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18 responses to “TRANSCRIPT: Mark Stoops after Kentucky’s loss to Florida”

  1. sportsbird66

    Get ready for next game

    1. JPhelps

      As far as I’m concerned, it’s October 27th against Georgetown at Rupp Arena.

      Over UK football. Bring on basketball.

  2. Righteous1

    UK will be 2-5 after the next 2 games! I would ask for 10 million per year and a lifetime contract if I were Mark Stoops! He would match Calipari for championships in the last 6 year’s and be consistently outcoached! A lot of correlation there! We over pay our coaches for the results we receive!

    1. T-wah

      I realize math is difficult, but after 2 more games we will have played 5 games. Since I’m assuming you’re suggesting we will lost both, that would leave us 2-3……unless we just play so poorly that they count each of those losses as 2 losses, rather than 1.

  3. Righteous1

    I would ask for Calipari’s contract if I were the other basketball and football coaches in the SEC!

  4. Thetruthshallsetbennyfree

    How about “Stoops do you think if you wouldn’t have went conservative at the end of the first half like you always do with a lead that the team may have played more aggressively and won?” “Or is everything everyone else’s fault?” “Rose is only in the starting position because you let him be there, don’t you believe Smoke has out performed on every opportunity he’s gotten?”

  5. truetotheblue

    start with smoke,play with smoke,WIN with smoke.he is the best back on game day.I understand they see different things in practice but when it is Saturday smoke is outplaying every other back.

  6. runningunnin.454

    Game of inches? Our guys dominated Florida all over the field for nearly 3 quarters; we should have won by > two touchdowns.
    Did Wagner leave before the 4th quarter; did he take the TE’s with him?
    Why are we playing the wrong running back?
    Why did we sit on the ball in the 4th quarter til we were behind?
    Did anybody see that kid’s face, did we really think he could hit that FG in that situation?
    Why didn’t we pressure that backup QB?
    I try to support the coaching staff; but, I’m so tired of laying down for people in the 4th quarter.
    Will we learn…ever?

    1. JPhelps

      No. They won’t.

      Remember? Gran is the greatest thing since sliced bread. We were SO LUCKY to have him stay.


    2. T-wah

      Man, I don’t always agree with your opinions, but you absolutely NAILED it here. It pretty much came down to these issues that WE (i.e. our coaches) created for ourselves. We’ve got to do better than this if we expect to take the next step forward.

  7. BluKudzu

    Reality sucks.

    We are great in the MAC.

    Our defense is so bad…..our offense will need to score on every play, just to be competitive in the SEC.

    Long season ahead folks. Last year was truly a once in a generation experience.

    Back to the future…..the bottom of the east.

    What a joke. Hype this UK.

    Louisville will kill us this year and every year going forward.

    Quit talking about Florida being number 9. Why not us?

    Coaching. That is why.

    1. Willied27

      Worst decision ever not to punt with 11 point lead. No need to try and win the game at that moment. Pin them, deep and run the clock and have new QB starting from a point on the field with great trepidation not a point of freedom. Just another example of a coach who can recruit but not run a game. Itw as a two-score for crying out loud.

    2. joe_finebomb

      All of the negative comments are hilarious. It’s easy to sit back and critique them all. But what I seen out there was we a team giving it all to try to win. They got a couple plays and it went their way. Game over. It sucks. This is my favorite team. I’ll be watching every game through the rest of the season with support instead of constant negative feedback. Our defense will be fine once we get some reps for the younger guys. Lost two DBs in this game when we don’t have experienced ones to begin with. Tough to win over a top ranked team when you are down key players like that.

    3. Willied27

      My favorite team too, but how does that prevent criticism of an absolutely ridiculous coaching decision.

    4. Bobbum Man

      Really it wasn’t a bad call to go for it on 4th and 1… when ur on ur 17th string safety and down dlineman and they’ve been moving the ball somewhat easily on us and you have a chance to all but put the game away you go for it…. if you don’t believe in ur line and back to get one yard then what are u doing… granted I hated hated hated the playcall and it’s easy to say it’s a bad call now but y’all want him to be more aggressive right? Can’t complain he’s being too conservative while also complaining about him being aggressive… one or the other fellas

  8. VMI1957

    UK will wind up at best 4-8 for the season. Secondary sucks, defensive line and linebackers can’t stop the run, kicker doesn’t know how to make a field goal, quarterback throws interceptions…..geeze this Kentucky team is horrid!!!

  9. Urincatland

    We need to play to WIN instead of playing conservative and playing not to lose. We were the better team last night and still let them frigging Gators come back and our asses. Just sucks!!

  10. Urincatland

    And the bad part is we let their back up QB come back and beat us. 3 freaking TD’s when he was on the field. As much as our coaches make per year they should be better and make adjustments to stop a run like Florida made.