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UK dog with a pom-pom in its mouth wants an interesting uniform tweet


The UK football season is off to an exciting start, and no one is more excited than this pup with a UK pom pom in its mouth. I bet this dog went bonkers when it read this tweet from @UKEquipment (because dogs can totally read):

Hmmm…will the gray uniforms debut next week?

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26 responses to “UK dog with a pom-pom in its mouth wants an interesting uniform tweet”

  1. Ridge Runner

    Dog’s like… “OK, take the pic & give me my damn treat”


    It aint hard BLUE AND WHITE

    1. ukjonny9

      21st century. Feel free to join us anytime.

    2. Capt Obvious

      21st century, where blue isn’t blue and white isn’t white, but UK still sucks.


      Go root for someone else who aint blue and white…free country. Just gtfoh

    4. UKAlum

      Updated and inventive uniforms attract recruits. Ask Oregon.


      Last I checked this aint the left coast

    6. Attn: STOOPS TROOPS

      I’ll argue with greater levels of stupidity and less knowledge of simple grammar than anybody else in ksr comments history. All. Day. Long.

      Can someone please break in this idiot’s house and smash his keyboard? Please?!?!

      Jeebus you’re painfully stupid. The uniforms do not matter to you, Joe Fan. The players care…let them have options for snazzy uniforms. Hell, maybe we’ll look like something more than a joke of we ever get some espn coverage. Wouldn’t that be nice, STOOPS TROOPS?

      Wahhhh this ain’t the left coast ! STFU you moron.


      who cares about grammar on ksr? im here for the cats and just think we should wear our true colors. get your self worth up somewhere else. im pulling for you

    8. Whoa

      Someone forgot to take their risperdal this morning! STOOPS TROOPS is quite annoying, but you née to calm down.

    9. Rixter

      You’re damn straight, 21st century…lets bust out the ORANGE unis!

    10. Center Fielder

      Right wing wackos: They’re like Louisville fans – loud, obnoxious, delusional, offensive and retarded. And their favorite color is red.

  3. JesSayin'

    That’s an ugly dog.

  4. pfife

    Like it, if true.

  5. Stoops troops is a moron

    If it’s a free country can’t they wear whatever colors they choose?

  6. Capt Obvious

    I am Capt Oblivious. I say “UK still sucks” and sometimes, just sometimes, I get the attention that I so desperately crave.

  7. Isaac in Mobile

    They can wear pink from head to toe as long as they keep building on what we saw yesterday! Go Cats!!

    1. RUPPS_rhetoric


  8. OhioU

    I liked it that time they wore those throwback unis against us in the past. That worked out well for us

    1. Will it Again?

      OU looks like a real threat to go undefeated this year so I hope it does. There is quite a buzz going on in Athens, I hear. Oh, that kind of buzz? Never mind…

  9. James K

    With the uniform stuff, I don’t understand why they don’t just go ahead and give the kids what they want. Kids love crazy uniforms.

    1. SMH

      And therein lies the problem. We are giving today’s kids anything and everything they want, they’ve never been told ‘NO’, they’ve never been taught moderation or and form of self-control, and the results are scary.


      Amen brother these boys is way too uppity nowadays

    3. el hombre juan

      Kobe Bryant turned out fine…..

  10. Oh man

    I thought those uniforms were part of the girls soccer arrival for minute
    And they looked like shorts
    I was like that’s gross

  11. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

    It could also be the chrome helmets. Like I posted on the show thread a week or 2 ago, they could mix the old and the new: put the old power K on the chrome helmets! That way old guys like me and also the kids will like it!