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An Open Letter to U of L Fans

Dear U of L Fans,

Thank you for alerting me within seconds of my arrival at work to the fact that UK will be “giving up all dem wins dog”. I understand that this misinformation you overheard was the highlight of your Memorial Day Weekend and was the cornerstone of conversation as you threw a beach ball back and forth to your line-bearded brethren in some mildewed, Bud Ice littered, above ground pool. I have to admit, I was not terribly surprised when I asked which part of the New York Time’s article you felt was most damaging to Bledsoe’s amateur status that you were not aware that these issues had arisen from an article in the aforementioned paper. I further gathered through your slack-jawed expression that you were not totally confident such a paper existed or even that information could be disseminated in the written form, other than tattoo, in a top to bottom, left to right method.

With respect to the accusations levied at Bledsoe, I might encourage you to take a more wait-and-see approach before talking too much trash at this early stage. You don’t want to count your Syphers before they’ve come full term and risk having UK not become the recipient of the NCAA sanctions you so desperately crave. Going forward, recruiting violations should not be a tremendous issue for UK as now we allow U of L to handle most of that process, save the signing. Since UK and U of L now share recruits in the same way Deebo and Red shared their bike in the movie Friday, I hope going forward U of L does their due diligence in checking the backgrounds of all future recruits to alleviate any future allegations of wrongdoing by UK.

Again, U of L fan, thanks for providing me this morning with information that was almost correct and nearly four days old. I didn’t know you could steal a smartphone that worked on a dial-up connection but I’ve learned never to underestimate you.

Best Regards,
Turkey Hunter

Article written by Turkey Hunter

19 responses to “An Open Letter to U of L Fans”

  1. BlueNation

    Matt Jones you might find this interesting.

    Not only do the Pump Brothers fund their own AAU teams they were also contracted by Adidas in 2005 to help them compete against Nike. Pump Brothers also own a consulting firm to help schools find coaches. Pearl is on that list.

  2. BlueBloodedGirl

    Well played, Turkey Hunter, well played.

  3. BigBlueBrock

    Tears: They are streaming down my face as I laugh. XD

  4. girl wildcat fan

    This was great–I loved it, I loved it.
    Go Cats!

  5. DaviessCounty CatFan

    HAHAHA! Hey PitinoRulz,KatWoman,bluebloodedcat25,LouisvilleFanCraig, and the other 3000 usernames that that ONE mentally challenged Card Troll has created, “GIVE ME THAT BIKE(or recruit)”. And as Smokey would say, J.Swopshire “You got knocked the F*kout!”

  6. DaviessCounty CatFan

    And this picture has nothing to do with UK or sports at all, BUT its pretty crazy. And its not photoshopped either.

  7. tdogg4033011

    I hate anything to do with Loserville ….. piss on em

  8. PatrickPattersonISwalkingthruthatdoor

    Turkey H8r just moved up to #2 on my “Favorites” list, trailing only Intern.

  9. RidgeRunner

    I like it, Turkey Hunter. I love hillbillies as they tell it like it is and heck, I is 1 myself!

  10. Mikee

    You guys at KSR are really stirring the pot today. Turkey Hunter with UL fans…Matt with CBS. Think maybe you could do something today to piss off those scown Duke fans? Thanks, that would make my day. But then what do I know? I just finished watching Avatar for the sixth time.

  11. PatrickPattersonISwalkingthruthatdoor

    (10) We have Rondo, they have Redick. That would piss me off PLENTY if I were them

  12. mocha

    “Don’t count your Syphers before they come full term”


  13. duhville cat

    UbeL just got Deeboed. great post. we need more of these!

  14. Gavin S.

    Turkey Hunter you are , by far, the funniest writer on this blog and I so appreciate you giving me a chuckle to break the tension of these recent days. Keep it up.

  15. theSpectre_


  16. crazydave4


    You gave them too much credit with the Bud Ice….should’ve been Natty Ice.


  17. wet willie

    Willie likes it Turkey. Two tits up…way up!!!!

  18. tonygreendoesthestankylegg

    Bud Ice has too much content, if you’re gonna party all weekend on a six-pack and not get absurdly wasted, you know they’re sipping on some keystone light lol


    A wait and see approach is the best option!
    -sincerely the UK jackholes that purchased 10,000 Final 4 tickets…oops!