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WATCH: Four-star Kentucky commitment Xavier Peters hurdles defender in Under Armour All-America Game

In tonight’s Under Armour All-American Game, four-star Kentucky football commitment Xavier Peters put on a show.

Though no official statistics were immediately available, initial reports are that Peters finished with four tackles, one pass deflection, one near-sack in the end zone to force a safety, and this long kickoff return featuring a nasty hurdle over the kicker.

Here are some of the tweets from during the game:

As a result, Florida fans couldn’t help but express their desire to get him in Gainesville:

They’re going to be REALLY upset when he signs with Kentucky in February.

(Please sign with Kentucky, Xavier.)

Article written by Jack Pilgrim

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15 responses to “WATCH: Four-star Kentucky commitment Xavier Peters hurdles defender in Under Armour All-America Game”

  1. UKinIN

    Last time I ever watch a video on any sports site. Maybe it was impressive live …

    1. j

      Lol. Yeah that wasn’t much

  2. Jay17282

    He ain’t coming to UK guys

    1. Rembrandt

      None of us knows what Peters will do. Peters is still committed to UK. Academic problems have been rumored. Maybe UK signs Oats instead. We will see. But success of a recruiting class never hinges on one recruit. If there is one key signing in this class, it would be Terry Wilson or Marquan McCall. There are a couple more scholarships to fill in Feb. Peters or no Peters, this is another solid, positive recruiting class for Stoops.

    2. ClutchCargo

      I would argue that the RB they sign or don’t sign in a few weeks is extremely important for this class, but I’m with you, Rembrandt.

  3. BluKudzu

    17 of the 28 players that signed on in 2014, from that class alone, have quit the team. That was the class that got Stoops followers, around here, thinking he walked on water. Lest we forget, that class included Matt Elam, which ended his career as a 3rd team nose tackle. Although not a bust, entirely, hard to believe his recruiting is worthy of the praise he has received.
    Just goes to show you, never judge a recruiting class until their 3rd or 4th (redshirts) year. It is not the stars at the beginning, it is the stars that are made or proven, at the end.

    1. Rembrandt

      You are leaving out a lot. Mark Stoops’ 2014 class was recruited after a 2-10 season, and played a role in rebuilding the roster at that time. Citing attrition in a recruiting class without discussing its successful recruits is misleading. Counting JUCOs, Stoops’ 2014 recruiting class produced 12 starters including Boom Williams, Juice Johnson, Mike Edwards, and Cory Johnson. Under the circumstances at that time, it was a significant step in the positive direction.

    2. jimmer

      Well stated Rembrandt. 👍🏻

    3. Rembrandt

      Thank you for your compliment. But I only said the obvious.

    4. BluKudzu

      As was mentioned previously, not a bust, entirely, but not great either.
      Although having a few to be starters, on defense, I find it hard to equate success, on that side of the ball.
      That is what is obvious.

  4. hal9944

    90/10 90% Hes goes to Florida, 10% he signs with UK. JMOA

  5. Crushgroove

    Agree that we’ll never see this kid at UK. I sure hope so, but he’s been the very definition of a flake in his entire recruitment and he seems like the kind of kid that will leave us hanging on NSD. I don’t trust this kid for a second until I see him in UK blue.

    1. Bobbum Man

      Lol wat? How has he been a flake his entire recruitment? He committed to us, think he set up some
      Visits (as almost all recruits do) and never went… do

  6. jahanc2uky

    I dont think this kid is criminal enough to go to UF. Isnt that a pre req for a Florida recruit?

  7. 3 fan

    Honestly, why does any fan worry about a recruit until he signs. Football recruiting is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. What % of verbals flip? Seems like a ton.