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Confessions of a Dangerous Mind Part 2: UK vs UNC ASHEVILLE


Last evening, KSR was once again allowed to fill a spot on press row to provide coverage of the UK/UNCA game (I heart you Mr. Peevy). After the popcorn ran out, I got to work with some random notes.

— After finding where you sit during the game, the second most important part of covering a UK game is locating the “media hospitality room”. Last evenings menu: Papa Johns and popcorn. Although both were colder than a Rob Bromley handshake, there were no leftovers. Beggars aren’t choosers.

— I actually like Freedom Hall as a basketball venue. However, the underbelly of the stadium still smells like the livestock expo from August.

— Thank you Freedom Hall for your outstanding wireless provider, Yoder’s Baked Goods and High-speed Internet!

— Although many weren’t occupied last evening, the placement of the luxury suites around the court is pretty cool. A lot of the bigger businesses in the area had their logos prominently displayed within their respective units. Given what we have learned from a certain basketball coach in Louisville as to what some places charge for their “medical services“ in the metro area, I was little shocked at the lack of “family planning providers“ represented in the suite contingent.

— Hood doesn‘t even look that comfortable in warm ups. I really want to see this kid do well but I keep having these mental pictures from practice where passes from Wall are bouncing off his dome like they were wrenches from Patches O’Houlihan.

Dodson warmed up with a big smile on his face- the doghouse may be back down to one occupant.

— Just saw Patrick Patterson’s dad- he would DEFINITELY start for UNC Ashville. He has swagger.

— Cousins effort early- lackluster. He had the enthusiasm of a guy whose girlfriend just surprised him with two tickets to Twilight. He has potential to be really special if he can develop just a tad bit more explosiveness in his leaping. If we get him back next year, I hope he does the summer program Pat did. (Note: Boogie turned it on pretty soon after I wrote that. If he can develop the passion Pat brings on every possession, he can be scary good.)

— Wall is better at his job than you are at yours. He is 19.

— Cal knows how to break an awkward silence- “SHOOT THE BALL!!!” could be heard throughout Freedom Hall on various occasions when a player passed up an open look. Somebody mentioned it on here before, but Cal yells to motivate and teach. The players appear to respond very well to this. It does appear slightly more effective than the drunken half-grin of the past two years.

— Best way to compare Coach Cal’s in game emotion vs. UNCA’s coach? Think watching 72” high def television at your favorite bar vs. an etch-a-sketch at a hospice. Their coach uttered about 5 words throughout the game and may have briefly fallen asleep during the under 4 timeout. When awake and wandering around the sideline, he had the stage presence of Willy Loman.

— Good, physical effort by Ramon- now realize who had Olivia Newton-John playing in their Ipod.

— When ever UNCA’s coach subbed in a player, the last instruction always appeared to be “tell em’ Goober says hey.”

— post game interview of Cal and the players took place in the backseat of a Kia, or at least it felt like it. I can’t figure out how a place as big as Freedom Hall only has walk in closets available for post game interviews. If you want to know what Alan Cutler’s moustache feels like up close, be a part of a media event in the bowels of Freedom.

— Got to speak with Cousins after the game. I know some people (especially Cards fans) want to think he has an attitude, but he does not. He could not be more flattering of his teammates, especially Wall.

– Near the UL home locker room, saw two Cards players getting taped up. Saw three more getting ink done.

Article written by Turkey Hunter

19 responses to “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind Part 2: UK vs UNC ASHEVILLE”

  1. tdogg40330

    cant wait till Saturday ……

  2. gossie21

    With the media room being so cramped in Freedom Hall, I’m surprised Pitino hasn’t given out more health care benefits to journalists. You know, just to be on the safe side.

  3. quietude38

    As someone who drives a Kia, all I have to say is… DANG. That must be a pretty small interview room, because I can barely fit an adult and my kid’s car seat in the back of my Spectra.

  4. Sir Charles Barkley

    Freedom Hall is turrible.

  5. TurkeyHunter's Daddy

    Every time I see Ramon “Glass Joe” Harris hit the floor, I wander if his body will shatter like dropping a bag of marbles.

  6. gossie21

    Does anyone know if Jones ever finished his Clyde story from the liveblog?

  7. Marcus38

    6-He never gave us a story

  8. tyson

    “he had the stage presence of Willy Loman”. KSR has found their Dennis Miller

  9. gossie21

    7. Yes he did, he just didn’t finish it.

  10. Marcus38

    What was it?

  11. KSR Spy

    This article embodies why turkey hunter is awesome.

  12. Marcus38

    That’s what I story

  13. MIDDAY

    etch-a-sketch at a hospice = greatness

  14. BgallowayUofK

    It was about AJ Stewart and Clyde last year. He talked about it then the punch line was never told.
    #13…agreed that was hilarious

  15. BlueBloodedGirl

    Classic Turkey Hunter

  16. Leviathan_worldwide

    yoder’s high speed internet= funniest thing I’ve heard in a while

  17. 4U2NV

    gee thanks Turkey Hunter now I have people at work asking me what Im looking at because I laughed out loud a couple of times

  18. NotTheSlickistRick

    Brilliant Post! We need more Turkey MUCH less BTI

  19. ukclassof93

    Awesome Post. Funniest I have read in a while.