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Three Takeaways from Mark Stoops’ Pre-Vandy Press Conference

Mark Stoops kept it short and sweet during his weekly press conference. While the head coach talked for just over three minutes, he did provide some important insight for the Kentucky vs. Vanderbilt game this Saturday. Here’s what you need to know:

1. How the team bounced back

The Ole Miss loss was upsetting for fans, and members of the BBN may still be recovering. But what about the team? Have the players bounced back attitude-wise from the tough loss?

“Yeah, they have. Its been a solid week, and it was a really good walk-through today,” Stoops said. “We’ll put the finishing touches on it tomorrow, and have our last workout, but the guys have been really solid this week.”

2. Westry vs. Johnson

When the depth chart came out Monday, one of the most notable aspect was the “or” listed in between sophomore Chris Westry and junior Lonnie Johnson. Johnson took over the starting position for the Cats last week against Ole Miss, but, as of Monday, Westry appeared to be “tied” to regain his starting spot. Four days of practice later, the “or” still lingers. So, who will start for Kentucky against the Commadores?

“We’ll see,” Stoops said. “They’ve got one more day, and we’ll see what we decide to do.”

3. It’s not all about the record

Just like our very own Matt Jones, Stoops finds it important to emphasize that a football team’s ability is not solely measured by their record. It’s true for Kentucky; it’s true for Vandy (who currently sits at 4-5 overall and 0-5 in the SEC).

“It’s very easy for some folks just to look at a record and think it’s all about that, but that’s not the case – not at all,” Stoops said. “I know there’re four teams in this league that are working their tail off to have a good football team. It’s hard, it’s competitive. We beat each other up, you get beat down, you may have injuries, but there’re a lot of good teams with very good coaches.”

On Kentucky’s end, Stoops recalled UK’s victory over Missouri – who was 1-3 before being defeated by the Cats – urging people to avoid overlooking that win.

“Don’t for a minute – when we beat Missouri – dismiss that victory. But everybody wanted to. That’s a perfect example, and Vandy’s the same way.”


Article written by Maggie Davis

24 responses to “Three Takeaways from Mark Stoops’ Pre-Vandy Press Conference”

  1. bosshogg24

    UK has no DC and no secondary, couldn’t stop a middle school offense!

    1. Rembrandt

      Since UK does have a DC and a secondary, and has a somewhat below average SEC defense that has played pretty well at times this year, let’s cut to the chase. Without saying anything else that is demonstrably false, what do you want?

    2. BluKudzu

      @Rembrandt…..Are you related to either Stoops or Barnhart? If so, it would explain a lot.

    3. UK Big Board Update

      BluKudzu is the epitome of the fair-weather, bandwagon fan – aka The Worst.

    4. AGSlater

      Big board has zero input. Just bashes everyones opinions. Ive never seen him post even 1 comment from him that was his own thought or opinion. Just backing up bad coaching and poor play

    5. UK Big Board Update

      Here’s a thought: your mother should have had her tubes tied and your father needs to be slapped like the bitch he is.

      U MAD BRO

  2. Catlogic15

    Then win the game Mr. Stoops. That’s all the fans want. Don’t over analyze it.
    And Westry begged to come back in the game. His height would have intercepted/knocked down that pass.

  3. rem392

    So bosshogg, what is your prediction for the game Saturday?

  4. rem392

    Catlogic, I agree all we want is to win the game. I do get tired of all the BS that goes on. Let the coaches coach, the players play and lets win the damn game. Go CATS!

  5. UKfanforlife

    I predict Kentucky loses by 13 to 20 points. Thank you Stoops for benching the punter. Field position means nothing. Yeah right, maybe to Stoops it means nothing.

    1. BluKudzu

      It means nothing because we are UK, and 6-6 is celebrated like a great year.
      Obviously Defense is not important either, as we fail to cover anyone and can’t control the line.

    2. Rembrandt

      If UK wins this game, will you two admit that you are pessimistic morons?

    3. BluKudzu

      @rembrandt, queing up the name calling is a sign of limited ability and vocabulary to have meaningful dialogue, and debate, with regards to not having the same opinion, on the progress of the University of Kentucky football program.
      You have provided the insight needed as to your intellect, so if you wish for us to carry forward any discussion regarding the subject at hand, I shall remember to use only small words entirely for your benefit.
      Seldom does opportunity present itself for such banter amongst fans, those that do not wish for their team to be the continual laughing stock of national media (Me) and those that believe, at a time where UK has spent more money in the history of the program during last 6 years, and has had a coach that has, according to polls, out recruited almost all the teams we have played outside the SEC, and a few within, (by a wide margin) and still finds it difficult to win any game, in any manner, (convincing or not),
      and still believes, against the schedule this year, we are better than where we were (you and others).
      We had the worst program in the SEC, prior to Stoops arrival. Since then, we have basically played well enough not to be last in the east, the weaker of the two conferences.
      So @Rembrandt, Pull up your big boy huggies, and address me, without calling names, and just write one thing that would provide me a glimmer of hope that you know anything about football, at any level.
      Good luck.

  6. AGSlater

    Kentucky is 120th in pass yards allowed. Solid.

    1. UK Big Board Update

      UofL gives up 40+ points a game to mediocre teams. Solid.

  7. chrisg18

    Chris Westry is a junior.

  8. Howdy Doody

    Yawn….ZZZzzzzzzZZzzzzzzzzzzz……same stuff, different game.

    1. UK Big Board Update


    2. AGSlater

      Big boards only comebacks are calling people u of l fans or posting past comments. He couldnt explain why we suck at football and or why Cal cant win titles

    3. UK Big Board Update

      Cal won a title at UK, retard.

      U MAD

  9. Kentucky Gentleman

    Stoops is right – it’s not about the record and UK is not as good as their record shows.

    UK has been outscored on the season (by 1 point) and has 2 wins over teams with a winning record. We beat the garbage out of conference slate by a total of 22 points that included a 11 point win over EKU (3-8 and 5th in OVC), a 7 point win over So Miss (5-4 and 3rd in C-USA West), and a 4 point win over EMU (3-7 and 5th in the MAC West).

    1. UK Big Board Update

      “UK has been outscored on the season (by 1 point)”…

      That might be a little misleading, considering the MSST blowout. You also left out the win AT South Carolina. But I see what you’re trying to do.

      Oh, and KG is the worst bourbon on the market…

    2. Kentucky Gentleman

      The win at USC is one of the 2 wins I was talking about. And it is a little misleading with the MSST blowout, but the average win is by just over 7 points. My point is we are barely beating pretty average teams and could easily have a much worse record than we do (and I am aware we are also very close to being 8-1).

  10. bailey000

    Everyone at KSR wants fans to stay up on football every year till the end yet the closer we get to basketball the less football articles they give us