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A new song dedicated to UK, because that’s what’s hot these days

AP, an aspiring rapper from Monticello, sent us his new song “Elitist,” dedicated to Kentucky basketball. AP tells us it’s a bonus track on his upcoming album, Game Changer, due out in March.

Give it a listen and see if you can catch the shout-out to Matt and Shannon The Dude.

I’ll say this for the guy: he sounds a lot like Eminem.

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

49 responses to “A new song dedicated to UK, because that’s what’s hot these days”

  1. Elwood Blues


  2. shortyblue


    1. tom

      Oh man. That’s awful. Sorry to the artist and I know he put work into it but…ah…I just don’t have any words for it. Maybe it’s my age but it sure doesn’t hit me the right way.

    2. Hot Bed

      Why is Monticello the Hot Bed of rappers?

  3. kyblue

    Argee Turrible,,,,,

    1. This guy is good !

      Song was outstanding, however I am still a Willie Colley-Stein Man!!

  4. ukmoxie

    Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should….

  5. 5000

    is that the cookie monster just repeating what the guy says?

    1. Fake Santa

      You beat me to it. Or Yoda. Lol

  6. Keith perry

    He sounds nothing like Eminem!

    1. grumpycat

      I guess if you sound white you sound like Em.

  7. James K

    He realizes ‘elitist’ isn’t really a flattering word typically, right?

  8. Fitch Slape

    I stopped listening after the attempted rhyming of “inertia” and “disturb ya”. I would rather listen to Lil Wayne for an hour followed with a Dan Cook comedy special than to listen to this garbage.

    1. Billy G.

      Oh how I mis Dane Cook marathons.

  9. Mean Randy

    Slim Shady sucks

  10. colter

    I am embarrassed to be from Monticello…

  11. Austininmadisonville

    11 for 11

  12. ukfan

    I would love to see any 10 of you all come up with a rap song about UK and then a see what it sounds like, talk about garbage! (A) I bet none of you even listen to rap (B) you all probably don’t even know who Wiz or MGK is and (C) no one gives two shats about your opinion. I thought it was pretty good actually.

    1. NotAFan

      A. No.
      B. Yes, I have satellite television and they seem to be popular.
      C. That’s just it, an opinion. Not meant to be taken seriously.

    2. Fitch Slap

      Don’t attempt to prove your rap “knowledge” by referencing Wiz Khalifa and MGK. You are a bigger joke than this song.

    3. rap sucks

      cRAP freaking sucks! So called music for 12 year olds and people with low iq. When will it die? When retarded white kids stop buying it. METAL RULES!! haha.

    4. AnthonyBBN

      ^ Now that needs to be a done. A Metal song about UK.

    5. Haha

      HAHA Machine Gun Kelly is your go-to random rapper?

    6. PhilUK18

      The “you have to be able to do better to criticize something” line of reasoning is just ridiculous. I freely admit that I couldn’t do a better UK themed rap than this guy. That’s why I don’t try, because I’m smart enough to know it would sound foolish, something that this guy should have figured as well. I listen to plenty of rap, and this just isn’t good. Plus, Machine Gun Kelly and Wiz Khalifa are bad too. Try Kendrick Lamar, he’s actually good.

    7. Me

      If you want to come up with a song about UK at all, at least make it good music. Rap isn’t good music and you won’t find anyone with any sense that wants to make a rap song anyways. Mainstream rap sucks…. Local rap artist??? Lol. Stop giving these retards clicks on their YouTube videos please.

    8. Tupac

      You must be a family member to say this is anything but pure garbage. The first step in making any song would probably be matching the BPM of the beat to the lyrics. I would beg to differ that anybody on here could make a better song with an Iphone app on the first go. Its honestly hard to believe that “AP” would think this is worthy of letting others hear.

  13. WOW!!!

    Was that Chesters twin brother? HAHAHAHA These UK fans keep getting better and better!!!!

  14. BAdams

    He doesnt just sound like Eminem, he’s completely emulating him from his early Slim Shady LP days. Dude, be original.

  15. Ralph

    I am currently practicing my free throws

  16. Short Bus

    No doubt this guy was special in high school. Clowns like this take away our right to make fun of uofl fans.

  17. Bilbo

    What a loser.

    Worst song ever his voice was irritating as hell

  18. Ralph

    I am done practicing free throws, now its off to learn how to play pick and roll defense.

  19. ME

    Could not understand a word

  20. bluemanchew

    Shoutout to grover from sesame street on backup vocals. I liked it wasn’t as bad as some comments. I would like to see some commenters try to do better

    1. Haha

      That’s like saying to people that are talking bad about people looking through their trash that they couldn’t do a better job. Well no probaly not but I sure as heck wouldn’t want to. BTW yes garbage > rap.

  21. HackRichards

    Been better if he had a banjo playing…

  22. Fake Tony Vanetti

    To get pumped up for the Clear Channel Christmas party, I listened to this song from the front page while watching Spurrier on the Yoga-Ball.

  23. Ira Geezer

    Sounds much worse than a herd of Russian race horses passing gas.. Give me a break!

  24. Go Deep

    wow that was bad, only thing worse would be hiding under a table at Porcini’s listening to Rick and Karen.

  25. Wow

    Seriously? You guys are all idiots. Ok so it’s not the greatest song ever written, and I’m definitely not a rap fan, but to be from a no-nothing town like Monticello, I’m proud of this guy for actually trying to make something of himself. Yes he needs coaching and an actual record label to tell him what’s good and what’s not, but I’d sign him because I see potential. The album is a decent demo. And what’s up with you guys calling him special? I bet you all were the bullies in high school. Bluemanchew I agree, I’d like to see these guys do better.

  26. ukcatsfan34

    And I thought Laura Bell Bundy’s “Kentucky Dirty” song was garbage. Although having some of the Muppets in this song was pretty creative.

    Now I’m going to kill myself.

    1. haha

      At least she is hot.

  27. out of the loop[


    Have you actually listened to Eminem?

  28. Sgt. Stadenko

    Straight Garbage….You youngsters need to do some research about the history of hip hop and the good emcees of days past. Learn about hip hop because what is out today is not worth a shit

    1. BAdams

      I completely agree. Todays “artists” just say random crap and try to sell it. The artistry is really lacking now days.

  29. Rick

    That’s just terrible on so many levels. Any reference to disgusting human being Slim Shady only makes things worse. It SUCKS!

  30. Pitino's new album

    Pitino has a new album “Coming Soon” !!!

  31. boni

    Must be mad street cred in monticello..rough streets and what not. I could have tried to listen to it if he got rid of the muppet repeating his last word.

  32. Christi Morrow

    Wow! I see a tiny bit of the Eminem reference, but nowhere near the talent. Also, Eminem is not that great anymore either! This is hilarious more than anything else. But actually it was even more funny to see the lovely comments from the listeners! Looks like the consensus for the most part is this song needs a lot of help. Releasing this as though all of Big Blue Nation is behind it will make UK look ridiculous.The cookie monster sounding guy in the background made it impossible for me to take the song seriously. However I did laugh my ass off at both the song and the comments. And I love me some rap! Haha! Gotta be good though…