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Child Please


“Baby, if you’ve ever wondered,
Wondered whatever became of me,
I’m living on the air in Cincinnati,
Cincinnati, WKRP“

Sorry for the hiatus, but a move to Louisville has kept me busy. Well, that and returning gifts to Babies R Us I bought from the Rick Pitino gift registry. By the way Louisville, don‘t just look at your basketball coach when it comes to making poor choices. That was a real nice move adding on to one stadium you already can’t sell out while building a second sans parking spaces. Maybe, just maybe, if you hand out free olde English “L” tattoos and plan “B“ coupons, you can fill up your pizza box. However, unless you hire Susan Smith to valet cars 10 meters deep in the Ohio chuck, you got problems downtown. But, hold that thought Louisville-we’ll get to you in a couple of weeks.

It is only four days till our beloved Cats kickoff against the Miami-Ohio fighting Abercrombies in the Queen City. Look for classically outfitted fall patterns, in hybrid cars, making the treck south all week to Cincinnati, collectively hitting their automatic door locks the first time they see an exit that has a Popeye‘s. While the school does sport an inordinate amount of hot females, their gentleman folk more often than not aspire for the virility of a Jonas brother. I whole heartedly expect to see the Redhawks skipping out the tunnels of Paul Brown to the theme from the Notebook. The only concern I have going into this game is that given Rich’s recent decision on qbs, the only UK player on the field with any experience from the shotgun will be Micah Johnson. No matter, we are winning and winning big. Everyone pack up your water bottles of bourbon and hit the road come fri night/sat morning- it is football time in the bluegrass…and the crime scene across the river as well. Bring lots of Pinot, Miami-its gonna be a long day.

Oh yeah, we are going to try something new this fall. We are all big fans of the Sports Guy here at KSR, so, to pay homage, we are gonna straight rip him off. If you have questions that need answering, (about UK things, the writers here, US Weekly articles, whatever), send them to [email protected] and we will see about answering them mailbag style. Get to writing and we will see everybody up the road come Saturday- Go Cats.

Article written by Turkey Hunter

12 responses to “Child Please”

  1. gossie21

    “the only UK player on the field with any experience from the shotgun will be Micah Johnson.”

    Well played TH.

  2. Matt Jones

    Turkey Hunter with the fire once again…

  3. tyleryoungjj

    yes turkey hunter. yes.

  4. gossie21

    Oh and great idea to do a mailbag feature.

  5. WelcomeToTheCaliparti

    “Miami-Ohio fighting Abercrombies” haha, so funny and so true.

    Bring on the mailbag, now i can have two different mail-bags to waste an entire friday afternoon of work.

  6. TulsaCat

    Turkey Hunter back with the zingers. Nicely done.
    Will there be a fruity smell in the Redhawks locker room?

  7. NKY4UK

    Just a heads up to everybody, there is a bar in Newport KY called JB Finns that is having a riverboat shuttle to and from the game. $5.00 charge with a bar on board. If you want to party on the right side of the river, check it out! Plus you don’t have to deal with downtown parking, which is a pain in the ass to say the least.

  8. funkadelic

    Brilliant post.

    7. I would think Willies will be running their free (if you buy 2 beers) shuttle as well.

  9. stammalammy

    you misspelled malebag

  10. UKfansNKY

    #7 Sounds good! hey, can you catch the South-bank shuttle anymore? They used to drop you off @ the entrance. Also AFTER THE GAME come back over to the right side of the river to the Ludlow/Bromley Yacht Club for cold beer and good food. Down route 8 on the river! GO CATS!!!!!

  11. CO Wildcat

    Picking games to put my money on. They gonna win by 15 or more?

  12. Kige Ramsey

    Turkey Hunter rules