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A different kind of UK fan song…

Before the season, Fern Daddy Dollas released “C.R.E.A.M. (Pound Cake Remix)” on the interwebs. Now, he’s back with a YouTube video for the song, which you can see above.

Shout out to Worldwide Wes, everywhere we go, we leave a worldwide mess…

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43 responses to “A different kind of UK fan song…”

  1. Laker Cat 18

    I think the show thread should open 30 minutes earlier on Fridays before Final Four games. Just an FYI for the future. It gives me an extra sense of security that my weekend is getting ready to be phenomenal. Go Cats.

  2. Forrest Gump

    Was he talking about hanging banners before we were wearing leg braces?

    1. Nice!

      Before braces were ever invented we were winning banners.

  3. Jatt Mones

    Great song. And the truth. The final four was our destiny. .

  4. Jason

    Track is HOT

  5. Mike Kirby

    New name for One and Done should be. “Achieve and leave”.

  6. Yo

    How great is the Azubuike jersey

  7. J.C.

    In a word…..embarrassing.

  8. Trujustin

    I hate to say it but this guy crosses the line from being funny to being a complete dbag. GO CATS!

  9. C...A....T....S....CATS!

    Not a RAP FAN….

    Just a CAT FAN…

    But I’ll tell you MAN…

    That song was OUT THE CAN…????

    Oh well… I tried… 🙂

    Nice post MTT…


  10. Jordan Juicecal

    Wow, so legit. This song is better than the real song. Cheers to this dude, he’s 10Xs cooler than drake ever could be (drake is a phony).

  11. Steve

    I think the song is awesome, and the video pretty funny. Well done.

  12. Nice!

    If you don’t like this or think its embarrassing you probably over 50, white, and listening to Johnny Cash.

    1. Jeremy

      I’m 35 and thought it was horrible. The song was great when they played it on KSR, but the video is GOD AWFUL!

  13. Jeremy

    I enjoyed this song before the video…. gives white people a bad name.

  14. Riff Raff

    This guy has mad talent.. tell him to hit me up

  15. J.C.

    I’m under 50…..and yes, it’s still embarrassing. This video is nothing but ammo to fire back at us. The behavior in this video is what I would expect to see from a bunch of wannabe rapper Loserville fans. We’re better than this…

    1. YourBoyBlue

      I agree. In fact, I’d give my left nut if that guy was a Louisville fan. Kentucky basketball should be associated with classiness and this is the opposite of that. And yes, I’m white, 30 and I like the hell out of Johnny Cash. Drake ain’t bad either!!!!

  16. Cats

    Completely embarrassing. And I’m 23, and don’t mind some rap. And this is completely embarrassing.

  17. Jack Irvin

    Play that song to the Bone Thugs manager, I’ll get you in touch!

  18. Matt


  19. The Video

    Proved a couple things. Jerseys should not be worn by men who aren’t in college. Neither should snapbacks. And lastly music videos are a thing of the past. It was embarrassing watching this. He actually ruined the song by creating the video. I would have rather watched a 3 minute video of the girls. Haha…So many croakies

  20. BBN

    Haha this is hilarious!! Obviously he’s not serious..showing some UK Pride and having fun with it!!! I love it!! GO CATS!

  21. CatsFan

    ITS OBVIOUSLY A JOKE YOU MORONS. Give the kid some credit, the song is awesome and the video is funny. Y’all are effing crazy. GO CATS

  22. TheNegaMan

    Ugghh too much RT facetime


    ya’ll quit hating, the song is tight.

  24. Big Tuna

    Ya Boy Fern Daddy Dollas does it again! This video is legit and people need to stop hating, he’s more of a cats fan than any of you all. Where’s your customized UK song and edited music video?

  25. The Video

    I see your point. After a second watch I realized my trolling wasn’t a necessity. He kind of laughs at himself at one point but at first I thought he was serious. His lyrics are on point though which gives a mixed message. But Cats really do rule everything around me!

  26. Wobbly Butt Cheeks

    This video is taaaaiight. Probably took a long time to put together. I think it shows a lot of dedication. Props to the Drops. Bringing in the Crops.

  27. Banners

    BBN shouldn’t hate on other BBNers. Where’s the big blue love?! This video isn’t serious, they’re clearly just having fun. Y’all need to support your fellow cats however they choose to support the team. GO CATSSS!!!

  28. Aweosme

    The majority of these songs about the cats or horrible but this one is awesome. I don’t understand why people like the song but hate the video?? It was well made and has class. What would be embarrassing would be if it was a poorly made song which 90% of the fan songs are. Maybe some of you grumpy folks should stop drinking the HATORade.

    “Cats Rule Everything Around Me” is pretty much the motto for every cats fan. Well done and enjoy this tons more than the original drake version. Well done.

    Go Cats

  29. Aweosme


    not or

  30. Relax Cats

    Calm down people, he’s just joking around having a good time and lovin the CATS. Go Fern, screw the haters.

  31. UK Tweakerz

    Fern Daddy goes HAM!!! Cats bout to take the ship & I’ll be bumpin this CREAM all week!

  32. Turntable

    This rap is off the chain yooo. Hot, fire, flames, I wanna be sitting with these guys while they freestyle some super sick rhymes during the game. So hot………….sike.

    Makes UK look like a poverty stricken hell hole.

  33. In the Video

    If you think this was a super serious thing and not just something funny we did up by the Blue Courts then You are really really dumb. Just a way to show our love for the Cats while being goofy and having some fun. LIGHTEN UP PEOPLE. BBN all day C.R.E.A.M

  34. Tripod

    Snapbacks are cool people geeeeeez.

  35. me

    My o my
    I like the real song and I love the Cats; this guy looks like a fool and makes us look so stupid !
    This is bait for any ul hater and its sad I can’t defend this one !!!!

  36. Dave

    Man, that video sucked!

    GO CATS!!!

  37. Cates

    Dang I didn’t realize Michael Wilson and russilo wrote comments on this blog. So much hate!! Track is sick and shows love for BBN which some of you all obviously don’t have. Fern Daddy $ kills it and everyone knows a UL fan song would sound like shit. Video was just them having fun, but did anyone notice the bearded guy in the kentucky ale shirt had really small hands? Can’t wait to hear what he spits after hanging #9! Go cates!

  38. Jason

    Haha I did notice that the kentucky ale guy had small hands. Kind of weird looking

  39. Slammin Sammy

    Sick! Pretty Fly for a white guy hahaha love the original but this version is the best UK song by a fan i have heard in a long time….look for a record deal if he dont already have one
    Go Cats!

  40. Posey

    Is everyone in this video special???