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15 responses to “WATCH: Terry Wilson talks Kentucky’s win on the SEC Network”

  1. michaelb

    That man is fast! He ripped through the gators un touched on that big long rushing td

  2. dolan

    Take a shot of whiskey every time Terry Wilson says “you know” during this interview.

    1. Iamheasyouarehe

      Some people will always find fault in others no matter what they do.

    2. dolan

      never said saying “you know” was a bad thing…

    3. damage_control

      Take a shot of Draino every time you post something stupid.

    4. dolan

      I prefer Clorox…

    5. runningunnin.454

      Hey, Drano is poisonous…oh, never mind.

    6. dolan

      that makes me want it more

    7. Matt10

      Dolan, put you in front of a camera for your first national interview and I bet you say a few “ums” and “you knows.” Heck let’s still do the whiskey for fun, though. 😉

    8. dolan

      the whole point was for the whiskey lol

    9. dolan

      No wonder people hate Kentucky fans. All the backlash on a comment that wasn’t even insulting lmao y’all need to chill out. Try to understand the context before encouraging suicide lol

    10. Sentient Third Eye

      Remember how UK used to train athletes to answer every question with, “Most definitely” twenty years ago? I’d rather have a few “you knows” than for it to be stilted and canned.

    11. dolan

      i most definitely don’t remember

    12. 4everUKblue

      People like you are the reason fans hate people like you. Notice I did not call you a fan.

  3. Blue_Cat75

    Peter Burns, my inner 12 year old always laughs at his name.