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Article written by Drew Franklin

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19 responses to “The Backup QBs: Who is behind Terry Wilson?”

  1. jdarren1963

    Hopefully, Wilson won’t get hurt. Lynn Bowden may be the best backup QB we have.

    1. kjd

      Not going to happen. One, he’s our #1 receiver. Two, did you not see his very ugly pass out of the wildcat last year? Three, he does not practice at QB.

  2. shelby

    I’m more worried about our defense backfield than our backup QB. Lynn bowden can play qb in a pinch.

    1. Wade

      Kash too while oats get more reps

    2. cats646

      Omg, could you imagine Kash coming in at QB and leading us to a win in a big game?! Very very unlikely, but DAMN what a party this state would throw afterwards!!!! Lol

    3. friendsofcoal

      He was one helluva QB in HS!

    4. Thetruthshallsetbennyfree

      He’d be the hardest hitting qb in the NCAA.

    5. cats646

      That’s the damn truth, the hardest hitting and by FAR the meanest!!

  3. Kendrick

    Walker Wood might be one of the worst QBs to ever be in the UK uniform. The only reason he was recruited by UK was because of Jedrick Wills. He needs to just leave.

    1. StillBP


  4. Kendrick

    Walker Wood is one of the worst QBs to ever put on the UK uniform. He was only recruited because of his high school teammate Jedrick Wills, he needs to go somewhere that he could actually play… like Campbellsville. He is a waste of space

    1. mashburnfan1

      can you repeat that, we did not hear you the first 2 times. Kid is prolly here cause he grew up a fan and wanted to get an education.

    2. bigbluenationmbb

      Mashburn is an idiot when it comes to basketball when it comes to football he’s gotta a very good mindset

    3. CATandMONKEY

      You really should have your a$$ handed to you by the entire offensive line for talking such shit against a kid who plays for UK.

      Sorry he stole your girl.

      Mash with a good comment.

    4. Kendrick

      Because he “plays for UK” I should have the Oline do something? They only protect people who play, not random kids from Kentucky who were used to get their high school teammate

    5. blueballs80

      @ Kendrick. I never thought anyone was born a loser until you posted! Cheers to being a petty SOB.

  5. zoupman

    I hate Gunner was never really given a chance. Wish he wasn’t leaving.

    1. CATandMONKEY

      Let’s try this again: “He wasn’t given a chance” has become one of the most Collosally false statements ever uttered in the Commonwealth.

      If he was capable of winning in the SEC he would have played.

      Stoops and Company have MILLIONS of $$$ riding on the win – loss record.
      Is Gunnar not playing because Stoops want to loose?

      Idiot fans.

  6. Catcasey1

    We are in deep sh t if Wilson goes down………