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22 responses to “UK’s Week 2 Depth Chart: Wagner rewarded for big first game”

  1. mashburnfan1

    Can someone get an update on Mosely, after watching all the mistakes Brown made we need Mosely out there or try Devonshire instead of trying to save his RS. I think Brown will be good for us in time but we need solid play now based on how all the SEC East teams looked. We may have a shot this year at another UK/UGA game for the East at UGA in November.
    Bailey at WR looked really good, would have had another catch for big yards if Fortner had not got that penalty. Kash looked slow for some reason, we were better with Square, Oats and Wright or Paschal.

    1. ky1988

      Can’t bench Kash he his the heart and soul of the defense

    2. michaelb

      It’s true , cash is a run stopper , square and oats foot speed lend themselves as more serviceable . The season is long though and we’ll need every last one of them to play their best at some point later on down the road . Injuries happen

    3. mashburnfan1

      Not saying bench him, he is a leader and good player. However he should not be in there for sure passing downs. We have at least 4 {probably 5} better LB’s that play as far as talent. The experience and heart Kash has is vital and needed at times. Kash looked slow Saturday, did he put on weight or is he just not 100% ready yet?

    4. Trueblue44

      A lot of times Kash is pulled on 3rd and long situations. His pass coverage is hard to watch but his straight line run defense is very good. 1st downs and 2nd and shorts are his best situations just due to lack of lateral quickness. Great leader though so having him on the field is ideal

    5. JASUN74

      Instead of questioning our Coaching Staff, let just let them do their jobs. I’m sure they know a hell of a lot more about the guys on this team than we do after watching one game!!

  2. bbn606

    I thought Echols may have earned a starting spot.

    1. SuperTroy18


  3. maximumscott

    Kash has always been the same speed. His strength is his intensity and captain of the defense. Plus he is a good run stuffer.

  4. UKinIN

    Surprise RB2 is still an OR after Rodriguez’s fumbles.

  5. T-Town Cat

    Only 3 Seniors on each side of the ball on the 2-Deep chart. The future looks bright.

  6. Trey

    Can’t believe Echols didn’t do enough to earn the start. He was our best player in the secondary by a mile!

  7. Wildcat homer

    Rodriguez is an impressive blocker but he has got to hold on to the ball

  8. JASUN74

    If your name is Nick Saban, Or maybe Jimbo Fisher, then this comment is not for you. To the rest of you armchair Quarterbacks, I believe I’ll take Coach Stoops opinions over yours any day of the week about this football team. There’s not another coach in the country I’d rather have Coaching these young men, but yet we’ve got a hundred different ‘from home coaches’, that think they know more. No one tells you guys how to suck the shiiit out of the porta potties do they?? No!, we’ll maybe you should let this Coaching Staff make the decisions about this team. Thanks soo much, and we’ll call if we need you!!

    1. ukkatzfan


    2. ukkatzfan

      Bless your heart.

    3. Arch Stanton

      Lighten up Francis.

    4. Trueblue44

      Back er down kid, no one is bashing anything. Just opinions, so relax

  9. ukisdabest

    Masburn stop criticizing r team

  10. ukisdabest

    mashBUM stop criticizing this team stoops will do a gazillion times better than u any day of the week

  11. michaelb

    Yes Wagner is finding his footing like we all hoped he would . He has the tools to be a weapon on offense I’m glad he’s getting the hang of it

  12. michaelb

    Our O and D line will continually get better by the game . I’m glad our secondary played better than I expected – I know we just played Toledo but they have the concepts down you can still tell