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UK’s Defensive Line Meets For A Big Dinner


UK Defensive Line Coach Jimmy Brumbaugh put out this picture tonight of the Defensive Line at his house for a (one assumes) big dinner. It is a massive group of young men, but it also will be one of the strengths of this team next season. Go get em boys and eat up!

Article written by Matt Jones

16 responses to “UK’s Defensive Line Meets For A Big Dinner”

  1. floyd

    starting to resemble an sec front line.

  2. Gabriel

    No sign of Jason hatcher in the picture. Think he’s gotten the boot ?

    1. Derp

      All blue… Sweatpants say ‘hatchet’ on em

  3. Gabe dadi

    No sign of Jason hatcher in the photo. Think he’s been given the boot?

  4. Gabes papaw

    No sign of Jason hatcher in the photo. Wonder if he has been shown the door?

    1. the troll is back!

      Get some friends, kid.

    2. Troll

      you’re not my dad!

    3. Derp

      Uhhhh… I believe he’s the one in the blue sweatpants that say ‘Hatcher’ on them

  5. Brian the Derpface

    Fellas, fellas: someone was holding the camera, okay? Okay?

  6. Concerned Neighbor

    There goes the neighborhood.

  7. kathy

    Holy cow…glad I didn’t have to feed them::)

  8. Django

    Hatcher is in the picture…..

  9. thats budda

    Whitey in the front gonna need to get in the weight room more

  10. RealCatsFan

    Holy cow! Is that house big enough to hold all the food that it is going to take to feed those boys? My guess is that they walked down to the local Golden Corral and promptly put them in the red for the week.

  11. uk 78

    Hatcher is standing next to big jacob hyde

  12. TJ 502 Cat

    Thats a mean line right there. I expect big things from this year out. I see us going 6-6 this year maybe better if we can get some consistent QB play. Our defense is in the hands of the best. Our offense is were we need to step it up. I still dont see how we are gonna have a air raid offense. When 5 out of the 6 RBs were 4* players and we have so much potential at the WR position as well. Blue and Timmons are gonna be great with Badet and a couple others catching up. I see a big year from Braylen Heard and of course Jo Jo Kemp. Pat Towles will lead the way. I look for Towles to throw for 2600-3200 range,and every year his numbers will improve.