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25 responses to “Details of Zy’Aire Hughes’ arrest released”

  1. BeastAtom

    He’s gone.

    1. Booby Petrino

      If it’s true, buh-bye. Peace out.

  2. antiquefurnitureandmidgets

    That really isn’t many details.

    1. Booby Petrino

      It’s a lot more than we had. Everyone was speculating it was just a fight with another dude. Now we know that’s not the case, and that he’s accused of physical assault on a woman. Not sure what more you want at this point, maybe give it time before more comes out.

    2. antiquefurnitureandmidgets

      The fact that the alleged victim is female was available last night. Literally the only other item of interest is mention of “bruising and fresh scratches”. When I think police report I’m thinking the actual specific notes concerning the alleged details. And should I give it more time? I never thought of that. Because I have so many other choices. It was merely an observation that the story really didn’t include much more information than we had to begin with.

  3. KYJelly

    You have to release him, he has no chance

    1. Rixter

      Second Chance U will take him.

  4. Ben27

    No place for a man beating a woman! If the charges are proven factual, he should be gone. What a shame, but lessons are made to teach what he should have already learned.

  5. shepdog3720

    Can’t hit or beat on a girl, period.

  6. meeksfor3

    I don’t understand why either a man or woman would want to be in that kind of relationship. She should want and deserves better and he has too much to lose to be in a violent relationship. Find someone you love and get along with….it’s really not that hard to do.

  7. ClutchCargo

    It’s sad that so many boys are not taught at an early age that this is not acceptable. Morality is no longer in style, so this is the result in a lot of cases.

    1. JoeMoney333

      “Morality is no longer in style” does this revisionist history stuff ever get old? It never was in style. Across the board violent crime is down. Hell in the 50’s beating your wife was a sit-com joke. What era are you specifically referring too here?

    2. bigbluebanana

      While I tend to usually agree with clutch, I’m 100% with joe in this. Beating women was a sitcom joke back in the “good old days” everyone seems to remember. There’s certainly a false narrative that today’s culture is somehow morally less than what it used to be. That’s not the case, the case is that today people can’t get away with being bigoted, racist, or sexist and when they’re caught being that way, they are called out on it.

    3. StuckinLville

      Exactly Joe. Ever heard the saying “rule of thumb”? It’s referencing the fact that men were allowed to beat women with an object no bigger around than their thumb.

  8. John Henry

    Good bye we hardly knew you. To much of this going on in the sports world. We do not need this publicity so hit the road jack

  9. Alleykat16

    Bye Bye young fella but with everything that’s happened in the NFL in last few years this is not going to be accepted in sports. Go through some anger management classes and go to a Jr. College and come back some college in division 1 will take a chance.

  10. JoshtheCATSfan

    I completely agree!! Dismiss him now!! Why wait!!!!

    1. antiquefurnitureandmidgets

      That seems premature. So far we have zero idea what happened.

  11. BluKudzu

    If this goes the distance and he is found to have done this, he needs to be gone. The female needs to get to counseling to find out why she would put up with that.
    He needs help, but that crime should not be allowed to slide. I HOPE HE GETS HELP WHEREVER HE LANDS.

  12. Thetruthshallsetbennyfree

    Men should never hit women…do you here yourself, while true at it’s core it takes a little bit of dated sexism to not relies there are women out there that could stomp a mud hole in your a$$ and walk it dry and that you can only cover up so much before you’re in real danger. Add in if a girls holding a weapon and you have a whole new situation. The days of meek women are no more, some gals are straight up crazy. Luckily I’ve never been in one of those situations because me and my wife handle the old fashion way…she tells me I’m wrong and if it’s worth getting cut off then only then do I disagree. Not saying that was the situation but he may have been getting his attacked and only restrained with more force then he intended to.

    1. WizardWCN

      A police officer once told me that in training for domestic cases like this, they are instructed to listen to both sides before placing the man under arrest. ,

    2. JASUN74

      Yeah wiz, but they hardly ever do. Just take the man to jail 95% of the time. Ive been in bars before when the girls have caught their men just flirting and went nuts. Jumped on their back and beat the shit out of them. Scratching and hitting, pulling hair. I don’t know if this was one of those things. But that early Sunday morning? Probably both drunk. Need to find out his side of the story, before anyone starts saying anything about him though she could have attacked him like has been said.

  13. 72uksprinter

    FACT: He is innocent until proven guilty.
    ALSO: He gone.

    1. JASUN74

      Yeah, he probably gone. Lol. If he was just defending himself then he shouldn’t be though !!! But, it doesn’t seem to even matter anymore, with a bunch of people that makeup their mind as soon as they hear the first story!! I personally don’t know what happened here but I’ve saw my cousin take a lot more than anybody should have to. He stays right with her though, even though every time she drinks, she starts in on him. Hopefully we find the truth.

  14. Racerr11

    There are very few morals in the world today because in most cases there not taught at home. We are not here on Earth to judge but to be judged. Please people don’t put yourself ahead of the man upstairs. I agree that most of the time in these kind of situations the man is always guilty until provin innocent.