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WATCH: Denzil Ware uses a Trash Can in Sideline Brawl with Louisville

Kentucky’s loss to Louisville just got uglier.

After a first quarter collision at the goal line, a brawl broke out between the Cats and the Cards.  Jordan Jones and Lamar Jackson were the catalysts. Lonnie Johnson and another Louisville player were also penalized.  One player who was not flagged: Denzil Ware.

On the far-side of UK’s sideline beneath the stands, the Kentucky outside linebacker picked up a trashcan to push Louisville offensive lineman Geron Christian. One fan in the crowd captured it.

From another angle.

As Tennessee taught us, there’s no place for trash cans in college football.

Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

18 responses to “WATCH: Denzil Ware uses a Trash Can in Sideline Brawl with Louisville”

  1. Jiminy Crickets

    and just like the rest of the day, a single push and our DLine falls down, while ULs OL stands and taunts.

  2. UKfanman01

    But with that being said there should have been players removed, which most certainly would’ve changed the outcome. Just like the blatant pass interference UofL got away with on the first drive. Calls like that change momentum. Not saying UK didn’t show up to the game at all, but refs can’t drop calls like that.

    1. Miller45

      Yep yep yep they should have been ejected right then and there. Jordan and denzil were embarrassing.

  3. CstlCAT22

    I don’t think a flexible plastic trash can to a padded body made things worse. We got out coached big time in every aspect of the game. The d and special teams were horrible. No aspect of the game was pleasing except for Benny Snell. Coaching staff dropped the ball and any chance of making a competitive game.

  4. maximumscott

    J jones and Lamar Jackson should have been tossed.

  5. CstlCAT22

    As far as missed calls… Ok add seven to the score we maybe woulda scored on… Still equals a beating. Nor can we rely on ejections making a favorable outcome for the cats. It was clear the defense was set up in cover schemes and false box loading to deter Lamar. Not hard to find open grass when you’re that predictable… Easy read all day.

    1. John423

      That looks pretty pedestrian compared to the title. I was expecting a metal trash can over his head coming down in a player. Not a plastic one that he didn’t even hit him with. I could have done more damage with a flyswat. And I’m by no means condoning any of this but come on man.

  6. Rsn2GoBlu

    I guess this is fitting because we looked like garbage the Even after we scored the last TD down 44-10 Snell does the stupid L’s down sign in the endzone like a ghetto thug. I am able to get past games when you just get beat. But to be a total embarrassment to the University and state is unacceptable. Players need to be held accountable and I hope there are some suspensions announced for the toilet bowl game.


    1. Eazy

      Wow, a ghetto thug who was the only one who played with heart. You must be a Trump fan. Go watch golf you ignorant red neck.

    2. Eazy

      I meant nascar. That way you won’t have to see any blacks or foreigners. Only ignorant red necks who disrespect the flag. LOL

  7. Howdy Doody

    This is simply trashy behavior. I hate to say this, but I will. Matt Jones himself encourages this type of behavior by bashing an in state rival 2 hours a day, every day. Hey, I don’t like UL either, but that is no reason to act like a jerk around their players or fans.

    1. Eazy

      Trust me. I lived in Louisville and their fans are the worst. UK fans are much nicer/classier overall.

  8. Saul T. Nuts

    Watch the beginning of the video…the UL players had him backed against the wall. In that situation you’re doing whatever it takes to get away and defend yourself.

  9. Kevin C

    Well, to be fair, while it was stupid of Ware join the fray, even with a trash can….it was also apropos, considering the opponent.

  10. catdaddyd

    Maybe he was offering him a drink.

  11. catdaddyd

    I’m guessing EASY lives I the west end of Louisville. Calling someone a redneck or Trump fan because they have different views than you. What a POS.

  12. STX2004Champs

    Wow! Catddadd? You just showed what kind of person you are.

  13. Oaks

    No excuse for it but also not as bad as I thought after seeing the video. The trash can seems to be used in self defense. It wasn’t used for offense nor to drink from. A 15 yarder at most.