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Live Blog UK vs. Tennessee LIVE BLOG, presented by Liquor Barn

Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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157 responses to “UK vs. Tennessee LIVE BLOG, presented by Liquor Barn”

  1. Ranch


    1. CombatMedic_98

      UK may get beat this coming Saturday…we intercepted a “transmission” from the VOLs locker room to the Middle TN State locker room that stated in text: They can’t run or pass NOW!!!!

  2. BigolBlue

    Play calling already is so bad. Can we do anything besides run? Fire Gran

  3. BigolBlue

    Terry Wilson- wait wait wait. Run around in a circle. Get tackled. He can never make a decision

  4. kjd

    Crappy start.

    1. mashburnfan1

      I said that when I saw Gran take the field. Keep him as a position coach, he does recruit Florida well, but if he is the play caller next year season tix sales will go way down. Why in the hell did Robinson commit to UK, has he watched Gran play calls this year? Guarantee he will not stay on board.

    2. Kat4Life

      Between Georgia, Duke, and Tennessee this past week has been brutal

  5. Shively1978

    Yeah it’s Wilson’s fault yhe O line sucks again for the third straight game. It’s pretty obvious when Benny can’t run what the problem is. Gotta be more physical and win the line if scrimmage. The Defense needs to snap out of there funk. Tennessee ran for twenty yards against Charlotte. There O line is garbage we should be mauling them.

    1. BigolBlue

      How can the o-line block 6-8 guys?

    2. Shively1978

      Right now they can’t even block 4.

  6. kjd

    No offense.

  7. BigolBlue

    Gran just cant let the Wildcat go

  8. sportsbird66

    First down KENTUCKY

  9. kjd

    Dropped snap. Dropped pass. No points.

  10. sportsbird66


  11. Hink75

    We need a QB!!!

    1. Parker_UKFanNC

      We need an OC

    2. magimae

      we need both

  12. Hink75

    What has happened to our defense…

  13. BigolBlue

    Its amazing to watch any other football team and the plays they call. Terry and Gran is just a bad combo

    1. Blue Bill

      Let’s just make you OC since you know everything sitting on your fat ass at home.

    2. Blue Bill

      Change your name again Combat Medic?

    3. CombatMedic_98

      Ole Crusty Blue Balls at it again…hating the world cause you were WRONG

    4. kjd

      On track for a big “L”.

  14. mashburnfan1

    3rd and 7…yea lets run a 2 yard cross route in the middle. Someone please tell Gran you are allowed to throw the f-ingball down the field. Damn he is horrible and Stoops better do something in the off season.

  15. Shively1978

    Our Qb is 7-2 we don’t need a Qb we need s play caller that can utilize his ability. Stop being conservative. We run the ball straight up the middle every play or call a screen pass. Terry does better in an up tempo offense and so does the rest of our offense. Gran is just an idiot.

  16. Truth_Hurts

    Leading tackler for Tennessee – Eddie Gran

  17. Shively1978

    It’s like having a job. Terry had to do what Gran his boss tells him to and run plays Gran tells him to. Gran dosent put him in a position to be successful.

    1. Secret Squirrel

      Do you think Gran instructs Terry to stare down his receivers and then throw the ball after the defender recovers? Do you think Gran instructs him to throw the ball behind his receivers? We can’t run the ball now because we can’t throw the ball. He is no threat passing the ball and he suddenly doesn’t want to run the ball. Do you think Gran tells him to slide when most QB’s would at least dive? What percentage of his passing yards are yards after the catch? He completes most of his passes short of the first down marker. Yes there have been drop passes, but there have been many more poorly thrown balls by Wilson. Is Gran limited by Wilson or is Wilson limited by Gran?

  18. murphy60

    As usual, defense needs to start something. Gran needs to just pack it in, catch the greyhound back to Lexington. Cause all he’s doing is taking us out of a possible good bowl, and we’ll end up 6-6. Cause yes, we’ll lose to Louisville’

    1. Miller45

      Yes hes gotta go

    2. MyFriendsBrotherInLawKnowsMattJones

      Are we giving 1 back because we already have 7 wins?

  19. Miller45

    Josh Allen leads the universe in sacks while being held

  20. sportsbird66

    69 yards of total offense

  21. murphy60

    7-5. And protection

  22. ScottGreene22

    Need to take a shit or 2 down field or a trick play to jump start the offense

    1. ClutchCargo

      Haha! We have taken multiple shits down the field today.

    2. ibescootch

      Taking a shit down field is the title of Eddie Grann’s playbook.

    3. Trueblue44

      Hahaha the best mistype ever

  23. FireEddieGran

    This is so bad

  24. kjd

    Completely inept offensively.

    1. FireEddieGran

      1 total yard in the 2nd quarter

  25. Shively1978

    Since when can you knock a receiver down before the ball gets there. Maybe I had a bad view but Bouvier looked like he was threw on the ground before ball got there

  26. sportsbird66

    We suck again

  27. Shively1978

    7 is suppose to be a lucky number for us it’s like the number of death. Seven win seasons and just can’t seem to get #8.

    1. ScoggDog

      They’re going to lose today … sleepwalk next week … and if there’s any team that can lose in Cardinal Stadium … it’s this team.

      New Year’s Day Bowl my ass.

  28. murphy60

    Need to score quick

  29. murphy60

    Stoops has no balls

  30. Shively1978

    Even worse than Gran is how un disciplined this team is sometimes. They get down and start acting like cry baby punks. Keep your head toughen up take the skirts off be men and play better football.

  31. gasman01

    This team did not show up. What a shame…

  32. FireEddieGran

    Can we fire Gran, I mean damn.

  33. murphy60

    Showing us fans that stoops had no fire, only a whimper

  34. SGD

    This is the real UK football team. Coaches and players are totally inept. A loss to Louisville is going to be totally embarrassing and cost Stools his job.

  35. hdr

    This team is fools gold!!!!

  36. jdarren1963

    Offense is painful to watch.

  37. murphy60

    Stoops has a big buyout

  38. kjd

    We are pathetic today.

  39. bd2153

    Dual threat. Yea right. Scared

  40. JoshtheCATSfan

    Anybody think it is time for Gran to go!!! I was a huge Gran guy but he runs when they think it is a run and passes whens they expect a pass. Time to get a guy that can call some freaken plays and create some damn offense!!!!

  41. Perry1987

    ONE. ONE yard total for our offense in the second quarter. This is absolutely embarrassing people!! Tennessee sucks this year and their d- line is owning our o-line. WTF has happened to us??

    1. BlakeBlueNation

      We were never good

  42. chris43

    Let’s be honest….we don’t deserve to be ranked 11th. Hate to say it but true. I’m not sure we’re too 25. Been a diff team since bye week. Almost beat by freaking Vandy, lucky as hell against MIZZ, shit kicked outta us by Georgia, and now this….makes me sick

    1. BlakeBlueNation

      You’re right

    2. henderblue

      chris43 you are absolutely right. And it is nauseating.

  43. kjd

    The final nail in the coffin. Just a matter of the final score. The better team today is wearing orange.

  44. SGD

    Defense totally sucks. Guess they are tired of carrying the offense.

  45. Matty33

    Being held ever play but not get called

    1. ChristoCat

      Holding and face mask on Benny twice in the opening play. Official right there to see it but doesn’t call it.

      Not that it matters though…Gran sucks so much it wouldn’t have mattered anyway

  46. gasman01

    Bye-Bye big 6 bowl.

  47. Trueblue44

    Honestly, this is every year. We start off well and then begin to fall the 2nd half of the season. Offensive line is horrid right now, Wilson thinks he has 8-10 seconds in the pocket plus can’t just decide to throw the ball. Defense is finally beginning to fail on assignments and miss tackles. Most teams have a back and forth where offense or defense can carry us. We can’t. Gran simply has no scheme, it’s just call whatever pops into his head. Hence why we can’t speed the pace up, because he is nowhere close to thinking ahead. If we get 8 wins this season then let’s be happy and enjoy the road we’ve taken. This is pretty much the apex with this staff guys

    1. ChristoCat

      Gran does have a scheme….it’s run Benny out to the right and Wilson goes left like a fake hand off 3 times in a row. Or just run Benny up the middle.

      Just because he is predictable as hell doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a scheme.

    2. Trueblue44

      That’s not a scheme, that’s just hope. Scheming is developing a plan that includes adjustments to different defensive sets. We do none of that.

    3. ChristoCat

      I know TrueBlue. Just being sarcastic. I was actually agreeing that he has no scheme because all he does is give the ball to snell.

    4. Trueblue44

      Lol I gotcha. Its almost laughable at this point. Let’s run a delay draw when our line can’t hold up blocks. It’s almost like he’s wanting to suck

  48. Shively1978

    Only way they come back is to play up tempo. We now our offense sucks what the hell has happened to the #1 scoring defense in the country.

    1. notFromhere

      Should’ve played uptempo from the first snap. Freakin dmbsht decisions sometimes

    2. Trueblue44

      We can’t. Gran is calling it one play at a time because that’s all he can muster in his head. To speed up pace there has to be a plan and scheme, he doesn’t have that ability. Just look at the play design, not the actual play call. The design is elementary. Everything is directly straight forward with zero misdirection or moving parts. This literally is the equivalent of a peewee league offensive design, and that’s no joke

  49. notFromhere

    They need to give UT this vic or they won’t make a bowl game.

    And Terry isn’t able to read options or get past 2 reads in a passing tree. Wont even beat MTSU with this offense. Defense is tired of their sht offense.

    Could’ve been a 10 win season

    1. east-ky-boy

      True. This coulda been a historic season. I know it’s not over but we just aren’t built for come backs

  50. henderblue

    Wow. Our secondary can’t cover anyone. We can’t put any pressure on their QB. Our receivers can’t get open, our o-line can’t block. They only time we get a receiver open he drops a ball that hits him in the hands. The o-line can’t open any holes or protect the QB. Our team is self-destructing. I’m not surprised. They’ve been steadily getting worse in the last 3-4 weeks. When’s the next basketball game?

  51. katmark

    17 to 0 are you kidding me. The last kentucky drive terry slid on third down really. No functional offense at all

  52. Shively1978

    51 points allowed last 6 quarters that’s more than the first 4 sec games we played.

  53. drew_123

    If I was as bad at my job as Eddie Gran is I’d be out on street. No excuse for him to have a job after this.

  54. Matt10

    My halftime speech: receivers, if it hits you in the goddang hands and you friggin drop ONE MORE ball you can take a goddang Uber home!!!!
    Eddie, you’re fired!! I just called an Uber for you. Have your office cleaned out by the time we get home!
    Terry, sit down, take off your pads and skirt. One friggin yard in one quarter is simply unacceptable!
    As for the rest of you pu**ies, pull your heads outta your butts and compete or I can promise many of you won’t survive next week’s practices!!!!

  55. hdr

    This team has quit. I think the coaches have too, because they stay with guys that are play awful.

  56. mashburnfan1

    Saves me a 7 hour {round trip} drive next week. I’ll be damn if I go watch and spend the gas and hotel money for the effort I am being given in return. I also preordered Bowl tix, they will be for sale. No excuse, Gran MUST be fired and the players need an ass whooping at half. This is an entire group fault and I have blasted the UK fans for not being true fans this season, I APOLOGIZE. This effort is not worth watching and I feel sorry for the BBN members that made the trip, glad I had to work. I no longer care how the season ends, this team is not what it could have been.

  57. notFromhere

    There’s played like a wuss so far. This kid is no Stephen Johnson. Put Clark in. Need a kid with heart @ QB that can also run someone over

  58. gasman01

    What a week.. Basketball sucks and now, football sucks…

  59. Cmart0907

    Wow. This is insane. Every single year. We start off good and run down hill. We not coming back. They scored 14 points all game against Charlotte!!!

  60. big cat

    Ehhhh… Gran…fire waterboy….fire ANYONE. get their attention

  61. east-ky-boy

    This is a combo of the offensive line, our quarterback and our OC. I blame all 3!

  62. beauleonard

    This is completely on que, right in line with the last two seasons. Start hot, finish weak. I’m not sure where to even start with offense. Disgusting!

  63. ClutchCargo

    We forgot how to play football today, nevermind the play calling. Defenders trying to catch Hail Marys in the end zone instead of knocking them down. Nuff said.

  64. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

    Absolutely pathetic. I usually avoid such language, but there is ZERO excuse for letting a team that ran for less than 30 yards against UNCC do this to you.

  65. big cat

    Stoops is DONE at UK….if he boggles this game. Totally unacceptable.

    1. ClutchCargo

      Um, no. Today is frustrating, but c’mon man.

    2. east-ky-boy

      Should read “gran is done”

    3. ChristoCat

      Not Stoops, Gran I could see though. He won’t have Snell to hide behind next year.

      You don’t fire the guy that’s bringing in the guys they are, beat FL and put you in position to play for SEC Championship and potentially go 9-3. You find me a coach worth a shit that would come to UK with our history if we did that.

      Out FB team does not have the clout our BK team does

    4. gasman01

      I’ve watched enough…

  66. ChristoCat

    Play action…..I wonder if Gran has ever heard of such a thing.

    When you run Snell EVERY play and the Def knows it, PA will be there.

    Gran is horrible and Snell has hidden his pathetic play calling all year until the last few weeks.

  67. sportsbird66

    2018 Cereal Bowl here we come!!!! WEEEEEE???

  68. murphy60

    No backup qb. So if anything start using…. A TIGHT END…..

  69. UKFootballYall

    Our players have outplayed the coaching staff all year. Stoops is a nice guy and a good recruiter but can’t coach on game day. Worst in the league. Meathead Mitch has extended his contract until about 2030 and we are stuck with him for years. Ughh!

  70. Matt10

    Please, on third phucking down, at least throw the phucking ball to the dang first down marker!!!!!!!!

    Eddie simply has no creativity whatsoever. Terry is back to deer in headlights making mind numbing bad decisions.

  71. ZacharyJanes18

    defense looks like ist starting to play offense not so much

  72. ChristoCat

    We’re a night time team. Too bad we can’t play all our games at 730

  73. big cat

    Team usually will take on the same mentality of their coach. Speaks volumes! This team DOES NOT deserve to be in top 25. Look at TOTAL body of work.

  74. ChristoCat

    How many holding calls are they gonna freakin miss!

    1. big cat

      How many tackles we miss?

    2. ChristoCat


  75. ukcats1776.90

    eddie gran should resign

  76. big cat


  77. ZacharyJanes18

    Its a sad day when you can’t beat Tennessee

  78. katmark

    We suck!!!!

  79. murphy60

    EXTRA EXTRA. The university of Kentucky football team just excepted a invitation to play in the Depends Bowl

  80. big cat

    Same ole crap. Really. I lost interest during MO game.

  81. bigblue98

    Smartest move I’ve made – not signing up for bowl tickets yet. This team sucks!!!

  82. ChristoCat

    On the brightside, we’re not UL. But then again, they will go get rid of Bobby get Brohm and commenced to whipping our assess on an annual basis.

    1. N-UR-i

      Louisville scares me now. In both sports

  83. katmark

    That’s all we can do is run we are down by 24 you would think they would try down field wait terry can’t throw down field

  84. JMFATZ47

    The offense passed away in the second half of the South Carolina game.

  85. katmark

    I hope we don’t score maybe somebody will wake up and fire Gran

  86. BigolBlue

    Where is 4ever and big board? Also blue bill. Hahaha what a joke of a football program

    1. CombatMedic_98

      They switched and cheered for The VOLs…! LOL! OrangeuaVOL…Ha,Ha,Ha! Nothing but crickets from those three footstool fans

  87. ChristoCat

    My 10 year old could call a better game then Gran right now.

  88. ZacharyJanes18

    This doubled with a crappy basketball team is gonna make the next few months suck

  89. ChristoCat

    Who is CJ Conrad? You mean he’s been out there all year? Why dont we target him more often? Oh yeah…Eddie Gran is our OC.

    1. katmark

      That is hilarious

  90. chris43

    Somebody needs to call Stoops show this weak and ask him if he’s going to ha e the balls to fire Eddie Gran or does he want to lose his job? I’m so pissed wish they’d fire the entire staff directly after the game and pull a USC/Kiffen and not even give them a ride home!! Vanilla play calling as always! We got what…4 plays for most part?!? Snell up middle! Snell up middle slightly to left! Snell up middle slightly to right! Bubble screen!!! Oh yeah I forgot the one where Terry Turnover runs around like a chicken with his head cut off and loses 10 yards behind the line. Get this crap outta here! I hope they don’t sell a seat next week

    1. ZacharyJanes18

      You’re forgetting the comeback route where the receiver drops it and the crossing route where the receiver drops it

    2. chris43


  91. katmark

    Can’t wait to hear stoops excused

    1. big cat

      How bout like last year, year before last, etc….”we gotta go back to work, we didn’t get it done, we didn’t execute but proud of my gutry s…we fought hard.”

  92. Kat4Life

    It’s been a tough week to be a Kentucky fan

    1. big cat

      It’s so obvious we do not have QB nor OC. Inconsistent from both. Bye bye now.

  93. big cat

    Stoops owes BBN apology. This is pathetic

  94. cats fan 858

    Put Clark in something different can’t go any worse terry turnover an eddy got to go

  95. big cat

    We goin to toilet bowl…

    1. sportsbird66

      Or the Tidy Bowl

  96. Cat68

    Anybody know the cheat code to get a comment posted on the blog?

  97. big cat

    How is Wilson still out there?

  98. big cat

    Just keep posting on the comments page more people will read it anyway

  99. versaillescorey

    Basketball is on the rise!!! Let’s focus on that and quit being delusional

  100. big cat

    Duhhhh….you teach me to football? Seems like we are clueless.

  101. cats fan 858

    They had to call the live blog it was getting so bad I would like to see the comments they could not let through

  102. katmark

    Sounds right on cue

  103. murphy60

    Stoops needs to pay all of us back. He’s banking money

  104. kyrgaines_12

    What happen to we are gonna start playing both QB’s??? Terry is an athlete, not a QB!

  105. Kat4Life

    Extremely disappointing effort today

  106. big cat

    We AREN’T there yet.

  107. big cat

    Stoops has NEVER coached as hard as PRUITT

  108. Matt10

    You think Saban would put up with this pathetic offensive play calling?! Stoops, grow a pair!!!!!

  109. bigblue98

    Stoops phrase – we’re just getting started. Year 6. This team can go to hell.

  110. Cat68

    Back to the good ole days of UK football

  111. CoachCat

    Such a wasted chance at building our football program going forward. Regardless of play the buck stops with Stoops. Went from dreams of 10-2 to the regular old Stoops era record

  112. InigoMontoya

    Switched to the Hallmark channel.

  113. SGD

    Probably selling $5 tickets for next week.