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Alex Reigelsperger decommits from Kentucky

Once thought to be one of the stars of the 2018 class, four-star defensive end Alex Reigelsperger just announced he has decommitted from Kentucky. The news, which we’re hearing was expected, was made public via this tweet from Reigelsperger this afternoon:

The 6’3″ 247 lbs. Ohio native committed to Kentucky back in February, but insisted on going through the recruiting process and taking his official visits. Sources tell KSR that when Reigelsperger informed the UK staff that he was planning to take an official visit to Minnesota on November 25, the two sides agreed to part ways. Minnesota accounts for several picks on his 247 Sports Crystal Ball this afternoon.

Best of luck to him.

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39 responses to “Alex Reigelsperger decommits from Kentucky”

  1. EdC

    Meh … I don’t wish him any luck at all.

  2. BBNDan7

    I literally HATE college football recruiting

  3. UKfanforlife

    Best of luck to the young man!

  4. UKfanforlife

    The way I see it, they will go bowling again, and should get a better class than last year.

  5. UKfanforlife

    Football seems to be different animal that basketball, when it comes to recruiting. In football it seems that it a kid’s word means nothing until signing day and it also seems like schools drop kids in favor of others that they think are better, as well.

    1. Han

      Also, schools still publicly recruit players who are committed elsewhere. How often do you hear about a basketball recruit who has committed to a school still getting official offers? Meanwhile, in football, players are tweeting out how they’re “Blessed” to get an offer from this school and that school despite verbally committing somewhere else. And still taking official visits elsewhere after committing? Just makes the whole verbal commitment pointless.

  6. runningunnin.454

    Expected? Wasn’t this guy on twitter all the time trying to get other players to UK? Like Blue Smith?
    He sounds pretty flaky.

    1. TBW3011

      Yes. He was supposedly leading this class as far as actively recruiting others

    2. ClutchCargo

      And that’s the part that sucks, assuming he actually has any influence with those guys.

  7. Realme

    Dawson must be inconsolable.

  8. TBW3011

    Translation: CJ Conrad is a stud and I think I am too. After watching the way he’s used I think I’ll look elsewhere.

    1. Bobbum Man

      Well, seeing as Conrad is a TE and this kid is a DE I doubt that was it….

    2. TBW3011

      Yes. Corrected it in my next comment. Had this kid mixed up with someone else for some reason.

  9. TBW3011

    Scratch my comment. Totally mixed up on which kid this was.

    1. Rembrandt

      No, you couldn’t wait to take a shot at our coaches and you showed your true colors.

  10. Cousins Fake Tooth

    Best of luck? No. Hope you sit on the bench your entire career. Traitor.

  11. Willis talkin bout....

    TBW.. Please read the “Defensive” End part before you translate next time!

    1. candyman14

      I think the the coached recruited the kid to play TE though

    2. TBW3011

      Please read the message DIRECTLY after my first where I corrected myself. Could have sworn this kid was a TE.

    3. Rembrandt

      Reigelsperger was recruited as a Jack linebacker, not a TE. That means he would have competed with Josh Paschal and Jordan Wright, which may have something to do with his change of heart. He is a good prospect, but Stoops is recruiting others at his position who are probably better. So while I don’t like to hear this news, it isn’t the end of the world. When Jarren Williams decommitted, our coaches went after him hard and won him back. But when Reigelsperger said he wanted to visit Minnesota, they pulled his scholarship. That says a lot.

  12. candyman14

    That loud crash you all hear is his Twitter followers

  13. CatstopWontstop

    “#TrustInGodsPlan” haha. I don’t know if God is really all that invested in where you go to school for football…

  14. runningunnin.454

    LOL, don’t freeze your butt off, or step in any gopher holes.

  15. Catlogic15

    Don’t let the door hit ya’ Lurch.
    Great character to come on a fan base sports show and proclaim your love and how you’re going to recruit.
    What a flake.

    1. ClutchCargo

      Yeah. I don’t want to bash the kid too much, but that isn’t exactly the type of character to build a recruiting class around. Good call by the coaches to not try to keep him on board.

  16. ClutchCargo

    So, he and his family had long, long talks and what they came up with is that he should maybe play football at Minnesota? WTF??

  17. ukscotty

    friggin Dawson …he said this guy was rock’s his fault

  18. Rod Crandler

    I always thought I knew what the word commitment meant. Guess not.

  19. RobertRKO

    The fact this staff can part ways with a 4 star kid and not tell them they will wait is a good sign. In stoops we trust

  20. PillsburyThrowboy

    I don’t like this news one bit. I hope others don’t jump ship with him since he was supposed to be the “recruiting” recruit of the class (like Barker was).

    1. Rembrandt

      No worries. Every school has decommits. It happens all the time.

  21. loservilletard

    wasn’t enough room on a jersey for that name anyways…

  22. KatsKlaws

    My only problem with it is how he had BBN voting for him to be a part of the all star game a couple of days ago when he obviously knew that he was planning to decommit. I feel used.

  23. KatsKlaws

    Now can we go get Shocky back from Butch Jones…,that should be the priority!

  24. az1006

    I don’t even follow recruiting until signing day for this very reason…Verbal commitments mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. I don’t even know why kids do it to begin with. Either commit and mean it, or just let the process play out. You can even tell the coaching staff behind closed doors, “I really like what you have to offer, and you’re at the top of my list. But I want to go through this entire process because it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience for me.”

    If he doesn’t want to be here, that’s fine. Moving on.

    1. Rembrandt

      High school football players commit so they can lay claim to a scholarship during the window of opportunity when it is available for them to accept. Decommits are common, but most players stick with their commitments.

  25. ukkatzfan

    Is the bromance between him and Dawson over?

  26. notFromhere

    I don’t understand being emotionally invested in a verbal from a high schooler at this stage of the game so much that you would call the person a traitor or bash the kid outright.

    Still a lot of football left to play and a lot more recruits will be coming up that didn’t reach their full potential last spring or summer. Minnesota winters are for the very hardy, or those that like a little obscurity.

  27. notFromhere

    …He was a 3 star by all counts when he committed, wasn’t he? Don’t remember him being a 4 star then or that he was a consensus 4 star since.