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“Who Run It” will be played before kickoff in the season opener

Braylon Heard emerged victorious from UK’s Kickoff Playoff, beating out seven of his teammates and their song suggestions to earn the honor of hearing his song played before kickoff. Heard’s suggestion of “Who Run It” by Three 6 Mafia will be played over Commonwealth Stadium’s speakers leading up to the opening kick.

Three 6 Mafia is the most famous rap group to ever come out of Tennessee, so I’m sure the players on UT Martin will be excited to hear their home state anthem before the game. That’s very hospitable of UK.

You can hear it below but DO NOT play it at work or around children.

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

58 responses to ““Who Run It” will be played before kickoff in the season opener”

  1. Huh?

    Middle Tennessee State?

    1. BlueRaiderCat

      MTSU will gladly take any mention it can get.

  2. Sgt. Stadenko

    I love how the down south shit has that hi hat on lock….

  3. Raleigh Cat Fan

    They can’t play that song without a lot of edits. Guess they might get the clean version. B*tches, hoes, n****z. Blue hairs gonna have a heart attack.

  4. catlogic15

    The edited version I hope won’t be watered down too much.

  5. Beaumont

    I like it!!

  6. Snowball

    If that’s the song that won….you must’ve had a lot of crap to choose from. That’s awful…is that even considered music?

  7. theWilkman

    “How you feel with a 9 milli-mil to your grill?” – opening line. Think they make it that far?

  8. communistbasketball

    The version that you hear on (which is about 45 seconds worth) is what I am guessing you will hear at kickoff. If you listen to that version which is basically the intro to the song it sounds much more like a kickoff anthem. I like it.

  9. arlo

    you’ve got be kidding. google the lyrics to this ‘song’ then ask yourself truthfully if you really think it is appropriate for uk to play any part of this trash at a fball game or anywhere else.

    1. ukfan


  10. Darn Tootin

    How am I supposed to swing my partner dosey doh to this?

    1. highoctanehurricane

      Apparently, as the song suggests, you do it with a 9 milli mil to their grill.

      Ask a dumb question and get a dumb reply…

  11. gstan

    Are you shittin’ me? What crap. I know I am an old fart, but this is just embarrassing. I am not saying they should play Neil Diamond, but come on. We don’t have to play obscene music to get the team or fans fired up.

    1. RUKidding???

      The song is not only trash … it’s terrible and just flat out stupid!!! I’m truly disappointed and ashamed this will be played at a Kentucky game. If you want more fans to fill the seats in CWS, some of those fans will be families WITH KIDS! Sure … let’s show them that all that obscene crap is okay. Cannot imagine who thought this was appropriate.

    2. Champ

      Jesus people. They are probably only going to repeat the iniitial chorus. Obvioulsy none of the lyrics will be played….chiiiiilllllllllllllllllllllll out

    3. highoctanehurricane

      Champ, you are merely guessing they are probably only going to play the initial chorus. A legit question has been asked and UK should tell people ahead of time if this obscene crap will be played so they know if they would even want to come and be subjected to it and forget about bringing little kids. Common sense suggests UK wouldn’t do such a thing, but crazier things have been done before.

    4. Buckets

      You’re a complete idiot if you think UK would actually play any obscene lyrics at a football game. It will most certainly be an edited version.

      Switch to decaf there, highoctane, and get a clue.

  12. Will

    I’m so happy right now. CWS is bout to be awesome

    1. Rise

      Agree, I don’t listen to rap but the beat of the song will get the players hype for sure. They will play the instrumental version.

  13. Michael Howard

    Pure Crap!

  14. tltaworl

    This must mean Matt Roark is coming back to play QB and we will no longer attempt a passing game. Too bad, I was looking forward to seeing the Air Raid 2

  15. Jack Nicklaus

    The beat is not bad (although it reminded me of old Batman tv show)….the lyrics….worse than awful. They will not be playing the words at CWS.

  16. TeamNoSheep

    I think you’re required to refer to them as “Academy Award Winners Three-Six Mafia”

  17. Eazy E or Eric Wright it's all the same

    All you blue hairs need to chill the F out and wipe away the tears. They are only playing the instrumental from the beginning of the song — an example was given during the voting process. Some of you all are just ignorant.

    1. Rod

      Not ignorant. Just have a little too much respect for my fellow man than to glorify gangsters!

    2. highoctanehurricane

      It sounds like you are the one who needs to chill the F out Eazy E.

    3. Buckets

      Glorify gangsters?


  18. Rod

    Just another reason for this longtime fan (since the 60s) not to attend games any longer. To nip it in the bud, I’m sure you would refer to me as a blue hair, but I’ve been a UK fan since before most of you were born and attended more games than most of you have even contemplated.

    Glorifying gangsters is just not my cup of tea. The edited version won’t work. After cutting out the profanities and obscenities, the rap “song” would have only a few seconds of its 4:47 of playing time left.

    1. Seriously

      They are only playing the INSTRUMENTAL version. Get off your high horse, you grumpy old bastard.

    2. Rod

      Seriously, old-definitely, grumpy-arguably, bastard-simply no. But, I’d rather be a grumpy old bastard than the immature, mindless, shithead you seem to be.

  19. stoops troops

    The kind of people this music will drive out of the stands, is the kind of people I don’t want in the stands!

    1. Rod

      Oh, you mean those that collectively contribute millions of dollars to the university!!!!!!!!!

    2. Rod

      For the UK AD to sanction this “music”, I guess Barnhart by virtually ignoring the FB program for nearly all of his tenure as AD didn’t drive enough paying customers away!

    3. Your wife

      Rod, did you even graduate from the university?

      Does it suck to be old and shriveled up?

    4. arlo

      i don’t know what it’s like to be old and shriveled, but it’s probably not as nice as being blissfully stupid, wifey.

    5. Rod

      Wifey, at 6′ 1″ and 210 lbs most would not consider me shriveled up, though I used to be nearly 6′ 2″. Regardless, I’d rather be old and shriveled up than young and stupid!

      And, yes, I did graduate from UK, Masters in Mathematics 1970.

      And you, Wifey, have you finished middle school yet or are you still working at it after five or six years????

  20. UKBlue

    It’s going from bad to worse. Seriously this (not sure what you can call it because it isn’t music) is absolutely completely horrible. They better enjoy it for the first game because the amount of complaints to UK is going to hopefully drown this out.

  21. Jack Nicklaus

    I’m all for modernizing the music and getting the place jacked up, but let’s not become little brother-ish.
    I know…I’m old, blue haired, not a true fan, blah blah blah….

  22. Jim 1

    My grandson attends a lot games at CWS but he will be under strict orders not to be in hearing distance
    if the lyrics are played in this so called song. The language use in this type of (music?) has to be damaging to the moral fiber of our soul and no doubt will be detrimental to the way one uses his/her mind.

    I protest to the powers that be surrounding our athletic programs at UK that this type of entertainment be monitored to the full extent. What maybe acceptable to some can be hurtful to others. The language in many of the songs we sing is very divisive not only to the fans but to the players themselves, who must function as a unit to be successful.

    There must be a better way than this or God help us.

    1. Seriously

      Maybe if you pray extra hard, Jesus will appear in CWS and change the music for you.

    2. Jim 1

      Seriously…some comments are hard to answer. I guess you could say Jesus is always in CWS before, during, and after every game. One thing is certain, when we have a seriously injured player, or someone suffers a heart attack, we’re all so glad He is there. We have no trouble saying a prayer in those situations.

      All I’m really saying is it asking to much to show a little respect for others. If UK airs the lyrics to this song it will show no respect to a large number of fans who will be offended. If you show no respect for others, you have no respect for self. There has to be a better way.

    3. Buckets

      I can’t figure out if you are serious or just f’ing with people. Whatever it is, it’s absolutely PRICELESS!

      Thanks for the laugh 😀



  24. Common Sense

    Oh Drew…

    Maybe you should have posted the like the the UK Athletics page where they actually have the clip that will be played in the stadium rather than posting the full song (which obviously people are going to complain about). People complaining… maybe you could, you know, look that up? They are clearly not going to play language like that over the CWS speakers.

    Spoiler alert: the only actual lyrics in the clip from UK Athletics is “Who run it”

  25. Big Blue Kahuna

    Everyone needs to chill, this is more likely the version that they will play. Instrumental (with hook):

    This way you get the title lyrics, the music and the beat. That’s what gets the players and fans hyped anyway.

    1. Jack Nicklaus

      There we go…that will work.

  26. Blew Hare Too

    I love the wholesome lyrics and catchy tune. The beat made me throw away my walker and look for something to twerk. Who said Barnhart and president Eli are old Foggies?

  27. BigBadBlue

    I’m young and love to party, but still disagree with these lyrics being played at CWS. If those who have said they are NOT plaiying the lyrics are correct, then it should be alright.

  28. jimlowe7

    Since the song (even the INSTRUMENTAL version) is going to be played at a PUBLIC venue where people pay to get in then I’m sure the university will have to pay ROYALTIES to this group. That means even without our having to listen to the lyrics that glorify the law breaking, immoral, “gangsta” culture we are FINANCIALLY SUPPORTING THIS GROUP! Sadly, a majority of fans are now likely to lose respect for the athletes who promoted the anti-social type music NEARLY ALL of the entries in this contest had. Mitch Barnhart, Coach Stoops, and UK Athletics are ALL going to suffer consequences for allowing something like this contest to occur and that is the saddest thing. After believing we may finally have a football program ON THE FIELD that was going to be a HISTORIC UPGRADE, it is very upsetting to discover the young men that will represent us would not be welcome at our dinner tables since we have seen what they honor OFF THE FIELD!

    1. Buckets

      Comedy! Pure COMEDY!

  29. justin


  30. lyle

    Step in the right direction

  31. twnky

    I love it

  32. Tom

    I think this is going to make us a contenter. Right?
    Basketball seems to get along with ‘On, On, U of K’, but what do they know about winning?

  33. Buckets

    Oh man as soon as I saw Franklin put up the unedited version, I knew this comment section would be classic comedy gold! I’m only disappointed in the number of dissenters. I thought there would be more. But there are a few comments that are among the best ever on this site.

    The glorifying gangsters and what-would-Jesus-do comments almost brought me to tears. Thanks for the laughs!

    BTW, if you really think they would play the unedited version of this song at CWS or any public, university event, you need professional help. On second thought, you can’t fix that kind of stupid.

  34. Tom

    This just shows how ridiculous the hype about the program has gotten.
    Tearing down part of the stadium to make it fan friendly, i.e. look less empty, grey uniforms because the players like them, a million additional dollars for recruiting excellence, not a win to show for it, taking less tickets from Louisville to sell to the Kentucky fans, a gangster rap song to fire up the players. etc.
    We want traditions. so we are accepting any and everything to start one.
    Ever think maybe winning might bring on traditions? Things that surround the victory?
    Beat someone who is something. We do have one tradition.
    Beating MAC teams.
    Wonderful isn’t it.