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Article written by Adam Luckett

14 responses to “UK Commit Lamar Goods to visit Florida”

  1. J. Did
  2. sprtphan

    One more time. Committing means nothing.

  3. 4everUKblue

    Wake me up after the signing date.

    1. @GoCayts

      You going to sleep until December?

    2. 4everUKblue

      Well at least I’ll know who is on the team in December.

  4. bigbluenationmbb

    Who cares about football commits until they sign they should be able to sign to a school instead of commiting

  5. Dark Soul

    here we go again

  6. Trueblue44

    Why don’t y’all keep repeating the same “commits means nothing” crap yet you continue to open and read the articles then comment with the exact same comments repeatedly

    1. sprtphan

      I know the dems are trying to change things but free country last time I checked.

    2. Trueblue44

      Clever reply…

  7. makeitstop

    I confess I don’t understand why people “commit” then keep doing visits. It basically doesn’t happen in basketball unless there’s a coaching change or probation – I can think of one we got in 10 years that way. What is so different in football that kids feel they need to commit before they’re committed? Is it the calendar? Do schools pull scholarship offers when they fill out their allotment? This happens what 15-20% of the time in football and almost never in basketball, why? its not just us losing them, we get kids this way, too.

    1. KYjellyRoll

      I agree. Why even bother committing if you’re going to visit other schools? Or why visit other schools when you’re already committed? It isn’t even commitment if you’re not…

    2. Clyde X

      If you are an 18-year old kid and people keep offering to fly you all over the country and wine and dine you, why would’nt you do it? It would be hard to resist a free trip to Florida. If he changes his mind and goes to Florida, power to him. It won’t mess up my pinto beans.

  8. Boman2112

    These kids use the commit to get other schools to look at them harder. It’s a business decisions for everyone!
    Wake up America!