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A Big Blue Nation Holiday Wish List

It’s that time of year. Regardless of your holiday affiliation, we all tend to find ways to celebrate the occasion and one another by giving each other gifts. That may not be the reason for the season, but it has certainly become a big part of the tradition in the winter holiday experience. If the Big Blue Nation were to make a “holiday wish list” of the things they wanted the most, what would be on that list? Feel free to add more to the list below, which hits on a few of the things I think Big Blue Nation wants the most this time of year”


1. A victory over Louisville

With the Louisville game just a few days away, I think I speak for the entire Big Blue Nation when I say a win over the dirty Cards, especially after watching them win a national championship, would be the best gift possible. It’s always nice beating Louisville, but this match-up feels like the rubber match after Kentucky won the 2012 title and Louisville won the 2013 title.

2. Matt Elam

Elam will make his college choice on January 4th. He’s down to Alabama and Kentucky. The vibe for Elam picking Kentucky is SO strong right now. Almost everyone believes that when it’s all said and done, he will end up a Cat. The pick up would be huge for Mark Stoops and his staff, as Elam is a 5-star player from the state of Kentucky. Beating the juggernaut Alabama for a recruit would be the icing on the cake. With all of the good feelings about Elam to Kentucky swirling around, anything other than that would be a bit of a holiday heart breaker at this point.

3. A quality win (#1 on the list would take care of that)

Beating Louisville would certainly take care of this item on the wish list, but the Kentucky men’s basketball team is in need of a quality win to boost its resume’. Although Kentucky only sits with 3 losses, all to quality NCAA tournament caliber teams, it’s time for us not to lose a good game and finally win one. The quality wins left on the table are few and far between with the state of the SEC these days. Kentucky needs to pick up as many as they can to have a better chance for a better NCAA tournament seed.

4. A full and energetic ERUPPtion zone night in and night out

I feel like we are beating a dead horse here at this point, so I won’t say too much about it. The crowd was GREAT on Saturday against Belmont. Let’s see if the crowd can continue to bring it for the rest of the season. It just makes Kentucky so much better. It makes Rupp so much better. It makes everything about Kentucky basketball so much better.

5. A top-15 ranked recruiting class

We already know that Stoops and his staff are compiling a knockout 2014 recruiting class. The pieces are already in place for a great and impactful class, only to be further padded by a 5-star Matt Elam commitment. Either way, the Cats are going to pull off  what will likely be the best recruiting class the school has had. The class has a CHANCE to finish in the top-15 in the nation, which would be a huge feat for a new coach and a school coming off of back-to-back 2-10 seasons.

6. A consistent Andrew Harrison everyone

It feels like Kentucky took some big steps in Saturday’s win over Belmont. The big question will be just how good can this team if EVERYONE is playing consistently MOST of the time? I know it’s hard to ask everyone to have a great game on the same night. It rarely happens. But we’ve seen what it looks like when 3-4 players are playing really, really well. It’s time for us to consistently see the likes of Andrew Harrison, Aaron Harrison, James Young, Willie Cauley-Stein, Julius Randle and Alex Poythress all play well on the same night.

7. An SEC win in football

It’s been far, far too long.

8. To never hear the phrase “Year of the Cardinal” again

Can we all make a pact that the above writing of “Year of the Cardinal” will be the last time any of us say or hear that term? I’m so sick of it. I’m so sick of it that it almost, I repeat ALMOST, makes me miss #L1C4.


Happy Holidays, Big Blue Nation.

Article written by Ally Tucker

I once successfully requested "The Wobble" to be played 6 times at one wedding.

22 responses to “A Big Blue Nation Holiday Wish List”

  1. Jesus

    That would be a Christmas wish list!

  2. Shelton the savior is born

    Calipari to leave for the Knicks and Travis Ford to resurrect the program.

    1. jpg

      You sir are delusional! You are probably one of the people that thought UK would go 40-0 this year. Probably do not have a rational bone in your body. Good luck with that.

      Go Cats!

  3. EK

    # 2 please go away!! Happy Holidays BBN!! GO CATS!!

  4. Buckets

    Call me crazy but I’d take an Elam commitment over a win over U of L. It’s just a regular season game compared to a potential program-changing stud and a Kentucky boy. But hey, no one said we couldn’t have both!

  5. Mitch Barnfart

    “Year of the Cardinal” wouldn’t be a thing if Tom Jurich didn’t run circles around me and if I were half the AD that he is.

    Just sayin’.

    1. jpg

      When a program exists in a conference that is bad at football, it is not hard to get to a BCS bowl game when the conference is tied into one. UL lost to the same team UK lost to in the Womens Elite-8 (UConn) by 30. UL won it’s first championship since the 80’s.

      They had a good year, but with their move to the ACC, I doubt they will be walking into a BCS bowl anytime soon, especially with Teddy going pro and their O-line being as bad as it is.

  6. Weary traveler

    I’d take Thursday and Friday’s podcast!?!? Are they lost forever?

  7. Joe B

    Let’s add another, Matt Jones to show a little more class in the New Year, treat people the way you would want to be treated. I realize that is asking for a lot.

    1. kycats

      Wow you are a douche.

    2. C.....A.....T......S.....CATS!

      Joe B…

      Spoken respectfully… and I would agree with your point.

      Merry Christmas to Matt Jones, you, and all BBN…with a HAPPY BLUE YEAR to boot!

      On….On….U of K…

  8. ukfan

    #9 on the wish list.. someone not named Dakari Johnson, Derek Willis, Dominique Hawkins or Marcus Lee to come back for another season.

  9. Just saying is all

    Matt Elam isn’t a 5 star. He just isn’t.

    1. ukfan

      The rankings say otherwise

    2. Just sayin is all

      Rivals – 3 stars – look it up.

  10. BravoBigBlue

    Happy Holidays?!!!! Who are you afraid of offending??? MERRY CHRISTMAS to BBN! That’s how you say it!

  11. emmertsgay

    Hey now joe b u are not a dousche u are correct. Matt youre great but i have heard u belittle or unneccessarily embarass people on the call in show. Matt i truly understand the occassional absurdity u put up with sometimes and i am a big ksr fan so all i ask with joe b and other faithful supportersis that u just realize that most of these people are uneducated simple folks… But they are big uk fans and usually have big hearts so please bite your tongue rather than make fun of them as much as possible… Humility is the quality most adored by the Lord whos birthday it is today.. Merry christmas everyone i love u ky ppl!

  12. just sayin



    beat. louisville.

  13. DuckDynasty

    It’s “Christmas” wish list. For decades it has traditionally been known as a Christmas wish list, don’t try and change it. By being “politically correct”, you are actually offending more people. Think about it.

  14. Hendo Blue

    #2…resurrect the program? That is ridiculous.

  15. Roger Hardin's Illegitimate Bastard

    “It feels like Kentucky took some big steps in Saturday’s win over Belmont. ”
    Definitely not a headline I expected to read at the beginning of the season..after Loserville, where is that quality win gonna come from? UF and Mizzou..who else? This UL game is huge, aside from the rivalry. Matt Jones is from Middlesboro, of course he’s a douche…might as well be a damn Commie.

  16. scardy card

    #2, I think that you are a Cardinal fan. I think that you tremble in fear of Calapari and that’s why you want him to leave! It’s ok to admit that you are afraid. After all what is Cal’s record here against Pitino, oh yeah 4-1. What would a ressurection be 5-0?