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26 responses to “WATCH: KyWildcatsTV’s Citrus Bowl feature is here”

  1. Realme


  2. ZRZynda

    Avengers Endgame music LOVE IT

    1. jdarren1963

      Hope they show that on the big screens at every home game next year.

  3. Tom Bombadil


  4. Carcrook

    Yawn! Must be slow, football is over and we’re in conference play. Please, quit flooding the site with the same stuff. I miss reading about the recruiting and what made this site, Basketball! Go Cats

    1. BluKudzu

      Hard to believe there are so many UK Football Fans that are more interested in seeing the growth and success of our football program vs. The nonstop degradation of our basketball finals fours since 2015, no championships since 2012, and could drop out of the top 20 this year…
      So excuse us, while we celebrate as long as we can something exciting and new…

    2. StillBP

      You both sound douchey. Plenty of us still enjoy both sports. To be upset that we haven’t had any FF in 3 years is crazy. Also crazy to expect a championship every year or six. Excuse yourselves, the real fans will be here rooting on all UK sports teams.

    3. Realme

      So weird that we could go 11 years without a final 4 before Cal got here, but now “no championship since 2012” seems like a reasonable complaint to someone. And yeah, if you’re not still celebrating the football season, that’s your problem.

    4. ClutchCargo

      “no finals fours since 2015, no championships since 2012, and could drop out of the top 20 this year…” You may be new to this, but the vast majority of college basketball fans would love to have your problems.

    5. cats646

      Hey carcrook fuk you dude

    6. Carcrook

      cats646, I just got off you’re mom, so I can’t at the moment.

    7. Carcrook

      Guys, I enjoyed and support all UK sports, but the magical season is over and was a joy to watch. I’m just focused on bball! And, BluKudzu you must be young or new, because I suffered through the Smith/Drunkard YEARS! So, 1 title, 1 Runner-up, 4 final fours, 38-1 and Watching Wall, Boogie, Bledsoe, Knight, AD, MKG, Towns, Booker, Ulis, Murray, Monk, Fox, Bam, Knox, SGA, and the future Cats where the Blue and White has been an awesome time to be a UK fan you ” Tampon”

    8. cats646

      A mom joke, ok so we’ve proved this is a 13 year old troll. Have a nice life kid. And get better jokes.

    9. J. Did

      GO CATS!

    10. madarchitect


  5. Cat68

    Kash is money in the pregame huddle!

    1. J. Did

      Cash is a born coach.

    2. J. Did



  6. lex cath

    IMO, Kash was thee person that brought the defense to how they performed. Unreal heart and competitor

    1. J. Did

      I agree with your point.

      Kids that play through the pain – when possible – with casts on, are born leaders.

      Kash has a bright future as a coach.

      He could run for AG Commish – but I hope not.

  7. andrews

    If you don’t want to run through MULTIPLE walls after a Kash pregame speech like that, something is wrong with you!

  8. gasman01

    Absolutely love it. How about a full video of the game with Tom Leach’s call. Would be a great keepsake!

  9. cats646

    Best video all year!!!!!! “Kill everything in sight!!” – Kash money!! I love it!!

  10. StuckinLville

    How can anyone get tired of the season we just had? U act is if it’s the norm. I’m 33 and I’ve waited a long damn time for this so i absolutely enjoyed this video. Thank you to all the seniors and Benny for putting UK on the map. Can’t wait for next season!

  11. Alleykat16


  12. kydrummer

    This team makes me miss college football.