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UK’s new 4th quarter tradition

Thoughts? Once it got rolling, it was pretty cool. I believe the plan is to have a different famous UK alum or fan lead it each week.

Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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59 responses to “UK’s new 4th quarter tradition”

  1. Eskimo Brother

    That’s the best idea they could come up with?

  2. Tim Miller

    Seriously pretty lame for UK athletics to use an old junior high “pep rally” trick. Use the band! They weren’t utilized except for marching to center of field.

  3. The Space Between Liza Minelli's Eyes

    At the end the drum line shou break into a mock football play for a TD

  4. BlueArcher

    1, what’s your idea? 2, use the band for what? I guess my point is the athletics department is in listening mode.. If you want it to be better then make quality suggestions.

  5. Wow

    Kinda lame

  6. Duff

    That didn’t pan out very well. That was marginally better than the claw idea but that’s not saying much. That tradition was the manifestation of the most incomplete thought of all time. Good traditions will develop from good football. Let’s not put the cart before the horse on this one.

  7. Mike13w

    When the Blue White cheer gets rolling at a key point during a close basketball it is really something special. I’ve seen that cheer get going and really ruffle some feathers of opposing players late in the first half of a big basketball game, not only in Rupp, but also in neutral venues. It can be really intimidating.

    Like TT said once the cheer actually got rolling I think it was great. Just try and imagine how awesome it will sound with a packed stadium during tie game, or during a game where we have a lead when we probably shouldn’t. In a few weeks when we are taking it to Vandy, or when we have the lead over SC going into the fourth quarter just imagine how awesome and intimating the cheer will sound. Especially during a night game under the lights, it will really get Commonwealth rocking!

    1. ukalumni79

      Imagine, you are at a football game, in Lexington, at the start of the 4th quarter, a packed stadium(?) and you need to energize the team …. yell blue … yell white ? We have to do better than that.

    2. UkeHey!

      I’m still trying to imagine a full CWS at the beginning of the fourth quarter.

    3. goose

      yea, CWS should all take a moment to down a redbull and take a couple mini thins because team spirit doesnt come from the fans.. maybe throw an xbox game in for showing up at the stadium.. these jr high kids making comments about team spirits.. pfft.. go back to your basement.

  8. Matt

    That was bad. Just come up with a song or put a mixture of famous songs together that the fanbase knows is coming and we can all sing along. Chanting blue-white doesn’t work. Lorenzon did a solid job trying to pump up the crowd but you’re going to end up with boring personalites trying to hype up the crowd and it’s going to be brutal to watch.

  9. Kyle

    It was kind of lame yesterday because it was a blowout and many fans had left, but I think it will be great if eventually just the cheerleaders get it going. I guess they had to get J-Load out there to give directions for the first time, but if we continue it without having to explain it every game, I think it will be pretty cool.

  10. Ukeyeballdoc

    As a band alumni, that was pretty bad. The drumline has the ability to play a really exciting/loud/powerful cadence or at least try to march on in straight lines. Google drum corps international drum cadences and see what I mean. Sadly neither happen, making this look rather bush league. As a new 4th quarter tradition…… meh.

    1. dale

      As a nonband alum, drums are not gonna get me jacked up at all.

  11. dan

    I have never been a big fan of the blue/white cheer. People just lose interest in it loses momentum quickly. I think we should tweak it. Yes i said tweak it. It worked for Coach Cal. Instead of blue/white lets all cheer go big blue. The whole crowd will be together instead of divided and i think that cheer would go over much better. Also, whoever you bring out there better bring fire and energy. Coach Cal would be a good choice for a big game just because of how the fans would react. I would let the b ball players have a go at it as well. As long as they are emphasizing UK football in their speech. The band needs to do something different also. MORE ENERGY!!! MORE NOISE!!!

  12. AndyPopCat

    Terrible to the point of embarrassing. Not surprising.


      …and I was told a lot of thought and effort went into that? So sad, but not surprising.

  13. Mac

    It really wasn’t very impressive. Too slow, not emotional enough, and really didn’t emphasize any effort to focus on intimidating the opponent, or instill emotional ownership of the closing of the game to the players. It was a pep rally move, as had been previously commented. Worst of all, it was a pregame, or timeout cheer, that dies as soon as the next play starts.

    These sorts of things don’t have to be oversold by parading former players, they need to be infectious and sell themselves, and have their fun increased by SEEING the former players do them. It needs to contain a message of “The new game” that will be played in the fourth quarter. It needs to evoke a fan involvement in making the environment hostile for the opponent,and lends solidarity to the team. There must be ownership of the environment, not just simple participation in it. What works in an enclosed arena will not necessarily work in an open air stadium.

    You have the air raid sirens, use them, and think a bit creatively.


    And you thought we were bad….

  15. Herb Farmer

    More Cowbell

    1. KYblue

      a LOT more


    What color is wyyyyyyyiiiiiiiit ? LOL

  17. 2mites

    Forget the blue white cheer and go with GO BIG BLUE! This was a hokey and sad thing to watch surly something better can be done.

    1. bleeding blue

      In total agreement…surely what I saw Saturday will NOT become a tradition. I say stop it right now and let some 5th graders come up with some ideas, they would all be better than what transpired.

  18. GSF CAT

    This is a starting point to get the stadium to vocally support the team. As was stated previously here, UK is in “listening mode”, so make relevant suggetions if you have any. I liked the idea of UK sports stars, like Jared, getting this moving in the right direction.

  19. JPL

    I think a good amount of the impact was lost when the first microphone he was carrying failed. I believe there was more going to be said but he didn’t get a working mic until he’d already made it to mid field.

  20. kfund

    The band has long been an embarrassment. Poor creativity and even poorer execution. Can whomever is over the band director please go to Youtube and look at some of the precisely executed, imaginative performances that other schools do? We pride ourselves that “we are SEC” and our band performs like we’re in the MAC. (no offense to the MAC).

    1. Ukeyeballdoc

      Sadly you are very correct in this statement. The band has been in a downward spiral for at least a decade or more. I recall getting fans letters, yes to the band, when I was there. The football team was awful, many people wrote about coming to see us, and appreciated our efforts. We were once considered in the upper echelon of college bands, up with Tenn., OSU, Bama…

      It is really sad to see. Having spent my childhood going to UK games, dreaming of being a part of the great tradition of the UK band. To see what a mess it has become…. I wish some forward thinking UK Athletics executive (yes the marching band is funded by athletics) stand up and say enough… We are surrounded by amazing college bands, have a wonderful talent pool in KY high school bands. There is no reason at all it should be as bad as it has become.

      Sorry to everyone who feels the band is a gap filler. From being there, it can be so much more……

  21. Robert, Earl of Grantham

    Good God in Heaven !

  22. gary

    was something edited out?

  23. Bartram13

    As a true UK fan and one of the few that like football more than basketball in the state, if this doesn’t give you chills hearing this then there is just something wrong with you.

  24. keep it hype

    Not a fan. In a football stadium it is a lot harder to maintain high energy than it is in a basketball area. ..especially at uk. The whole set up of this took way too long & is unoriginal. I feel like it’s an attempt to recreate the rotating cheer pyramid which makes rupp go crazy (sometimes). But the pyramid creates a wow factor that ignites the crowd, fires up our players, & intimidates our opponents. I just don’t see this recreating that level of energy. Pass

    1. KYfan

      Sorry but that is an excuse and pure BS. Can you please choose another team to root for?

  25. JerryC

    Here’s an idea: lose the TV timeouts; lose the lame attempts to entertain the ADD crowd and play some dadgum football! If you’re not there to watch football then stay in the frigin parking lot and drink beer.

    1. Yep

      You say what lots of us think! In fact all the “fan experience” nonsense that goes on at most college games today is the biggest reason I usually stay home and watch it on television.

    2. Dr. Lawton

      So true Jerry C, so true! I am so tired of being bombarded with other noise distractions during the game, the TV timeouts that ruin the tempo and the sideshow atmosphere that it is hard to just come and enjoy a football game.

  26. BigBlueFF

    We need Air Raid Bomber Explosions or the 4th quarter along with our own version of a war chant!

  27. ukfan#1

    If you were at the Kentucky/Alabama game in 1997, the Blue/White cheer could be heard at my mom’s house a mile away from the stadium. The being lame part is on the fans. If the fans get rolling and I think they will when we play better opponents, I think it will be kind of cool.

    1. Dr. Lawton

      …and that’s exactly what we were looking for, something “kinda cool”.

    2. BBN

      What we need is fans that support the team, not lame ones like “Dr. Lawson”. Wish we could weed out the Debbie Downer fans like players. Everyone would win then.

  28. jussayin'

    The blue/white cheer is essentially faulty because it’s execution requires 50% of fans to be silent 50% of the time. And , like a draw play, is sloooow to develop. i.e. bloooooooo……….wwhyyyyyyyte….jussayin…

  29. Dr. Lawton

    That’s It??!! All the talk, all the hype, and the preparation(?) …and that’s it? A 7 year old second grader could have done better than that, in 15 minutes! THIS IS SO LAME AND SO SAD.

    1. BBN

      Please go cheer on your other team. We have enough Unger fans already.

  30. WeAreUK69

    Emailed this suggestion to UK over the summer. How much better would it have been to use Jared to start this cheer & actually use the drumline ?? Replace the “I” with “We” (just like many fans will remember the ’07 LSU game “We Believe”). Fans could be chanting “Go Big Blue” at the beginning in replacement of “USA”

  31. uk

    I believe that

    with EVERYONE participating and jumping on their feet with a pom pom in every hand following the blue/white chant

    1. UKNation

      That was a good idea. They should take that and run. But what they tried yesterday was as lame as it could get.

  32. UKBlue

    Yea that’s not going to last.

  33. UKfan

    Loved it. You could really feel the energy.

  34. Shannon

    Can we do the big flag and cheerleader pyramid like at the basketball game?

  35. MDBH

    Probably not a great idea to make the debut of this in a game whose final outcome had long since been decided by the fourth quarter and the stands are more than half empty.

    Also, if we could get the whole process underway and over with and less than nine minutes that would be nice too.

  36. Kentucky Football

    I wonder how many on here was actually at the game. I was at the game and thought it was great. I know it had to have a positive impact on the team. Lets keep doing it. Go Cats

  37. E3


  38. E3

    Singing “God Bless America” like they do during 7th inning stretch would be better than that.

  39. Smoking j

    Our 4 th quarter tradition is Jarod Lorezen sprinting to the 50? He’ll be down to 400 by mid season

  40. FernCreekCat

    How old is that Blue/White cheer? No originality at all. Very, very Ho Hum

  41. Jeff Schrembs

    Points for trying.
    All points deducted for execution.
    Having; been born in Kentucky, raised in Kentucky, grew up in Kentucky, still have many relatives in Kentucky (who generations of never left Kentucky as they loved it so) AND for being a UK fan these 6 decades we (as a football team sans Bear Bryant) don’t have a lot of tradition, other than losing more than we win, to highlight.
    But we do have a lot of fans to work with. They should mix some of the fans, and not the hysterical ones, with those of our heritage such as; Muhammad Ali, Alanna Nash, Daniel Boone, Paul Horning, Pat Riley, Darrell Waltrip, George Clooney, Billy Ray Cyrus, Johnny Depp, Keith Whiltley, Dwight Yoakum, Henry Clay, Abraham Lincoln, Jefferson Davis, Hatfields and McCoys and th list goes on and on. Not only are these individuals talented and unique but, in most cases, they were the BEST AT WHAT THEY DID. Kentucky bore both the President of the United States and the President of the Confederate States of America during the civil war. Also there are many notable figures, throughout our rich history, that are not on this list but their stories warrant, as they are inspirational, this generation to be aware of.
    Yesterday UK played exceptional. They have talent and they have heart. I would like nothing more than to see these young men taste success on…and off the field.
    Kentucky is a commonwealth (and not a state) filled with diversity, passion, hard working, honest, loyal and in some cases highly unique individuals. They are each a part of us as we are to them.
    When the “national media” puts UK football on national tv, due to their opponent, it would be a great opportunity to open the minds of those who (sadly) believe in, and in some cases advance, negative stereotypes about Kentucky.
    I wish these young men, and their family members and loved ones, could know how much we appreciate as well as are proud of them. They wear the UK blue color(s) and that alone confers that they stand for us on the playing field(s) and we are greatly enhanced by, and benefited by, every one of them.
    I have no doubt that this team has the ability to start the process of making UK football relevant this year and, with fingers crossed, each year to come.
    Jeff Schrembs

  42. TR

    The atmosphere was 300 times better. It’s hard to clearly evaluate this since half of the 40,000 had left due to heat exhaustion and being up on UTM by 40 didn’t support a need to fire us up. I know Jared is a may a fan favorite but feel bad for him… He hopefully won’t be the field jester for this cheer.
    Leave it up to the Cheerleaders… 20 National championshi

  43. TR

    Championships I think they know what to do… the same thing they do at Rupp. Bring the Y to midfield and pull the Lorenzens, Couch’s and NFL players to participate.

    Great effort… Can’t wait until it’s going to be needed.

  44. letsroll

    Maybe we could take the two oldest kentucky fans out of stands and have race from the 25 yard line to the end zone,who knows maybe some day we could have a collage football play off.