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Za’Darius Smith and Bud Dupree take up one corner of Commonwealth

885 hours until kickoff…


Article written by Drew Franklin

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22 responses to “Za’Darius Smith and Bud Dupree take up one corner of Commonwealth”

  1. Arnie

    That is totally awesome!!!

  2. Nick

    This is awesome! Also, did you see where the SEC Network and Time Warner officially reached a deal!!??

  3. Whiner McCrybaby

    Wait a second…. you guys also talk about football?

  4. SEC doormat

    Looks awesome, 2 and 10.

    1. Rei

      UK national titles: 1
      UL national titles: 0


    2. SEC doormat

      Also, a big shoutout to my boyfriend for being the “Man” in our relationship and getting me from the back so I can get on KSR and type. I love this SITE! More Michael Sam coverage and I’ll give more hits to this site, than I take. Keep it up guys..wink wink.

  5. willie t

    Looks great but starting to get wary of all the hype on these 2 guys. I realize they are the best we got but man they better perform. Let’s win 4, add more quality recruits, and not get totally embarrassed by the SEC this year. This is still a honeymoon year for Stoops. The noise should come in 15 and 16.

  6. Billy Ray

    With a little luck and some hard work, I think we can win an SEC game in 2 or 3 years. Just got to gird up our loins.

    1. Billy

      they taught me how to copy and paste at uofl!!!! take that cayut fanz!

  7. J-Dub421

    U of L is about to get knocked off their high horse when they find out what its like to play in a real conference this season. They think they’re great because they’ve been feasting on cupcakes in C-USA, that bastion of football awesomeness known as the Big East, and the AAC. Its going to be a rude awakening in the ACC.

    1. Reality

      Mhm yea… That’s what you all said before the sugar bowl against Florida

    2. Real Talk

      Lol. You all couldn’t even beat UCF and win the AAC (Temple, SMU, Rutgers etc) outright. Now you think you’ll just dominate the ACC?

    3. Reality

      What did UFC do in their bcs bowl game? They were a good team. Also no one said louisville would go in and win the ACC right away. They won’t win the conference but they will be competitive unlike some teams in this state (uk)

    4. Hurry!

      Hurry, Hurry!

      I heard there’s a sale on malt liquor and blunt wraps on Broadway. You better get down there before the rest of your brethren snatch it all up.

    5. BBN Trollfinder

      Thank You for stopping by another great story of the BBN. Good Bye

  8. Ha!

    Yeah, that Sugar Bowl. The one that analysts say was the biggest UPSET in Bowl history. You got lucky – kinda like we might get a lil’ lucky in Papa John’s this year.

    That’d chap ya’lls “highest profit” “greatest fanbase” azzes, wouldn’t it?

    1. Reality

      I wouldn’t say it was luck. I’d say it was excellent game prep by the coaches and the players considering how well they played against Miami in their bowl game last season (a team that was very high in the ACC standings)

    2. Hurry!

      Go back to Card Chronicle. Do you realize that this makes you look like a f*cking tool? Go troll elsewhere. Find another rival team in your new conference. I mean Jesus Christ it’s like you f*cks don’t remember getting beat in March. Go back to your hole.

    3. Dude

      Or maybe it was uninterested/poor prep on Florida’s part (who went 4-8 this year – first losing season in 35 years).

      Same thing. 😉

    4. Reality

      That is true and we won’t ever know which was the case however the point is you all said louisville would fail when they went to the big east then when they played the likes of Florida in the sugar bowl or even wake forest in the orange bowl and they not only succeeded but dominated all of them.

    5. Brian

      So, going on your logic, I guess its safe to say that Syracuse and/or UCF should be considered national powerhouses too, right? Since UCF ran it down the field at will on you, and Syracuse… lol… well….

  9. UKfan

    (a team that was very high in the ACC standings) Miami was very high in their conference last year? We must be talking about a different Miami team than the one I saw last year. They finished 5th (out of 14) overall in the ACC. That’s not my definition of very high.