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Article written by Nick Wheatley

41 responses to “What’s going on with Lynn Bowden?”

  1. maximumscott

    Yea, UTMartin

  2. DirtyDave

    You’re not at all concerned yet you write this piece!!! Contradict yourself much?

  3. BBM

    It could be he’s the top target on this team. Wagner is solid but UK lost a LOT last season and defenses are going to scheme around Bowden. It was easier for him to make plays last year, this year not so much.

  4. Trueblue44

    Really? Now we are questioning our best player? Poor choice of topics

    1. IrishCat


    2. bigblue98

      Agreed also – don’t question Bowden. He brings it every game and defenses are keying on him now. Question Gran and the play calling with getting him into position to make big plays.

    3. 4everUKblue

      Come see about it Nick. Don’t question LB, he was covered up last nignt, maybe you missed the game.

  5. Larkin123

    Forget about him Stoops, then he will be back… too forced

  6. makeitstop

    I honestly think he looks a little disengaged. There are times he looks great. Others he looks like he’s sulking. He’s 25% through the season, and we need him to be the electrifying game changer we know he can be the rest of the way not the guy who is frustrated the other 10 guys aren’t up to his standards.

    1. Irish son

      He spends to much time on Instagram making crappy videos instead of running his routes

  7. Nickerbocker05

    Lol I love how you criticize his play so far this year and then say “this is not a slight to Bowden” so you think it’s ok to bash him? Lmfao!!!

  8. Bluebloodtoo

    What other receiver is a threat? Who else is taking the defense away? Nobody.

    1. Trueblue44

      Maybe you haven’t seen Ahmad Wagner

    2. Bluebloodtoo

      Yes, that’s an argument but I don’t think we’d get away with only throwing to those two guys. We need to spread the field. Make the defense guard ALL of the field, not just two receivers. When they double LB, make them pay.

    3. Trueblue44

      Ok, since you wanna change it from “we need more than 1” to “we need more than 2”….Oliver catches anything thrown to him so he needs more time, Ali has been very productive so far as well.

    4. Bluebloodtoo

      From a team perspective, LB is being very effective. He’s drawing defense everywhere he goes. The problem is that we’re don’t seem to be capitalizing on it… at least not last night.

  9. A_Blue_Wildcat

    Controversial opinion but Lynn Bowden isn’t out best receiver let alone our best player. He has the most drops on the season so far of anyone, he isn’t physically dominant, doesn’t read defenses really well and ends up dancing too much instead of running straight and getting easy yards. Our best receiver is Ahmad Wagner and it isn’t close. The only way Lynn Bowden could potentially be our best player is if he is used as a QB but I’m not sold on it as every time we’ve used him in the Wildcat this season it hasn’t worked aside from one pass.

    1. 4everUKblue

      Yeah I don’t agree with most of what you just said, maybe you missed the entire last season.

    2. A_Blue_Wildcat

      Last season our offense was completely carried by Benny Snell and our defense. What all did I miss? Also if you’re disagreeing with the fact he has the most drops then check the stats bud and watch the games.

    3. 4everUKblue

      Hey bud, if I have to spell out how he kept us in games last season then you did miss last season, I don’t remember him having the most drops last season, in fact I remember him catching just about everything close. True, he is off to a rough start this season but I think I’ll wait until he has played more than three games. Maybe you should go back and watch last season’s games. Just a suggestion Bud.

    4. 4everUKblue

      And just off the top of my head Bud, you might go watch the Florida, Missouri and Penn St games.

    5. A_Blue_Wildcat

      He kept us in games last season? Huh? Our pass game was the weakest part of our team last year and it wasn’t even close. Every big game was won because of the dense and run game lol. He was our best receiver last year and yeah the punt returns were big, but saying he was what kept us in the game is a joke. So far this year he has the most drops and Ahmad Wagner has completely out played him, which was my whole point to begin with. Despite being targeted over twice as much as Wagner, he only has 3 more receiving yards. Wagner is averaging 22 yards per catch, Bowden 10. Add in all the pass interference calls Wagner has drawn and it’s painfully obvious who has had a bigger impact. Maybe it is just a rough start, we’ll see how the season goes, but right now Wagner is looking like an NFL receiver and Bowden is looking like a solid college player.

    6. 4everUKblue

      I guess you don’t remember the three games I mentioned, I suggest you check those three out at least, maybe you’ll see how he helped us come back and win the Missouri game, or the huge TD from TW, or how he danced around too much, as you put it, on his way to running that one back for a TD. I guess you forgot about that. Last season he had 67 catches and a total of 745 yds. Not knocking Ahmad but his numbers from last season were….hmm according to ESPN was all zeros, he has 9 for 198. That’s not to bad but maybe you remember the pass that was about two feet over LB’s head that would’ve probably have been a TD. And again we’ve only played three games this season. Is that what your hanging your hat on?

    7. 4everUKblue

      Go back and at least watch those three games before you dog him, might jog your memory.

    8. A_Blue_Wildcat

      The Mizzou game was won because our defense held them scoreless the whole second half, if you don’t understand why that was a bigger impact than what Lynn Bowden did then you don’t understand the sport. 745 yards is not that impressive, it was the best on our team last year, but again 745 receiving yards versus 1,449 rushing yards from Benny, wonder who was the one actually keeping the team in the game. Yeah Ahmad’s numbers were practically non-existent last year, sorry but have someone who knows how to read go back and read my prior comments out loud to you, I’m talking about who’s better this year not last year. How you manage to say that Ahmad’s numbers this year are just “not too bad” blows my mind, nearly every time he has been targeted either a big play has happened or he’s drawn a pass interference. Again yrds per catch 22 vs 10. Yeah it’s been just three games, yet he’s being targeted the most and isn’t producing the most. But hey maybe he’ll still have the most yards this season when it’s all said and done even if it means we have to target him three times as much as all other players combined.

    9. 4everUKblue

      Correct me if I’m wrong but in order to win you must score points and if I remember correctly, and I’m sure I do, it was Bowden that ran the ball back for a TD to put us in position to win. I wasn’t comparing his yards to Benny’s mainly because Benny touched the ball probably 4 times as much in fact Benny had 289 attempts. You’re not too good at math are you? Why would anyone compare a WR’s yards to the leading RB on a team that was a run first offense? However I will compare Bowden’s yards to Wagner’s. You must be really old with a failing memory. Again 3 games in and you sniffing Wagner’s jockstrap. You know you really do need to go back and watch those games and check the rules, the team that scores the most wins. Just a minor detail. This has been fun but you’er a Wagner fanboy so no sense in going any further. Night night scooter.

  10. kydrummer

    We’re only 3 games in. He and we will be alright.

  11. Bobbum Man

    Easy to defend when we hardly throw to anyone else
    … occasionally Wagner and that’s about it. Despite the hyperbole we refuse to use our TE’s and everyone knows he’s our biggest threat… I would start with less time practicing this stupid wildcat and more time running routes and building chemistry with his new QB…. but I agree with the others, of all the things positive or negative you could have written about this is far far down the list on what should have been put out

    1. yitbos93640

      right? He’s done well for having a QB that can barley get him the ball. Smith is a much better passer than Johnson and Bowden’s numbers will reflect this.

  12. BLUEDOUG65

    Man I’m glad I’m not a 19 or 20 year old kid who’s every move is criticized on social media . He’s just a kid with a lot of talent and probably his name is written on every chalkboard or IPad in every team we play as a guy you have to pay attention too . That has probably open it up for Wagner and Ali abit … Lynn will be just fine .. he’s a pro

    1. 4everUKblue

      Well said.

  13. notFromhere

    Step back from the ledge

  14. VMI1957

    Let’s face it…UK football this year sucks.

    1. Trueblue44

      You’d know what sucking looks like

    2. 4everUKblue

      I don’t know if VMI has ever sucked on but I guarantee you he’s has one in his mouth.

    3. cats646


  15. makeitstop

    I think Nick’s point is he hasn’t had THAT game where everyone says WOW nobody else could do that. He saved our @ss at Mizzou last year, and PSU he was that guy, but he hasn’t had a breakout game yet. Hopefully the next 2 weeks we see it bc we need it.

  16. Elvis Is Alive

    Maybe if we didn’t run bubble screens constantly, he would average above 10 yards/ catch

  17. UKinIN

    It is fair to ask about Bowden’s production but it could have been framed as a question of offensive playing calling and being the focus of the defense.

    1. dgtuk

      This young man needs some help as a writer. His other piece today (which is now deleted) was about who really is the better QB Terry or Sawyer. After 1 game……LOL.

  18. Big Sexy

    I’m curious if Bowden ran the wrong rout on the interception around midfield.