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The one and only Big Mick is a meaty masterpiece in its own right. Composed of two quarter-pound patties* of never-fresh, frozen, mostly beef raised close to the processing plant. Only McDowell’s has the frosted beef and processed cheese to give you a major reason for the afternoon trip to the secret bathroom only you and Debra know about on the 9th floor that is under construction.

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#10 J

I see what you did there!

#9 Roy Combs

Almost seems like… fate?

#8 Mikey Miley


#7 Luke Emberton

We love messages like these!

#6 johnedpatton

Ah, nothing better.

#5 courtneyhampton

Educating today’s youth the RIGHT way!

#4 Red Baron

An appropriate question.

#3 KentuckyDude

If there’s one thing both sides of the aisle can agree upon, it’s Johnny Cash.

#2 BackdoorSlider


#1 Stephanie Taliaferro

Relationship goals?


By The Numbers: Kentucky’s Winning Streak

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: Kentucky’s playing its best basketball in March. Since the regular season ended, the Cats have been on a tear, winning five straight heading into this weekend’s Sweet 16.

Without Jarred Vanderbilt, role players have elevated their game, with Wenyen Gabriel turning into a three-point specialist and Sacha Killeya-Jones coming alive in the paint. Even Hamidou Diallo has broken through, putting up 22 points, 8 rebounds, and 2 blocks vs. Buffalo, the most he’s scored in a game since December 9.

Kentucky’s improvement is clear when you see them play, but it’s even more apparent when you look at the numbers. Although the biggest changes have happened in the postseason, some of the trends go back to the end of the Cats’ notorious four-game losing streak (we’ll treat the loss at Florida as an anomaly):

• In the last four games, Kentucky has shot over 50% from the field. The season average is 47.3%.

• In the last four games, Kentucky has averaged 76.4% from the free-throw line. The season average is 69.7%.

• In the last five games, Kentucky has held opponents to less than 40% from the field.

• In the last five games (since Jarred Vanderbilt has been out), Sacha Killeya-Jones is averaging 58% from the field in 16.4 minutes per game.

• In the last five games, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander is averaging 21.8 points, 6.6 assists, 5.8 rebounds and 2.2 steals.

• In five of the last seven games, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander has reached double figures in the first 20 minutes.

• In the last seven games, Wenyen Gabriel is shooting 60.7% (17-28) from three-point range.

• In the last eight games, Kentucky has a plus-1.3 assist-to-turnover ratio after going most of the season with more turnovers than assists.

Keep trending up, Cats.

It’s “Ask A Lawyer” time on Hey Kentucky!

It’s “Ask A Lawyer” time on Hey Kentucky!

Tonight on Hey Kentucky!, Steve Romines joins the show to answer all your legal questions. Tune in to hear Romines’ view on the UofL fan lawsuit vs. the NCAA, the fallout from Uber’s driverless car hitting a pedestrian, and much more:

To see the entire episode, visit

March Mojo: Crazy Things We Do To Keep Kentucky Winning

March Mojo: Crazy Things We Do To Keep Kentucky Winning

March is a great, but nervous time in the Bluegrass. Kentucky fans do everything they can to help the Cats keep winning, even if it means sacrificing comfort, clean clothes, or sanity. From Matt’s showers to Fake Barney’s dirty socks, and the defunct hotel key that’s been in my wallet since St. Louis, March Mojo is a very real thing.

I asked fans to share their superstitions on Twitter this morning, and, as expected, you all didn’t let me down. Most responses centered around lucky shirts and spots on the couch, but some of you really get weird with your March Mojo. Here are my favorite responses.


: I haven’t washed my KY jersey since the first game of the SEC tournament. Don’t want to wash away the winning mojo! #dirtyjersey

I wear the same shirt/jersey and jorts. And I have not shaven since the SEC Tournament. I had to trim a bit for work. (Key is that I cannot grow facial hair that great, I’m very patchy).

: I’ve worn the same socks for every postseason basketball game and every football game since the 2011 NCAA Tourney run. I believe in the magic of my blue Nike Elites.

: SEC Tournament games I wore the same clothes and jewelry, so I have extended that into the NCAA tournament! Also, on game days we eat the same foods, and go through the same routine. I lose confidence if any of these things get messed up!

Sara Elizabeth Langston: Every year I pick one of my UK shirts as my “tournament tee” and wear it for every game. It isn’t washed during the duration. This year it currently has spit up on the sleeve but I can’t wash it because #mojo

: My dog has a lucky bandana (reversible to match the team’s jerseys) and I always have to wear blue socks.

@jackkeadle: White hat before the game, blue hat during the game, Rondo jersey all day but take it off after the final buzzer. Switching seats throughout the entire game. No Twitter.

: The whole 2012 tournament I wore the same shirt and socks for every game. I didn’t wash them. The first loss of the 12-13 season I retired it all. It was washed between seasons though. 2012-13 was all my fault.

@PeruvianSkies4: As odd as it sounds: unless I’m actually going to the game, I won’t wear any UK gear on game day. Every time I do, they lose.

: I have a pair of brand new UK socks I bought last summer and saved just for the tournaments, SEC and NCAA. 5-0 so far! Let’s hope they get to 9-0! Also I must have a meatball Subway on deck ready to eat at halftime.

@JLToll DH has a “rally” sweatshirt that’s a MUST WEAR if we are behind. It’s 25+ years old. Purchased on clearance at Bacon’s in Louisville. It’s threadbare and hideous. He wants to be buried in it…which may be sooner than he thinks if he doesn’t stop wearing it in public.


@kate_haagen: My dad slammed his finger in a door during the four-game losing streak. He’s trying to keep the nail from falling off since it’s held on since we started winning again.

: When Kentucky is playing poorly, I recline slightly on the couch. If they start to play better, I recline some more, and so on. In 2014, I actually think I was partly responsible for the run. At one point, I remember being almost totally flat.

: If the team is doing well, I cannot move a single inch. If I move, they will stop doing well. Also if I’m holding something during a run, I have to continue to hold it. If they start to not do so well, I throw it as far away from me as I can.

: During the 31-point comeback at LSU, I was sitting (literally) on the edge of my chair. Every time UK would score, I’d slide closer to the edge. I refused to move till the game over. Even during time outs. By the time the game was over, I was almost in the floor. You’re welcome.

@BlueTitleist: New this year starting with the Alabama SEC Tournament game: I was out of my regular deodorant and used something else that I had at the house. I hate the deodorant but I will continue it for hopefully four more games because we haven’t lost. Also, a specific grey pair of tennis shoes.


Bret Sims: My wife and I wear the same clothes we wore from the 2012 run.  We only wear this set of UK gear during the tournament. Then we sit out in my truck (see attached) and listen to the game on the radio because it is old school, more exciting and I hate TV announcers.

@ML_Oliver I have one spot in my bedroom to the left of my TV that I have to stand in to watch the entire game. I can only sit during timeouts

: I watch each tournament game from a different location… went back to the same bar vs Wisconsin and never will I watch a game from the same location twice in a tournament run again. 

: I will sit in the same chair, wear the same free Kentucky football hat I got at the Kentucky Bash, and wait to pull out the laptop for the postgame post until the under-12 TV timeout

@Callmeclev: I refuse to watch the games anywhere but alone in my room. I have watched other places one time for the last 3 tournaments and all 3 were the games we lost.


@LukeFisher37: We have a blow up wildcat and during every commercial my whole family has to give him three high fives and pat his head twice. We did this in 2012 and have done it ever since.

: Do NOT say we are going to win. Don’t say ANYTHING before the game

: When UK goes in a scoring drought, I switch channels and check the KSR live blog until they start playing better. I also have a superstition with the number 8. For example, if UK is losing, I may turn the game off til the clock has a time that computes to the number 8. I may wait til 7:10 (7+1=8), or 8:30 (8×3=24 2+4=8). In other words I’m half crazy, half OCD, but 100% Cat fan!

: If Kentucky is the higher seed I only open/close doors with my right hand leading up to and during the game but if we’re the lower seed I open/close doors with my left hand. 2-0 so far.

Lucas: I will no longer go to any Final Four UK plays in. I have gone twice. Once in 2011-12, we drove down to Houston with student tickets from Lexington. Of course, we lost to UCONN and Kemba. Then, the 38-0 year my dad and I went to Indy and we lost to Wisconsin. In 2012 I stayed in Lexington we won. The moral of the story is that I am never allowed to attend another Final Four or we will almost certainly lose.


: This lamp must be on just before tip. I also change shirts if needed at half.

@12jessica22: I bought a new vehicle in January and had a UK license plate picked out and was going to go put it on it yesterday and chickened out because I don’t want to change ANYTHING until the tournament is over.

@ukheman4ever: I have a 2015 Final Four medallion and a 2012 “Kentucky Basketball Never Stops” dogtag. The 2 times I wore them together was the 2015 Final Four and the 2017 Elite Eight games. I’m afraid to even look at them this year.

@joshmccoy92 The Calipari autographed ball in its case comes out every March. Sits on the coffee table in front of the couch!!

@codymm7: I changed around my room the day of ‘15 Wisconsin game. I don’t switch anything up unless we play bad. Change all my blinds and moved stuff around during the 4 game skid. #goodvibes


@BluegrassHunter When I know stakes are high, I buy this specific brand of Twizzlers to have during game. I do not open until absolutely necessary. Back in the 2014 tourney, it looked like we were headed for an loss, so I opened a bag and Aaron Harrison’s run began. Done it ever since!

: I can not eat during the game or look at my phone. I am allowed water.

@queenhaiku2 In 2012 we had to eat Orange Leaf Caliberry froyo every night. We totally carried that team.

Sometimes the mojo doesn’t work and Kentucky loses, which makes you question your habits. This happened to @NinjaMcMuffins, who wore this rubber band bracelet through the 2014 and 2015 NCAA Tournament runs:

After Kentucky lost to Wisconsin, he took it off, and today, at the suggestion of Nick Roush, burned it for good luck:

We’re going to take it as an extra good sign that it burned in the shape of the number nine.

Feel free to chime in with your March mojo in the comments.

Bud Light Tournament Ad Stars Medieval Basketball Coach Dilly Dilly Gillispie

Bud Light Tournament Ad Stars Medieval Basketball Coach Dilly Dilly Gillispie

Editor’s Note: The following was written by Harold Leeder, editor-in-chief of The New Circle Circular, Lexington’s #1 source of fake news you can’t count on.

Beer-based catchphrases have been the cornerstone of American television advertising since 1992 when the ad campaign “Beer. It’s What’s For Dinner” was first launched. Ads for the delicious beverage have created hilarious quotes, and hilarious dogs, that represent everything cool about our culture. American beer ads have always shown the world, that the United States Of America has been and will always be the Spuds McKenzie of countries. Last August, the tradition of awesome beer ads found a new life with Bud Light’s now meme famous advertisement, “Banquet,” where Bud Light introduced the world to a brand new way to say ‘cool’ and also infringe on Dairy Queen’s intellectual property by saying ‘dilly dilly.’

Braxton Anheuser IV, VP of Bud Light Nebraska Plains Division and a seventy-decade decedent of Anheuser-Busch marketing royalty, has given us a sneak peek at the newest installment of the company’s 7 part medieval fantasy series of ads, and it introduces a new character they hope will sweep the nation. The character is Dilly Dilly Gillispie, an ‘old-school type’ basketball coach who uses medieval methods to motivate his players.

“He’ll make players sit in an outhouse during halftime, or even attempt to court the player’s girlfriends during practice,” Anheuser said, “it’s hilarious because no one would really do that.”

The series culminates with Dilly Dilly Gillispie being chased through the secret passages and corridors of the kingdom’s castle by a valiant knight with a hero’s mustache until he eventually ends up in a moat.

To keep up with The New Circle Circular, like the Facebook page or follow Harold Leeder’s Twitter Account.

UK Athletics

BatCats Bounce Back With 20-4 Rout Over Xavier

UK Athletics

Kentucky proved on Tuesday that they weren’t going to let a four-game losing skid hang over their heads. After dropping last weekend’s series at Arkansas, the Cats (15-6) responded with a 20-4 win over Xavier on Tuesday. UK’s 20 runs were a season-high and the most since March 2014.

UK started the new week with their largest win of the season. The Cats scored eight runs in the fifth and six runs in the eighth inning today against Xavier.

But before the breakaway innings, it appeared that Xavier was going to give UK a run for their money. After Troy Squires drove in a run in the top of the first, the Musketeers responded with a run of their own against UK starter Daniel Harper. UK scored four unanswered runs in the third and fourth innings before the Musketeers scored three in the bottom of the fourth to stay within striking distance with the score at 5-4.

Xavier’s rally made Tuesday’s game look similar to UK’s home-opening loss to the Musketeers last month. But the Cats began to extend their lead and exact their revenge on Xavier in the top of the fifth. UK saw the first three batters of the inning receive free passes on a walk and a pair of HBPs. Ben Aklinski drove in two of his five runs on the day with an RBI single to put UK ahead 7-4. Collett would follow with a two-run single of his own as UK began to open the game up.

The next two at-bats drove the Musketeers out of their own ballpark. Luke Heyer hit a three-run home run and Kole Cottam hit his second solo shot of the day to give UK a 13-4 lead in the fifth inning.

The fifth inning was only a sign of things to come for the Cats’ offense. Just two innings later, the Cats hung six runs on the Musketeers. Led by home runs by Heyer and Luke Becker, UK reached the 20-run mark for the first time in four years. Tuesday’s run total was one more than the Cats’ scored overall in their four-game losing streak.

UK’s offense must have knocked Xavier’s lights out because the game was called following the eighth inning due to darkness. The offensive onslaught helped UK win their 15th game of the year and end a four-game losing skid before their series against Auburn. Now, here are some amazing notes from Kentucky’s win at Xavier this afternoon.

Game Notes

Kentucky scored six runs on seven walks against Xavier. How does a team score 20 runs in eight innings? Seven home runs obviously helped, but drawing eight walks and scoring runs on six of them was a gamechanger. Alex Rodriguez walked four times and scored three runs today. Rodriguez was the first UK player to walk four times since Andy Burns in 2009.

Luke Heyer and Ben Aklinski each drove in five runs in the win. The big blue bombers were out in full force today. Heyer and Aklinski went a combined 5/10 with three home runs and ten RBIs while Kole Cottam added three hits, including a pair of home runs.

The 20 runs were the most since 2014. With all the amazing offensive performances we’ve seen under Nick Mingione, today was the most prolific statistically. The Cats left only three men on base in route to their 15th win.

The Cats are in Atlanta

Your University of Kentucky Wildcats have arrived in lovely Atlanta, Ga., where they will play in the NCAA tournament on Thursday (and hopefully Saturday).

The team will practice in Phillips Arena tomorrow afternoon, but a REMINDER: The practice is not open to the public. In years past it has been open to fans; it will not be tomorrow. However, the media will be allowed in for 15 minutes so we’ll try to relay everything we see back to you.

UK players and John Calipari will also be available for questions Wednesday afternoon, which we will stream here on Kentucky-Sports-Radio-dot-com at 2 pm. Plan accordingly.

In the meantime, just know the Cats have touched down in the ATL and they’re ready to continue their run toward San Antonio.

Let’s. Go.

One-on-One with Logan Stenberg

Logan Stenberg is an old school, throwback football player that would fit in well during any era of the game. That’s a compliment by the way. Former UK tough guy fullback Andy Murray led the SEC in knockdown blocks during multiple seasons. He said of Stenberg, “That Cat would have fit in well with us.” Another compliment. On Tuesday I interviewed the junior offensive guard and his appearance matched that description. Typical to linemen during camp, Stenberg had a helmet cut on his forehead and his hands were bruised from hand-to-hand scuffles that often take place along the line-of-scrimmage. I’ve not been reluctant in praising the Madison, Alabama native, so I thought we’d get to know him a little better.

The following are excerpts from Tuesday’s question and answer session:


Q: What’s it like coming into spring as a veteran with 13 starts than trying to earn a starting position? Compare your mentality from this spring to last.

“Definitely think the mentality of this spring is to try to help the young guys to learn the offense and try to learn their role whatever that may be instead of focusing on myself trying to earn a starting spot.”

Q: You, Drake Jackson, and Bunchy Stallings were special at the end of 2017 season and project to be the strength of the offense. Is that continuing, how’s the communication?

“Last year I feel we were all like acquaintances. We’ve hung out, worked out all offseason. We’ve really just grown, become more close. I think we’ll be better than last year honestly.”

Q: Who’s the leader in the offensive line meeting room?

“I would say it’s me and Bunchy (Stallings).”

Q: What’s the main technique you’re working on in spring practice. Before you were painting with a broad brush. Now you’re fine tuning. What’s your number one technical priority?

“In the pass game it’s really keeping my head up and punching, making sure I’m using my hands and not my head cause I really like to use my head a lot which is not the smartest thing to do in pass pro. Run game it’s keeping my base, keeping my feet running, widen the holes, and getting more movement.”

Q: You’ve gone through a body change. What do you weigh right now and what do you want to weigh during the season?

“315 — I’ll be comfortable at 310 or 315 during the season.”

Q: After the bowl game you tweeted an apology after the loss, why did you feel that you needed to do that?

“I feel like I’m really hard on myself and if I don’t feel like I’ve played, you know like a 100% or if I’ve slacked in any area of the game it really weighs on me hard. I like to give it everything I have in every game in every snap. I apologized to the team, for the fans, the whole state of Kentucky, family back home, everybody.”

Q (From Larry Vaught): What’s it like blocking for Benny?

”I love him. I know that if I give him a little hole at all he’s going to hit it hard and he’s going to make me look good. And, I’ll make him look good sometimes if I widen that hole a little extra you know.”

Q: When the seasons starts teams will now game plan for you. Does that change your mentality?

”I’d like to say no but I have thought about it. It does drive me in the weight room to get stronger because everybody’s good in the Southeastern Conference. I got to have an edge. I got to be nasty. I got to be stronger, faster, something. I’m always working to improve my game so I can overcome those obstacles.”

Q (From Larry Vaught): Do you ever tend to be too aggressive?

“That’s kind of how I’ve been since middle school football. I’ve always been the guy that’s got personal fouls. I’m not the biggest, I’m not the strongest, I’m not the fastest, so I got to be the nastiest.

At 6-6, 315-pounds, Logan Stenberg is a prototypical offensive guard. Rated a 3-star by the recruiting services, Kentucky was his only Power 5 offer. He chose UK over Troy and Southern Miss. Stenberg started all 13 games in 2017 and was a key component to the Wildcat’s improved run game following center Drake Jackson’s emergence into the starting lineup. Stenberg-Jackson-Bunchy Stallings (Guard-Center-Guard) construct the strength of Kentucky’s offensive line. His freshman season was equally as impressive: 37 knockdown blocks and missed just one assignment for the entire 2016 season. He also registered 8 knockdown blocks as the Cats rolled up and impressive 443 rush yards against Tennessee.

What’s next for Logan Stenberg? As the team’s enforcer, he’ll certainly be a marked man in 2018. That doesn’t seem to bother him at all; matter of fact, I think he flourishes in that role. A year older and another offseason has changed his body into a junior that could be considered for all-conference honors. But, during our discussion it became obvious that Stenberg is more about the team’s success than his own. You often hear Mark Stoops say that, “It matters to him.” That’s Logan Stenberg. He gets it; whatever “it” is. The rising junior has played at a consistently high level for two seasons. I expect him to have a breakout junior year. “I’m not the biggest, I’m not the strongest, I’m not the fastest; so I go to be the nastiest.” Those words are exactly what any head coach would want to hear from a starting guard.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Walter McCarty to interview for Evansville job

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Walter McCarty is in consideration for the head coaching job at the University of Evansville. Adam Himmelsbach, beat writer for the Boston Globe, reported McCarty will interview for the job in Evansville on Wednesday.

McCarty is an Evansville native, so it’d be the perfect place to launch his head coaching career. The former UK great has been on the Boston Celtics staff since 2013, and got his first taste of being in charge when he coached the Celtics’ Las Vegas summer league team last summer.

Former Indiana Hoosier Calbert Cheaney has also been named as a potential candidate for the Purple Aces.

Calipari calls out negative fans, agenda-driven media

Calipari calls out negative fans, agenda-driven media

During his Monday night call-in show, John Calipari went off on a short rant about UK’s naysayers — both the negative UK fan and the negative national media alike.

First about the critics in his program’s own fan base, Calipari told Tom Leach and the show’s listeners, “There’s a group of people that think I should have eight Kentucky players, and they will never change. It doesn’t matter what we do. We could win nine national championships in a row, and they’re going to say, ‘Where’s Richie?!’ They’re going to be that, and the minute there’s a raindrop, you know they’re going to come out. But the rest of you — and that’s like 98.8 percent — the rest of you were with these guys, and if anybody tried to go after them, you said something… and I want to thank you.”

Then there was his comment about all the media that piled on Kentucky when times were tough. “Do you think it’s their hope or their opinion?” he asked. “It’s their hope. Then they get caught because they’re so agenda-driven, saying something stupid, and then having to eat those words later. Because it wasn’t their opinion; it was their hope it would happen.”

And if you must be unhappy, or even if you’re on the fringe of being unhappy, Cal asks that you be unhappy with him, “not these kids.”

Listen to Cal’s full comment about the fans and media, including praise of the fan base as a whole, which he calls “the best”:

Kentucky Returned to Spring Practice, Five Things we Learned


1. The Team was a Little Rusty

Eddie Gran knew the ten-day lay-off would make for a slow start, “but I thought they got the dust off pretty quick.  Great enthusiasm.  There’s some really good energy out there.  I really like the group and how they’ve come together.  A couple of them got after it when we hit a little lull in practice, so it was good.  It’s nice to get back.”

Thursday will be used to fine tune before the Cats take the field in their first spring scrimmage Saturday morning.

2. Terry Wilson Stayed at UK for Spring Break

Some guys went home.  Others went to the beach.  Terry Wilson stayed in Lexington.  During his time off he hit the film room and got in some work with a few other receivers who stayed in Lexington, most notably Lynn Bowden.

3. Naasir Watkins Almost Played as a True Freshman 

One true freshman from Our Lady of Good Counsel in Maryland, Josh Paschal, made a ton of plays as a true freshman.  Gran said today the other true freshman, left tackle Naasir Watkins, was dangerously close to burning a redshirt last fall.  UK’s offensive coordinator is glad they did not because, “You can see the difference right now.”

He added, “He’s gonna be really good.  I’m really excited about his progression.  It matters to him.  That kid, everyday he straps that helmet on and it matters.  You can already see his progress.  He’s getting better.”

4. Danny Clark Talks with his Hands

He’s also quite the charismatic character.  The left-handed quarterback could not be more excited to be off the scout team and completely integrated into the offense.

Clark’s No. 1 goal this Spring: improve his decision-making.  “Once you have your read in the back of your head, there’s a difference between knowing your read, executing and delivering the ball.”

5. Isaiah Epps likes to Bang Chains

Today I discovered the sophomore-to-be dabbles in golf, disc golf that is.  While most of his teammates hit the links with irons, he grew up throwing around a disc in Oklahoma.  Epps might be my favorite player because nothing makes me happier than an afternoon of banging chains.

He could also become one of the best playmakers on the field this fall.  Darin Hinshaw said Epps made three big catches during today’s practice.  The modest wide receiver did not say who he Mossed on, but he’s much more confident on the field running deep routes.

“I’m feeling a little more comfortable having that year under my belt.  Already knowing the playbook, I can just work on the little things that will help me progress.”

Kentucky to host Eastern Illinois in 2020

Kentucky will host an OVC school in football in 2020, according to that OVC school’s schedule.

Eastern Illinois says it will travel to Lexington to play the Cats on October 10, 2020, which will be the first ever meeting between the two schools. It will also be only the second time Eastern Illinois tries its hand against the SEC; the Panthers will get their first SEC opponent this coming season when they open the year at Arkansas.

Eastern Illinois finished third in the OVC in 2017 with a 6-5 overall record. It ended the year having lost three of its last four — against Jacksonville State, UT Martin and Austin Peay.

Fun Eastern Illinois Fact: Former UK QB Jalen Whitlow transferred to Eastern Illinois to finish his career after one season with Mark Stoops.

Go Cats.

Watch Kevin Durant watch Tyler Herro

Watch Kevin Durant watch Tyler Herro

You’ve watched Tyler Herro’s highlights many times, but have you watched Kevin Durant watch Tyler Herro’s highlights?

I assume no, but now you can.

In the third installment of his breakdown of high school’s best players, Durant watches Herro and comments on what he sees. He asks, “Tyler Herro, going to Kentucky, gotta be a pro if you go there, right?”

See it all for yourself:

Jamal Murray and the Denver Nuggets are on a losing skid at the worst possible time. (Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images)

BBNBA: Murray, Lyles Lose A Heartbreaker in Miami

Jamal Murray and the Denver Nuggets are on a losing skid at the worst possible time. (Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images)


The Denver Nuggets continue to shoot themselves in the foot over and over again. A team once poised to make some noise in the playoffs has all but fallen apart during the most important stretch of the season. After losing a double-overtime matchup against the Miami Heat, the Nuggets are now losers of five of their last 10 games. If you haven’t been keeping up with the Western Conference playoff picture, just know that is the easiest way to drop from a five seed to the 10 seed, which is where the Nuggets now stand. Trey Lyles continues to play fewer minutes ever since the return of Paul Millsap to the rotation (playing zero minutes Monday night) while Jamal Murray has been playing to his season standards. The problem doesn’t lie within the two former Wildcats, but the whole team. The Nuggets appear to fall apart and lose interest in games they should win handily. Recent losses to the Dallas Mavericks, Los Angeles Lakers, Memphis Grizzlies, and allowing the Miami Heat to score a franchise record 149 points in one game have turned into season-killing results. Unless something drastic changes within the next 10 games, the young Nuggets will have to wait another year for their shot at the playoffs.

But enough about the Nuggets. Bam Adebayo had one of the most athletic dunks you’ll ever see from someone his size in the win over Denver, which can be viewed in the highlights section below.

Andrew Harrison scored 19 points to go along with eight assists in his return from a nagging wrist injury that sidelined him for seven games. His future in the NBA looks brighter and brighter as every game passes.

Julius Randle continues to prove doubters wrong, posting 21 points and nine rebounds in a loss to the Indiana Pacers. If there was ever any doubt that Randle wasn’t the Lakers best player, it has long been wiped from our memories.

De’Aaron Fox had one of his best games in his young NBA career as he scored 16 points on 8-11 shooting.

In some slightly depressing news, Micahel Kidd-Gilchrist posted a -40 plus/minus as the Charlotte Hornets lost to the Philadelphia 76ers 108-94. The season of misery is only getting worse for the Hornets, who need the offseason to get here as soon as possible.

Check out the rest of the stats below.


PlayerResult PointsFG (3FG)Reb.Ast.StealsBlocksTOs+/-Mins.
Jamal Murray (DEN)141-149 2OT L @ MIA235-16 (4-8)55001-1043
Julius Randle (LAL)100-110 L @ IND219-19 (0-0)93101-1234
Andrew Harrison (MEM)115-118 L @ BKN197-16 (1-5)18010+2130
De'Aaron Fox (SAC)90-106 L vs. DET168-11 (0-0)34003-1431
Malik Monk (CHA)94-108 L @ PHI134-11 (3-4)43000-516
Eric Bledsoe (MIL)117-124 L @ CLE135-15 (1-8)38225-134
Enes Kanter (NYK)110-92 W vs. CHI105-9 (0-0)131001+1017
Skal Labissiere (SAC)90-106 L vs. DET104-10 (0-1)51122-225
Willie Cauley-Stein (SAC)90-106 L vs. DET94-8 (0-0)65001-1130
Bam Adebayo (MIA)149-141 2OT W vs. DEN73-9 (0-0)83002-1727
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (CHA)94-108 L @ PHI52-8 (0-0)30001-4028
Trey Lyles (DEN)141-149 2OT L @ MIADNP-CD----------------
Alex Poythress (IND)110-100 W vs. LALDNP-CD----------------


Tonight in the NBA

7:00: Raptors @ Magic

8:00 (TNT): Thunder (Patterson, Johnson) @ Celtics

8:00: Clippers @ Timberwolves (Towns)

8:00: Mavericks (Noel) @ Pelicans (Davis, Miller, Rondo, Liggins)

9:00: Hawks @ Jazz

10:00: Pistons @ Suns (Booker, Ulis)

10:30 (TNT): Rockets @ Blazers

Player to watch

Tonight’s player to watch is Darius Miller of the New Orleans Pelicans. Miller is in the midst of his most successful year as an NBA player, justified by his 42.6 percent three-point percentage which is tied for tenth best in the league (coincidentally with Karl-Anthony Towns). Miller has played in all 70 games for the Pelicans this season as the lead role of knockdown shooter. He’s made at least four threes in nine games this season and put up 20 points in early March against the Washington Wizards. The Pelicans need to win every game they can if they want to secure a playoff position and they have no room to lose to the Dallas Mavericks, a team completely out of the playoff picture. Look for Miller to have a big game from the perimeter as NOLA will hope to put this game to bed as early as possible.


UK Football Coach & Kansas State Alum is Stuck in the Middle of the Sweet 16

Arkansas Athletics

Michael Smith is in a peculiar position.

Mark Stoops’ new wide receivers coach has only been on Kentucky’s campus for two months.  Thursday night his new school will face his former school, Kansas State, in the Sweet 16.  When he walks on the football practice field Thursday morning, he will not just be wearing Kentucky blue.

“I will be wearing blue on top, but I will definitely have purple on underneath.  I’m not going to sit here and lie to you,” Smith said after this morning’s practice, Kentucky’s first spring practice in more than ten days.

You can’t blame him.  Smith’s football life began at Kansas State.  He worked his way from walk-on, to the Big Eight’s second-leading receiver in conference history.  Once he was finished playing professionally, he returned to Manhattan where he spent 16 years on the coaching staff, most recently in 2012.

An exceptional athlete and outstanding wide receiver, Smith was great on the gridiron, but not on the hardwood.

“I was the worst black basketball player,” he laughed.  “I ran track.”