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Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

57 responses to “Kentucky will not get a visit from the No. 1 player in 2019”

  1. maximumscott

    Maybe Cal is on the downslide…

    1. syrin23

      If he goes to Duke, then they need to investigate. They are paying their players.

    2. kybirdieman

      Duk paying players. LMAO We have been the cheatiest program in the history of SEC baskebball. Haven’t recruited since Orlando left, then he got caught cheating. As long as you don’t get top tier recruits, it’s coaching coaching coaching and lame excuses

    3. jimmer

      It’s time to change the recruiting pitch.

    4. TonyMontana

      WE ALREADY HAVE TYRESE MAXEY COMING NEXT SEASON, NOT TO MENTION THREE OTHER 5-STAR GUARDS ON OUR CURRENT ROSTER. GIVING US FOUR 5-STAR GUARDS NEXT SEASON! Sure, it would’ve been nice to get him but we really dont have room and we’re set at guard.

  2. nicky

    So what else is new?

  3. RAGE

    Man this Saturday just keeps getting better don’t it!!!! Lol

  4. Wade

    I don’t blame him for not coming here just watch our games lately no confidence and a coach that has checked out. Sad part is we are so much better than this! And only a COACH can figure it out. I really like our guys but cal needs to build trust and teach these kids! I hope he can bc I don’t see one guy that’s a 1 and done or 2 and done!Keldon maybe!

  5. kybirdieman

    Cal’s koolaid is gone.

  6. DelrayCat

    Guys…we got like 8 McDonalds All-Americans on this team….recruiting ain’t the problem.

    1. IrishCat


    2. BigolBlue

      Either way its Cal

    3. RAGE

      Agreed I have made that statement before on other post… I think we have 9 Macdonalds All Americans… I think it is the most in the country but I could be wrong… Everybody complaining about top 5 players but we have some good players… maybe we have missed on Top 5 talent but almost all have been top 25… Maybe two ain’t Herro and Baker I think.. but they were top 50 guys both of them… That is why I am so frustrated when I watch Kansas and Puke play is why we ain’t in that Tier 1 level of teams at the moment.. we just honestly don’t look like the same caliber of team and I can’t figure out why we are struggling like we are… Again I ain’t bashing Cal I am still a Cal fan but just wish he would make some tweaks or something… maybe change up a few things I feel like we are playing an older style of ball or something… Sorry been a hard day to be a UK fan

    4. DukeFan1

      “Guys…we got like 8 McDonalds All-Americans on this team….recruiting ain’t the problem.”

      I think this is what most KY fans don’t realize. No one has that, including Duke. Teams like Kansas or Nova have grad transfers or senior players. Maybe Cal can get into the transfer market. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed watching you guys lose to Duke, but bball, in general, is better with a somewhat good Kentucky team. I would much rather have KY lose to Duke by 30 but destroy every other team in its way.

      Also, form the data so far, it looks like while the OAD system can win championships, you need to have the best OAD players. Even second best is probably not enough. Barring that, teams would likely have to have a combo of OAD and seniors.

  7. DelrayCat

    Cal has always had an alpha at the guard position. His worst year was when they were stuck with Ryan Harrow as the point guard. All three guys now were some of the top PGs in the nation, but have not panned out. Think about it…last two years we had flaws and lost 10+ games each year…and that was with Fox and Alexander at PG….two guys who are now hitting 30 points a game some nights in the NBA!! Anyone think Hagans, Green, or Quickley will ever do that??????

    1. RondoTheDonThough

      32-6 with Fox.

  8. Chacosrule


  9. Gus Chiggins

    Who would want to come here and play the way we play???

    1. Urincatland

      And getting screamed at from the top of Cal’s lungs. He sounds like a damn mad man roaming the sidelines. And when he does his post game shows he’ll say these kids aren’t machines etc. Hell, if I was a kid I wouldn’t come here and listen to that sh!t. Coach K, Roy, Bill Self isn’t screaming like that!!

  10. StuckinLville

    Cal’s exhausted from starting from scratch every year. I look for him to leave sooner than we expect if this is how he really feels.

    1. Duey Lampier

      Hopefully! And take Brad “earned not given” with him.

  11. bobbycoe

    At this point I see only Washington and Travis to the NBA. Maybe Johnson, but certainly not Herro, Hagans, Quickley, Green, Montgomery or Richards.
    Might be a blessing in disguise. Growing these guys into a junior or senior dominant team and letting Calipari off the one and done treadmill.

    1. DelrayCat

      Unfortunately, we may have a team with 10 players at 6-6 or smaller along with Richards and EJ?….lol.
      We definitely need another big or two or its gonna be a rough season.

    2. WatchutalkinboutWillis

      I would love this if it would happen. Unfortunately guys that commit here rarely want to see the process through. After two years they leave for the G-league or overseas if they aren’t ready for the NBA. I’ve said it many times on here, but only one 5 star recruit has returned for his junior year that Cal recruited…that is Poythress. The hope in down years is that many will return, but they often get recruited over. I love Cal as coach and don’t want anyone else right now. I also think this team will turn it around and be awesome by the end of the year. But I don’t hope for junior 5 stars anymore.

  12. BPatte

    I would t count on UK getting any top 25 kids in the future. Something is wrong and the recruits can feel it!

    1. DelrayCat

      In case you haven’t noticed bud, we have #8 and #10 coming in next year plus a highly underrated KY boy in Dontaie Allen….maybe more….we’ll be fine.

    2. njCat

      Go to the parade?

    3. binarysolo

      @Delray I hear what you’re saying, but look at it from this angle: top players almost always had UK in their top 5, 3, whatever. After Barrett, Zion, Reddish, Wiseman, Carey, and now Edwards it’s safe to say there’s a trend. Getting #8 and #10 is great, but the success of Cal’s system is dependent on getting the #1 caliber players.

    4. timbo

      You think the “services” that judge talent (and routinely disagree on rankings, by the way) are the definitive say in a player’s talent? You’re a nut, pal. Not a coach in the country recruits anyone based on a number from Rivals, 247, ESPN, or anybody else. They recruit based on talent, need, fit, and a host of miscellaneous reasons. “#8 and #10” are that “caliber, simple guy. There are hundreds of D1 schools…how many have ONE ranked in the top ten? Two??? Stop being a problem.

    5. eyebleedblue

      Simple guy? Lol, when you don’t have an argument name call. Rankings don’t matter, but the players in the top 5 this season are certainly better than ours, 34 points better to be exact.

    6. timbo

      Sorry that hit so close to home for you that you took it as a personal insult. The argument he (and you) present is based in what someone else says. Neither of you are in the position of the coach to evaluate and validate any “rankings”. In fact, you’re so fickle, and SIMPLE, you base your opinions on a single shard of evidence or work. You start with a BERY small portion of the complete picture and then react (lash out) illogically based on your emotion in a given moment. That’s not wise, it’s more like a child, and quite the simple thought process. Notice you’ve centered your “argument” on a single game, at a single point in time, for a single team. That’s about as simplistic as one could be…

  13. njCat

    Cal’s secret plan. Sign second tier players who will have no choice but to become upperclassmen. When the one-and-done goes away everyone else will have no players and Cal will rule.

  14. shelby

    I think coaches are using skal, sacha, and nick against us. Edwards was about 10 when AD and MKG were here. Cal needs to bring in a new assistant bad. Justus and barbe just are not getting it done on the recruiting front.

  15. binarysolo

    I just think Cal’s just exhausted from maintaining this machine year in year out. He’s struggling to feed the beast he created.

  16. damage_control

    I love Cal and wouldn’t trade him for anyone but I just don’t see any kind of offensive creativity. The team looked better in the Bahamas before they got much coaching. It’s just pass pass pass around the perimeter before an entry pass to the post or an ill advised three.

    1. BigolBlue

      I would trade him for sure

    2. timbo

      There’s some constructive criticism and a valid observation. NBA offense (unstructured, or “dribble-drive”) is not necessarily something 18 year-olds are capable of doing right away. It requires natural feel for the game and a comfortableness that kids who’ve been playing structured high school and travel ball just don’t have instinctually. Some do, but most do not. In those instances, there needs to be some adaptation. Some structure to the offense; beyond an elbow screen or one-on-one.

  17. BigolBlue

    Wonder why? Maybe because we are trending downward fast and lost to Seton Hall suck

  18. Catlogic15

    Our mediocre “college “ players that need a second year are still being drafted in the first round on “potential “. Cal is burning the candle at both ends.

    1. RAGE

      This is the problem I think that has ultimately burned Cal out…^^^^

    2. RAGE

      Having to completely replace players that should not leave in the first place… Again the commentators in the NBA complain all the time about the level of players in the NBA going down… Cause they are drafting on potential alone and we know that not everybody lives up to potential

  19. oruacat2

    I am personally not a fan of this “reclassification” trend.
    These kids already come in physically, mentally, and emotionally immature – why would we want them to come in even more so when they won’t be around long enough to develop/mature?

  20. Kywc4l

    Cal is on the downside!! Duke is climbing!!

  21. jim tom

    Eric Musselman Nevada

  22. Kylematf

    I think it has nothing to do with his recruiting, i think we are getting ready to see a lot of these players return next year. Id say three are gone and we”ll see the rest return. Ill take that!

  23. dgtuk

    Things are not looking good these days….not so sure about the future. Starting to feel like we are yesterday’s news.

  24. VirginiaCat

    Beginning to feel like the latter years of the Tubby era when a malaise settled over the program.

    1. Leander Wapshot

      Malaise is just the right word. The fans aren’t as passionate and are checking out because of one-and-done. Why invest emotionally in players who leave before you got attached to them?

  25. bd2153

    Look ? how boring this team looks. Would you want to play halve court weave basketball all game heck all year. No post ups or hi low picks nothing new same old game plan shot hope to rebound. This team should wear people down with pressure all game but it stop run our offense the weave. Shot rebound repeat. Heck play with some enthusiasm after all your show casing were valve. It’s low now.

  26. Rise

    It’s amazing how quick things change whenever World Wide Wes has no more affiliation with Kentucky. We aren’t getting the elite players anymore.

    1. RealCatsFan

      Care to explain that? Did Wes sign on for K or something? Are they paying him more? I’m intrigued.

    2. Jiminy Crickets

      Yes he did

  27. Kat4Life

    This kid is a Fla St lock…….not a Cal thing.

    1. jim tom

      Who can’t shoot

  28. Danny44324

    Has everyone forgotten that Cal has already signed two top ten guys for next year? My god most of you are so idiotic. Go follow Duke or Louisville, get the negativity out of here.

  29. Smyrna_Cat

    If you look at this team, if there are not a lot of transfers then we are a pretty complete team. I don’t see many from this class leaving after the year, and that will hurt recruiting of players who want to be one and done.

    On the other hand, KSR writers DID make it sound like we were in a good position to get Edwards. Now in this article, you suggest it was always a long shot. Which is it? The writings on this site can be a bit all over the place.

  30. BlueDew

    At least he didn’t commit to UK then flip. Cal was ahead of the curve on one and done players when he arrived. The other coaches saw that and they have worked to correct their recruiting philosophy. Now we are behind. Now Cal has to figure out how he is going to recruit the top ten players and what his staff and U.K. have to offer that is better than these other schools. I think we blew it with our 38-0 team. Cost us a national championship and wore the shine off the illusion we were the gold standard of college basketball.