this series of attacks got to do with UK? Is this not KSR which is about Ky sports, not about some politician? Even KSR has decided to attack a person because the beliefs are different. A new low for KSR.

    1. Smyrna_Cat

      Why so serious? And why so sensitive?

  6. truebluethroughandthrough

    I think it’s great how liberals feel so strongly against discrimination, yet feel it’s ok to bash a christian woman on this website for standing for what she believes. Had that been a person of different racial descent, sexual orientation, or ANY other religion what so ever, it would still be all over the news to this day, and writing it on this site would be crucified. I just wish the same would happen with this post now, just to prove a point.

    1. bhb71

      Why do so many Christians care so much about gay marriage though? The teachings of Jesus talk a LOT more about the evils of hoarding wealth and the exploitation of other human beings than it does

    2. bhb71

      than he does about two guys/girls being attracted to each other.

    3. Smyrna_Cat

      Some of us see humor as humor … not everything should be the start of a fight over politics.

    4. wesmorgan1

      Um…there’s no universal definition of “Christian” that extends to issues like these. I’m a Christian (specifically, a Southern Baptist) who disagreed wholeheartedly with Davis’ “stand.” She’s a government employee charged with executing responsibilities under the law, and she took an oath to that effect; if she doesn’t want the responsibility, she should quit.

      Please remember that we don’t all have the same definition of “Christian” – that’s one reason that we have so many denominations, independent churches, etc.

    5. truebluethroughandthrough

      “some of us see humor for humor” that’s probably the funniest and most ironic thing i’ve ever heard…. Nevertheless, I never said this was a “christian” vs. non-christian argument. I just said that it was a woman standing up for what she “personally” believed in. On a side note, not that it matters at all, I wouldn’t have signed it either. (expecting to be fired and not having an issue with that because the law changed while she was in office.) All I’m saying that this goes down differently in any situation where a different religion is in question, race comes into play, sexual orientation comes into play, etc. As far as “seeing humor for humor” no, we don’t get to have nice things like that anymore, thanks to the last 10 years of butt hurt (no pun intended)

  7. jahanc2uky

    Ouch, that was pretty harsh.

    1. Smyrna_Cat

      Political cartoons are like this … they bash any and every side. It is called free speech. That is one of the beautiful things about our country.

  8. CatManDo

    “The Hungry Games”

  9. katfan33

    This is hilarious!!! Well done KSR. This woman deserves every slight throw her way. ??????????????

  10. CatMan4

    Posts like this are exactly why I don’t check this page like I used to. This used to be a sports page. Now it has turned into sports, politics, and all everything in-between. Matt uses it to do his political grandstanding and push his liberal ideas. Last time I checked this is Kentucky Sports Radio, and not Kentucky Political Radio. People across this country made fun of Kim Davis, but I applaud her. She was a Christian woman who stuck by her beliefs. Any other religion is allowed to tip-toe around the laws due to their religious beliefs, but someone with Christian beliefs gets mocked. I don’t know if most are too blind to see, but this was a much place when we allowed prayer in schools, and every place else. Please KSR ditch your liberal political agenda (yes it’s obvious), and get back to sports.

    1. wesmorgan1

      No, someone who uses government office to prevent other citizens from exercising their legal rights/privileges gets mocked – and rightfully so.

      If a government official refused to process a liquor/beer license for no reason other than “I don’t approve of alcohol”, I’d mock them.

      If a government official refused to issue a Keeneland license plate for no reason other than “I don’t approve of gambling”, I’d mock them.

      See the difference?

    2. cats646

      Wesmorgan you can’t deny that Matt tries to push liberal beliefs on us through this page. It is ridiculous. Almost as ridiculous as making fun of a woman for standing up for the bible and then saying “I’m a Christian.”

    3. CatMan4

      I understand your view, but not marrying people of the same gender due to her religious belief is a little more than alcohol or license plate. You can probably tell that I am 100% against same-sex marriage, and maybe you aren’t. Either case we can agree to disagree, and I respect your opinion. The point I was trying to bring to light is that this website was created to be a place to talk University of Kentucky athletics. It has turned more into a website to express political opinion. There are other forums at which we can argue our politics and beliefs until we are blue in the face, let’s do that there. I would like to see this site get back to talking UK sports until we are blue in the face and blue blooded.

    4. UK Fan In Nashville

      I’m a registered Republican, a Christian, and an avid supporter of gay marriage. God is Love. God is omniscient. If God created two gay people, then it wasn’t by mistake. If they choose to honor their love for each other, they are honoring God by confirming their love through marriage. Don’t come at me with the Bible says this or that. You would be cherrypicking and wrong to say that God calls gay marriage an abomination. Translations of the original text of the Bible have been bastardized to support the ruling class for almost 2,000 years. Do some research. Don’t just keep spreading hateful ideology spouted by your ignorant preacher on Sundays. To the original issue, she works for the government and is required to do a job. Spreading her hateful ignorance is not part of that job. She should have quit if she didn’t agree and gone to work somewhere else.

    5. cats646

      I’m just curious. What is the point of being a Christian if you don’t believe in the bible? Maybe it has been messed up throughout the years but the truth is we don’t have the original text and you don’t know what it says or doesn’t say. We have the bible we have now and Gods word says to obey it the best we can. Sure everyone sins but being gay is a choice you are definitely not born gay. To believe so is ignorant.

    6. Keith Biggins

      cats646 have u ever been gay? How do you know it’s a choice? Do you have evidence that being gay is a choice or are you just being ignorant?

    7. cats646

      No I have never been gay, but I do have people in my church that used to be gay and turned away from that sin. Every sexual act you make is a choice, unless your raped. It is also a choice who you do these sexual acts with. Therefore being gay is a choice.

    8. katfan33

      You sound like you’re fun to be around. Geez

    9. cats646

      Ooohhhh. You showed me. Ha

    10. truebluethroughandthrough

      If gay is right, let’s see how far an all gay country makes it. They’d have to enjoy that, rainbows and drag shows everywhere, but I bet you in about 50 years, it’s getting pretty thin on citizens. I’m all for it though. I’m just here to help.

  11. big cat

    SHAME ON KSR!!! You make me sick. God will deal with you for the mockery. You do not know Kim Davis. Her beliefs are based on BIBLICAL TRUTH….unlike the garbage you allow to be posted.

    1. katfan33

      Don’t come back. Bye bye!!!

    2. UK Fan In Nashville


    3. katfan33

      Biblical truth? Ha

    4. cats646

      I’m with ya big cat. Maybe just tone it down a bit.

    5. Zack

      Biblical truth?! Whaaaaat?? LOL

  12. croppercat

    This is in bad bad taste. Stay on cats and sports.

    1. katfan33

      Don’t read it. I think it’s in great taste.

    2. cats646

      It’s absolutely in bad taste.

    3. katfan33

      Nah, it’s great!

    4. Zack

      I loved it!

    5. truebluethroughandthrough


  13. KY Fisher

    This is exactly what I’m looking for mixed in with my UK sports. Who doesn’t like a good character assassination now and then. For future reference though if you purport yourself as being funny it might help to at least have some well though out insults.

    1. katfan33

      I found it hilarious

  14. katfan33

    It’s very simple… Don’t work for the government if you can’t do the job required because of whatever your beliefs are. I couldn’t care less what people choose to worship. But if it starts to affect my life you’re in for a fight. You don’t have the right to tell people what’s right or wrong because of some book you take literally. Keep every sense of religion out of my government. See how simple that is.

    1. cats646

      Exactly how did this affect your life?

  15. katfan33

    Tax payer money

  16. madarchitect


    1. cats646

      Prove it

    2. katfan33

      Prove it’s not

  17. cats646

    How about all of the secular documents of the crucifixion of Jesus from people who were there and saw it. Or how about the Big Bang theory is the theory that all of this came from something that is always expanding? Why can’t that be God expanding? Or how scientist believe that the dinosaurs walked the earth millions and millions of years ago before humans existed. But somehow there are drawings in caves and tunnels all around the world that are very detailed of dinosaurs. But if they didn’t live with them then how do they know what they look like. Or what about the dinosaurs going extinct? Why can’t that be from the flood that covered the earth in the story of Noah’s ark? To be fossilized a body has to be encased quickly by mud or clay. Hmmm. There are fossils of dinosaurs everywhere and there was a huge flood where they would’ve got trapped and encased by mud and then been fossilized. The chances of the right amount and the right kind of proteins coming together in an ocean that is constantly in motion to create one cell is insane. The chances of millions of them coming together? Well you would have a better chance of winning the lottery everyday of your life than that happening. Why can’t people think with an open mind and except that science and the bible prove the same points, just in different ways?

    1. Zack

      Cats646 I truley hope that one day you take your research a little more seriously. Theres much more proof that most of the bible is wrong. No wonder less and less people are religious each year when you have these nut jobs out here that refuse that science is real, smh

    2. cats646

      I clearly said that I believe science is real. I’ve researched a lot. And it all goes hand in hand. There is not one scientific fact that proves that God is not real.

    3. cats646

      And I also said in another comment that everything in the bible might not be true. Idk I wasn’t there. But you cannot say that Jesus wasn’t a human being that lived on this earth. There are many documents besides the bible that prove so. Read the document of Jocephes. It’s very interesting. He was just a bystander at the crucifixion.

  18. katfan33

    Well sir, you have some far fetched theories but I’ll just respectfully disagree. Im just not buying into living life by some faith or myth. But that’s my right of opinion.

  19. cats646

    Well you have a very closed mind. But oh well. I guess I ain’t gonna change your beliefs and you ain’t gonna change mine. One thing we can all agree on is hoping the cats can get it done tonight and make a run in the tourney. Go big blue!!!!

  20. katfan33

    Closed mind? You couldn’t leave well enough alone could you. You believe in a fairytale about a world wide flood, a man talked to burning tree, a dude parted a sea and I’m the close minded one. Classic “christian” BS!!
    Go Cats! Please almighty lord jesus let the Cats win tonight.

    1. cats646

      Yes you are closed minded. You refuse to even look at the possibility of God and the bible being real. I’m open minded enough to say that maybe some of the stories in the bible are far fetched. Idk. I wasn’t there. But I look at all the facts science gives us and all the predictions and things that happened in the bible and I can see where the two definitely work together. But your closed mind won’t let you see that because your scared of the truth. Live your life how you want. I guess we will find out the truth when we die. Maybe I’m wrong but there is so much evidence of the bible being true, so I doubt it.

    2. Zack

      Closed minded? Coming from a christian? Haha I was raised a christian, went to college to be a biblical scholar and learn more about the book that I believed. Thankfully, I wasnt so closed minded as you say. After studying the Bible and its stories, I came to an educated conclusion that its complete and utter bullshit, written by closedminded people probably much like yourself.

    3. cats646

      No. I’m not close minded. I admit that it could all be fake. But there is enough evidence for me to believe in it until proven otherwise. Keep tryin bud.

  21. katfan33

    I spent 24 years in the Baptist church. I’m well versed on the teachings. Thank you for assuming you understand the thought process of every non-believer.

    1. cats646

      And you refuse to believe there is a God. You said in an earlier comment that faith is a myth. I understood that just fine. And not all churches teach the same things. What if you were taught wrong. Hmmmm.

  22. katfan33

    Good day sir!

  23. 57nukeduke

    On the subject of funny, Biden and obama on a plane, Biden says I can throw a $100 out and make a 100 people happy, obama says I can throw a $1000 out and make a 1000 people happy, pilot says I can throw you both out and make the whole country happy!

    1. cats646

      Ahaaa. That is actually hilarious.

    2. CatMan4

      Just like Obama and Biden… Giving away more free money. (actually it’s not free because tax payers earned it). Sorry, I couldn’t resist…. Go Big Blue!!

  24. katfan33

    Republicans at their finest. When the debate is all lost, divert and bring up Obama, Hillary, Liberals, blah blah blah. Lol

    1. cats646

      Democrats at their finest. Make fun of a woman that stood up for Christian beliefs and then get pissy when someone makes fun of a liberal.

    2. katfan33

      And if he did it wasn’t because of any religion nonsense.

  25. katfan33

    Her christian beliefs cost KY tax payers money because she wouldn’t do her job.

    1. cats646

      Obama costed my business tax money. I’m sure you aren’t mad at him for that are you?

    2. katfan33

      It wasn’t because of religion

    3. cats646

      Well I’ll gladly refund your 7 cents you lost. Ugh give me a break man. Smh.

  26. katfan33

    Obama, Obama, Obama… come on man. Lol

    1. cats646

      Dude. Your the one complaining about a little Rowan county woman. Come on man. And ole Trump is gonna save the day so I’m all good for now. Until we vote in some incompetent money hungry liberal.

    2. katfan33

      Enjoy your time with trump little man. Liberal Democrats will be back in charge in November. And you’re going to LOVE being governed by Democrats. You’ll actually be successful. Lol

    3. cats646

      Hey. I hope they do great. And maybe I will be more successful. But not if there “big plan” is to take more money from us buisness owners that give jobs to the community. How stupid is that?