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WATCH: Kentucky coaches and players talk with the media following Tennessee loss

The media availability following Kentucky’s 24-7 loss to Tennessee was quite interesting, different from past blowouts and heartbreaking losses.

Mark Stoops took the overall blame as head coach, Eddie Gran took ownership for the lack of explosion on offense, and Benny Snell called out some of his teammates, among others.

Here are all of the postgame interviews with coaches and players.

First up, Mark Stoops:

Eddie Gran:

Matt House:

CJ Conrad:

Benny Snell:

Josh Allen:

Let’s hope that’s the last time we see a heartbroken locker room this season.

Article written by Jack Pilgrim

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19 responses to “WATCH: Kentucky coaches and players talk with the media following Tennessee loss”

  1. cats646

    I wish I could talk to all of these leaders and thank them for what they have done and continue to do. And also apologize to them for whatever it is that is fuking us. Keep fighting boys. Finish strong. Go big blue!!!!

    1. ukkatzfan

      Yes to ^

    2. Wade

      Yes been a hell of a year now make a pact to finish strong and beat lip bro and finally win a bowl game! Next team can get tn at neyland!

    3. notFromhere

      Same here

  2. JohnnyCheeseSticks

    “Well, that’s on me.” – Gran.
    No shit. Tell us something we don’t know.

    1. dbcline1


  3. zoupman

    Coach Stoops is doing such a good job other than his blind loyalty to Gran and Wilson. Both suck and he doesn’t see it or want to see it. Other then that, he is aces.

    1. dbcline1

      If they don’t trust Wilson then it should be next man up! And Gran is horrible and obviously a lil slow if he’s just seeing that something needs to change!

  4. drbigblue

    Gran, how in the world can you watch your work fail, over and over and over. We have to watch your play calling, same plays, same results. You should resign gracefully. Stoops should fire you and let the kicking coach give you job a shot. Or a walk on tryout for offensive coordinator couldn’t be any worse!!
    The defense deserves better and our offense deserves better!

    1. really

      I was called a troll 3 weeks ago when I said Doops can’t coach..0h how I was wrong , I admit it, I was wrong. coach of the year. We won 7 so who cares. Carry on Johnson

    2. dbcline1


  5. bwise

    Eddie is a clown. Get him out of here already. Wants to cut the playbook in half? What’s that? 8 plays to 4? This ain’t remember the Titans.

  6. UKfanman01

    Gonna take a swing without watching:

    Mark Stoops: yeah we coulda done better. It’s my fault. We didnt prepare good enough

    Eddie: Yeah ya know. I’m glad I’m getting paid 850k a year to rip off a talented offense, boosters, a school, and fans. People always call people in Kentucky inbred retards and well…. quite frankly it’s TRUE because I still have a job
    Matt House: We had a bad game. We have injured players and quite frankly I’m the only reason we have the record we do

    CJ: IF YOU’RE A TALENTED TIGHT END DO NOT GO HERE. EDDIE GRAN SUCKS. The only two times I got the ball amazing things happened. By the way I had 2 touches

    Benny: I’m tired of running up the middle every play. Pretty sure they all know it’s coming

    Josh Allen: Do we have an offense?

    1. UKfanman01

      CJ: hey guys did I mention I only got 2 touches. Yep. Averaged 19 yards per play.

    2. dbcline1

      Gran should have been replaced weeks ago simply for the fact of not targeting CJ more! Also how the hell is Stoops not taking charge of that problem?!!

    3. dbcline1



    Stoops and his B.S. I almost jumped on the Stoops bandwagon! Time for someone who can have a good Offense and Defense at same time! We have the facilities. Got to get back to work!! Lmmfao! You should of all ready done the work we should just be down to tweaking lil things! The whole Mother f***king Offense needs built all over again! I’m so sick of his coaches speak!

  8. dbcline1

    Did he really say he wants to cut it in half?!!!

  9. Wade

    Heard Benny’s comments and he’s just also slow and only hits the middle and it’s clogged then he tries to find a hole and that allows people to come up after they recognize run and stop him. We need rose to get half the snaps and a better qb. Wr need to get open and I don’t blame them for being frustrated Lynn gets all the balls now and cj is too busy blocking that stacked box. After that we’re left with tavin and wr that aren’t any good. Play the guys with heart online can only do so much against 7 guys attacking. Terry’s not the guy put Lynn in at qb or Clark. Time to think differently to finish up. Change a few things. Terry has been scared to death and isn’t poised and it’s a must have. Move terry to wr. For deep passes. We know he ain’t going near the middle.