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This video will get you ready for some football

Let’s just put that on loop until August 30, okay?

Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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20 responses to “This video will get you ready for some football”

  1. RealityBites

    We always look so good until the other team is out thereā€¦…


      Guys got a point… We sell our team pretty good, thats for sure… but it’s because we have to…

  2. TruthUpAbove
  3. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

    Way to be Debbie Downer.

  4. Blasphemy

    We are going to have a 4-star visitor either Friday or sometime next week. Rashaun Smith out of the DC area. He will be visiting with Darius Fulwood.

    1. Wow

      A 4 star?! Will be visiting us?! when we are in a conference that is made up of entire teams of 5 stars?! ONE SINGLE 4 STAR WILL BE VISITING US?!
      You mean to tell me… that for a couple of days… a 4 star… will be on campus… VISITING?… when all of our rivals get 5 stars?

    2. @wow

      You know your an idiot right? Almost every team in the sec is made up of mostly 3 and 4 star guys with a few 5 stars and 2 stars sprinkled in. And you do realize that stoops has landed more 4 star players than joker and brooks combined.

    3. Wow


      Im sorry but YOUR opinion doesn’t’ combat FACTS… MOST SEC teams are comprised of MOSTLY 5 star starters…

      Also… that don’t mean crap. A longer turd is still a turd…

    4. Wha???


      Vandy did not have 1 5-star player the past 2 years and won 9 games
      Mizzou had 1 5-star player DGB and won the East
      Texas A&M the past 2 years had 0 five star players.
      Auburn last year had 2 five-star players
      Miss St. has 0 five star players
      Ole Miss has 1
      South Carolina 3

      The bulk go to Florida, UGA, Bama and LSU

      Even so, Every team there are only 20ish 5 star players….Mathematically, your argument is impossible.

      You have 0 clue what you are talking about…

      GO HOME

    5. Wow

      Possibly the dumbest thing ever written. At the very least right up there with “Randall Cobb was mediocre.”

      There are approximately 32 five star players every year. Across a five year recruiting cycle, there are (accordingly) 160 five star players. Even assuming that all 160 of them went to SEC schools (which is a stupid assumption, but probably right up your alley), there would be enough for 7 schools to have a team “comprised of mostly 5 star starters.” There are 13 non-UK schools in the SEC.

      Can you give me a list of the “mostly 5 star starters” from the other SEC schools?

    6. Football sucks

      This is a basketball school.

  5. Brian

    All of u negative idiots need to stop commenting about things u know nothing about it ! And very few teams have more than a handful of 5 star guys on their team. We will take all the 4 stars we can get ! UK FOOTBALL is heading in the right direction for sure ! #BBN

    1. Darrius

      Know nothing about?
      I assure you that I am all too aware…. I’ve sat through two back to back 2-10 seasons with almost 1000 days without an in conference SEC win and a loss for each of the last 6 in state games that we have played… I assure you I know exactly where we stand with football… Heading in the right direction my foot.

    2. Paul

      Darrius, if you can’t see change coming why don’t you just pick a different team? We won’t miss you.

  6. Bullitt County UK fan

    Randall Cobb was a three star. Point made

    1. Wow

      Randall cobb was mediocre at best on the grander stage buddy…

    2. Wow

      Mediocre = two-time All SEC 1st Team, Consensus All-American 1st Team, SEC record-holder for all-purpose yardage, UK record-holder for career touchdowns, Pro Football Writer’s Association NFL Rookie of the Year, 2012 NFL all-purpose yardage leader.

      Yep. Mediocre on the ‘grander’ stage.

      Can someone take the trash out in these threads? You’re quick enough to edit posts calling your writers incompetent, so I can’t see why these aren’t jumped on with both feet.

      Maybe take a timeout from the twelve people giving a crap about basketball recruiting during SEC media days.

  7. Wha???

    Last year-

    33- Five Star Players

    20 – went to non SEC Schools

    13- SEC Schools

    Bama had 6
    LSU – 2
    Auburn -2
    Tenn, Florida, Tex A&M – 1



  8. Wha???

    Alabama’s last 4 recruiting classes:

    16- 5-star
    55- 4-star
    30- 3-star

    Now I am no rocket scientist, but I do know 55>16 and that 30>16

    btw, > means greater than

  9. TorpedoVegas

    Was this a video for track & field?