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8 responses to “4-Star Football Prospect Wyatt Milum Has Kentucky in Top-6”

  1. JASUN74

    You’re sure full of rainbows and sunshine aren’t you Zack? Thank the lord these kids don’t read this bull shiiit!! Why don’t you and all the other negative people just start calling our recruits and tell them they should go elsewhere. Bunch of whining isn’t helping at all. Let’s try to get positive for the rest of the season and help this team win out !! How about that? Go Cats!!

    1. mashburnfan1

      Does not matter what is said, these guys can easily see what is happening. If I was Gatewood I leave at halftime….running as fast as I can based on how the staff set this team up to fail. Even sorry UT made an adjustment on O and D while we did same sheet different game.

    2. RAGE

      I agree with you Mashburnfan1… If I was a QB or a WR there is no way you consider us at this point… I have always been told that a Leopard dont change his spots…. Stoops handcuffs his offensive coordinators and he simply doesn’t want a passing game… No matter what he says with his coach speak… Playing a WR at QB when you have to is one thing.. But when you have a healthy QB standing on the sideline and just simply refusing to play him is a completely different story… I am a huge UK fan and not trying to just be negative but last night was ridiculous and we pay our staff way to much money for that kind of result!!!! I have been watching football for a very long time and last nights game plan was the worst I have ever seen by any team.. Even more disappointing when you realize that our coaching staff had TWO full weeks to scheme and prepare

    3. bkeith75

      I see it the exact opposite. If I’m a QB, I would see it as this team needs a player with my talents and I may be able to start right away.

    4. RAGE

      You have a point… I just think if you look at Stoops history bkeith75…Would you really want to wager your sons future or even your own that you would be the player to change his approach… Cause after this many seasons of just no aggression and super conservative playcalling.. I def wouldn’t bum it that might just be me.. After the Tennessee game I may just be too chapped at this point

  2. TomKat9698

    With you on that. Need BBN to take over Nashville next Saturday!


    Vandy is terrible with their coach most probable losing his job . Florida just curb stomped them but u wait this will be a game that I could see us losing 17 14 or something like that . I want a new coach and up and coming young coach or that Minnesota coach ..

    1. cats646

      No. Just no.

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