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3-star safety Marcus Walker decommits from Kentucky


On Monday, Kentucky lost their first 2015 commitment in four-star DB Montrell Custis, who flipped his commitment to Alabama. Now, they’ve lost another in 3-star safety Marcus Walker, who opened up his recruitment this morning. Walker made this statement via Twitter:

“I just open up my recruitment. I need more time to think things through. After talking to my mom and family it’s better to wait it’s to much pressure on me. Kentucky is still at the number 1 spot of my list.”

Walker is also being recruited by Georgia, and has offers from Florida, Ole Miss, UCF, South Florida, and others.

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39 responses to “3-star safety Marcus Walker decommits from Kentucky”

  1. rut-roh raggy

    didn’t he hear about the unlimited snack provision ?

  2. Axe Cop

    kentucky football

    1. Petrino

      Indeed! Hope the fans are happy fighting for last place every year. Set back and watch a top 10 program for the next ten years in Louisville because they had the sense to hire a proven coach. Let the troll comments roll……

    2. JohnnyCat

      I for one will enjoy UL getting beat by the likes of FSU, Miami, Clemson, etc. in football. Remember tard fan…no more South Florida’s or Temple’s to beat up on. Louisville won’t win more than 5-6 games next season….mark it down.

    3. Stay Calm, I'm coming

      Indeed! UL’s move to a real conference is coincides with a drop in recruiting….2014 according to ESPN ranking UL 3 4 stars and 15 3 stars. UK 8 4 stars, 20 3 stars.

      Top 10 program lol!

    4. beavis

      Petrino,,,no one questions Petrinos ability as a coach, but at what price ? He embarrassed the city of Louisville,,the fans and the university of Louisville and you people welcome him back with open arms. Personally, I would not be that quick to welcome him back.

    5. Louisville1Cal6

      UofL a top 10 program for the next 10 years? LMFAO No Card fan who isn’t mentally challenged would agree with that statement. Also, “let the troll comments roll”? Um, you’re already trolling, any of us replying to you isn’t trolling, especially since you’re on a UK website, which is also pretty sad on your part.
      P.S We have & will continue to own you in the one sport our state cares most about. You were born a little brother fan, your kids will be born little brother fans, & so forth. Enjoy.

    6. big willie

      there are mentally stable card fans?

    7. Petrino

      I should have realized the troll comment would be over your all’s heads. Anyone that says anything unpromoting of UK sports must be a Louisville troll?? As a UK grad, season ticket holder of both football and basketball, I apologize for wanting a winning football program after 30 yrs of being the laughing stock of the SEC. Petrino would have changed this program in the same manner as Cal has done for basketball!!!

    8. Dee W.

      ” I apologize for wanting a winning football program after 30 yrs of being the laughing stock of the SEC.”

      You appear to have missed a few years.

      “Petrino would have changed this program in the same manner as Cal has done for basketball!!!”

      I don’t recall Calipari suddenly bolting the program, leaving it in shambles where a huge part of the team has to be expelled, and then causing embarrassing national scandals for the program.

  3. bizarro dice game

    what is the opposite of yahtzee ?

    1. binarysolo

      I was thinking of the same thing. What about “BOGGLE!”

    2. DH


    3. DH

      Or maybe “Go Fish!”

    4. amirite

      Battleship Sunk!
      (UK Football) Life!

  4. What's Happening

    3 Players in 1 week?

  5. UofLSUX


  6. Reality

    Keep calm and remember that you’re talking about 17 year old kids here, they can’t figure out what they want to eat half the time. Plus, he’s only reopening his commitment to look at his options. Recruiting isn’t like dating, just because a kid says “I want to see other schools” doesn’t mean he’s already found one he likes better.

    1. Jughead

      Yeah, right. Every time I wanted to see a different set of jugs in HS, it was because I was tired of the old ones.

    2. Reality

      Something tells me the technical word for those jugs was “udders”… Keep it classy jughead.

  7. total jagoff

    perhaps they asked him to switch positions to QB ?

  8. RICK

    Ha dick the cards couldn’t even win the aac conf. You have a proven coach all right, a liar, a guy that likes young women, glad you got him now get off this site and shut the —— up.

    1. Petrino

      Lick me! I wouldn’t want a coach that wouldn’t bang a hot college girl if given the chance! You’re just jealous that you’re not in that position. How bad was he when he spanked you at Western last year? If he were here at UK people would be So forgiving of the transgressions and supporting him, just like they do for Cal! I never heard a bad word about Pitino the whole time he was at UK, but when he showed up at Louisville…..he suddenly turned to a corrupt fornicator? He was the same guy you applauded when at UK. He just didn’t get caught!

    2. Dee W.

      “I wouldn’t want a coach that wouldn’t bang a hot college girl if given the chance!”

      That’s pretty messed up.

      “You’re just jealous that you’re not in that position.”

      Jealous? Jealous to not have betrayed one’s family?

      Like I said – messed up.

    3. Dee W.

      “If he were here at UK people would be So forgiving of the transgressions and supporting him, just like they do for Cal!”

      Like they do for Cal? What in the world are you talking about?

  9. Cat fan

    Sucks but maybe the luck will change and Jayme Thompson will transfer from Ohio State to Kentucky. He is visiting the spring game according to Justin Rowland of rivals on twitter.

  10. Hayley's quadriceps

    Football decommits are pretty common. He might jump back on board. We might replace him with someone who decommits from somewhere else.

  11. Jarvis Redwine

    He was being recruited over with better players. The staff already has sights set on much more impressive players and he saw the writing on the wall. Good luck to the kid in the future. UK football will be more than fine. UL will no longer be able to remain injury free for the one or two big games that they get to play each season. No more than 6 wins for UL next season.

    1. Good 1

      No more than 6 wins for UofL next season? Why is it that sounds pretty good to this UK fan? I only hope we can get to 6 wins in 2015.

  12. Bojangles

    Did he de-commit from UK out of fear he will not qualify academically? Re-read his tweet. Grammar police…woo woo.

    1. Really

      It is called Twitter. Grammar does not apply.

    2. Bojangles

      Way to set the bar for our student-athletes, Really….

    3. WRB

      Who cares? FU*K twitter.

  13. Laker Cat 18

    3-star DB decommits and a 4-star DB transfer from Ohio State is coming to the spring game. Still got a good chance at both sounds like.

  14. bluegrassstu

    Yes Jayme Thompson has been given his release from The Ohio State University. He is attending the UK spring game. Loserville, Penn St, WVa, Missouri, Syracuse and a couple of others are on his list .He is a 4 star defensive back. Coach Stoops needs to roll out the red carpet for him.

  15. Common Sense

    Chill out people….and welcome to big boy recruiting….buckle up!

  16. Willis talkin bout..

    blame the “Bag Men”

  17. Gocats0808

    Based on his tweet not sure he could hack the academics at UK……

  18. Si Anara

    Hasta la vista