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Thank Goodness We’re Not Kansas


We understand the stereotype about being a “basketball school” better than most.  We put a lot of effort into football, and it’s starting to show promise, but Duke, Indiana, and North Carolina know our pain: it’s hard to get excited about football, even though we’re doing better.

Unless you’re Kansas.

Oh, Kansas.

In maybe the most embarrassing show of victory ever, University of Kansas fans apparently stormed the field after beating 1-3 Louisiana Tech.

Stormed the field.

Against a 1-3 team.

We’re glad we beat Miami (OH), but please tell me, as fans, that we’ll never storm the field against Louisiana Tech.  It’s okay to get on the grass against Louisiana State:

But Louisiana Tech?  Eesh.  So regardless of how this season goes, there’s at least one thing under our control: we won’t rush the field against Alabama State.


Article written by Corey Nichols

16 responses to “Thank Goodness We’re Not Kansas”

  1. Catlanta

    It was their first victory over an FBS team in over two years.

  2. This is why you suck

    How dare those players get pumped over a come from behind victory with a 52 yard FG.

  3. KentuckyGentleman

    Pathetic display.

  4. SMH

    So you make fun because Kansas stormed the field, then you proceed to show Kentucky storming the field. You must have been dropped on your head boy.

  5. What?

    You made it sound like the whole fan base came storming, I see mostly football players and student trainers out there celebrating. Weak…

  6. Duane

    Hey Dumb A
    The players were the one ‘s that stormed the field to celebrate the kickers field goal. I don’t see fans in the picture,just team and staff. Show me a fan Corey

  7. OneAndDone

    So, the players rushed to the kicker and celebrated. I’m pretty sure Alabama would do the same thing. Horrible misleading post. Oh, and Kansas sucks

  8. Chris

    Could be worse. They could’ve stormed the field after a loss.

  9. Joe

    I love all things wildcats, but in the interim at least we kinda are, jst sayin

  10. What?

    Where are the fans? Those are players celebrating a win. Who edits this crap and still allows it to be posted? Embarrassing.

  11. Eric

    I am rushing the field when the streak ends Saturday night!

  12. gary

    Corey, Next time, if there is a next time, you might want to get a editor to read your garbage.. than way you don’t look so stupid.

  13. Lexington 3

    You have a short memory. What was UT’s record?

  14. Yahoo

    Im confused am I on yahoo or KSR. Yahoo always makes stories out of nothing and thats basically what happened here. I was ready to laugh at Kansas but then you watch the video and nothing unusual or funny happened at all. Corey Nichols is the worst.

  15. Carl Rogers

    Very misleading, I did not see any fans storm the field. You need to repent of your sins and give yourself to God.

  16. Carl Rogers

    Seriously you sinners all need to repent of your transgressions and give yourself to the Lord almighty Jesus Jehovah. Stop with the bogus posts and repent, message me and I can help keep you from going to Hell. Lord God send me here to minister to his lambs.