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It’s finally here! After days of previews and sneak peaks, the Kentucky football team’s Super Bowl commercial has officially aired. It’s now also made its way to the internet. If you were taking a snack break during the timeout, here’s your chance to watch the epic commercial. Even if you’ve already seen it, c’mon, it’s worth watching again. Kash Daniel was the star of the show:

The Cats have started a very cool tradition of airing a commercial during the biggest day of the year for commercials. It’s a great recruiting tool and it’s pretty great for the fans, too. Here’s a compilation of commercials from previous years.

How many days until Kentucky football is back? BRING IT!


Article written by Maggie Davis

21 responses to “WATCH: Kentucky football’s SUPER BOWL COMMERCIAL”

  1. StuckinLville

    “How do you replace legends? You become one!” Chills! Going to miss Kash when he’s gone. His leadership will be hard to replace.

    1. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      You are correct sir. 100%

  2. Middy

    Damn! Makes me want to suit up and hit someone!

    1. Kizzy

      You would get your azz beat if you pretended to be kash and “hit someone” stay in your lane on the couch

    2. cats646

      Kizzy and Middy got beef??

  3. friendsofcoal

    It was awesome and the only thing worth watching during that halftime!

  4. TheZmanishere

    Is it the end of August yet? Can’t Wait!

  5. bigblue98

    He’s got me ready to run through a brick wall. Man our football team has become fun. Can’t wait till for the season to start!

  6. Smyrna_Cat



  7. SuperTroy18


  8. notFromhere

    DAMN! Snap the damn ball already! Where’s my UK helmet and pads?!

  9. Memphis UK Cat

    We need to support the spring game

  10. lexcatfan2367

    Why are y’all wanting to ‘run through brick walls’? I’ve never understood that saying.

    1. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      It’s calle hyperbole. Look into it:

      Definition of Hyperbole:
      Hyperbole, derived from a Greek word meaning “over-casting,” is a figure of speech that involves an exaggeration of ideas for the sake of emphasis.

  11. cats646

    LETS FUKING GOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Can’t wait till season!!!!
    GO BIG BLUE!!!!

  12. BBNJustin

    I have chills

  13. walden

    Kash must be majoring in motivational speaking.

  14. Ben27

    I Wish it could play over the entire state of Kentucky and not just in Lexington! How much did it cost the University to play in Lexington vs the entire state? The fans in Louisville would love to have it play in Louisville’s backyard for bragging rights and recruiting. Great production!

  15. Smyrna_Cat

    Could KSR be a little clearer about what is a PAID ADVERTISEMENT? It is hard to believe you just found “The Hammer” video to be so interesting you had to post it repeatedly.

    Also, why block comments on selected blurbs, such as “The Hammer,” anything by Mr. Miller, etc.?

  16. Gocats30

    Ready for football season! Hope we add a few studs in the next few days

  17. dballrb

    One play and I’d be in traction…