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Tennessee head coach Jeremy Pruitt compares the Volunteers to the Titanic

Graphic: Raymond Wong/National Geographic

Following an abysmal start to the season that includes embarrassing back-to-back losses to Georgia State and BYU, Tennessee head coach Jeremy Pruitt used quite the analogy to describe the current state of the football program.

Instead of taking an optimistic approach, Pruitt compared the Volunteers to a fairly famous movie involving a sinking ship.

“I think ‘Titanic’ came out maybe when I was in college,” Pruitt said in an appearance at the Knoxville Quarterback Club on Monday afternoon, via Knox News. “When the boat starts going down, remember all those mice running to the top, right? We have had a few that’s left our program, but you will figure out who wants to be a Tennessee Vol and who don’t.”

He didn’t mention the “mice” by name, but after several offseason departures, defensive back Terrell Bailey and wide receiver Jordan Murphy both decided to leave the program following Tennessee’s season-opening loss against Georgia State.

“I can tell you this: I want to [find out who wants to be here]. I know the standards and expectations that we have and the men on our staff and the character that we have. You will see the best of the players at Tennessee throughout the year.”

In Pruitt’s eyes, the team’s laughable start to the season is behind them and they are ready to move forward. After all, the Tennessee head coach believes the Volunteers have a “very high ceiling” and can finish the year with success.

“The way I look at this, the last two weeks are over with,” Pruitt said on Monday. “We had 60 minutes to change the last two Saturdays at Neyland Stadium. We have to move forward. Did we improve the first week to the second week? Absolutely. We have to continue to do that because we have a young, inexperienced football team. We have a very high ceiling and we are not there yet — a very high ceiling. We are going to continue to improve and get better. We have lots of opportunities this season. It will be on us to create those opportunities.”

I’m not sure if Pruitt managed to get through all three hours and 15 minutes of the Leonardo DiCaprio classic, but spoiler alert: the Titantic sinks to the bottom of the ocean.

And oddly enough, the individuals who made an effort to get off the ship first actually survived, while those who stuck around died.

So… not the best analogy, coach.

Tennessee will look to pick up their first victory of the season against Chattanooga this weekend before they take on Florida, Georgia, Mississippi State, Alabama, and South Carolina in consecutive weeks.


Article written by Jack Pilgrim

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31 responses to “Tennessee head coach Jeremy Pruitt compares the Volunteers to the Titanic”

  1. dhard

    It’s because the SS Vol is sinking and going down fast.

  2. 4everUKblue
    1. grammarpoliceUK


  3. WKY Cat

    Until we beat them I’m not saying a word.

    1. JASUN74

      Are you some kind of magical wizard or something, and afraid you’ll change something if you talk? It doesn’t make 1 bit of a difference if you say anything or not. But go ahead and live your life like you’re the key to winning or losing a game played by other people. Makes zero sense now and forever!!!

    2. Nickerbocker05

      Obviously you are not tru BBN gaysun74

    3. Nickerbocker05

      Obviously we all know we have nothing to do with the outcome of a ballgame asshole but in your heart, you know you are such a passionate fan that MAYBE! Just MAYBE! The fact you love this team so much, might just be the reason why you lose such an important game… so don’t talk shit about a fan who is CLEARLY MORE PASSIONATE THEN YOU WILL EVER UNDERSTAND! Jackwaggon74

    4. WKY Cat

      Hey asshat Jackoff74. My point was they own us in football and I’m not making fun of them until it’s for us beating them. Your reading comprehension is very low to go right along with your IQ. But by all means continue on being a smart ass.

    5. cats646

      You two kids back off Jasun. He’s probably the most passionate fan on this site. He’s just wondering why you’re so scared to say something wky cat. It’s football, sh!t talking is part of it. Especially when your rival program is burning to the ground. Grow a pair pusscakes.
      Fuk Tennessee!!

  4. ukkatzfan

    Captain of that boat didnt survive

    1. 4everUKblue

      My heart will go on….

    2. catsarerunnin

      How droll.

  5. JPhelps

    UT officially changed their mascot to the Possum…

    Because they play dead at home, and get killed in the road!

    1. csnailnrun

      LoL. Priceless

  6. jim tom

    But they will still…….?

  7. csnailnrun

    News update: instead of Rocky Top, the UT Band is polishing up their string quartet to play at halftime just like when the Titanic went down.

  8. notFromhere

    How to Coach Your Team to Victory- by JPruitt

    That one will fly off the shelves

    1. ClutchCargo

      Sounds like all of these books need to be tossed in that trash can they used to play around with on the sideline.

    2. notFromhere

      Our cover art must’ve been leaked. How did you find out, Clutch?

  9. notFromhere

    Winning Strategies, Seeing Who Wants To Be On Your Team By Losing To Teams You Should Beat

    By JPruitt

    I see a major book deal in it for Jeremy

  10. notFromhere

    It’s Not As Bad As It Looks, How A Dumpster Fire Can Help You See The Light

    By JPruitt

    …um, hold on a minute

    1. JPhelps

      Is there a ‘excerpt’ from Butch Jones in it about Winning the Championship of Life?

    2. notFromhere

      Hold the presses! Gotta get some BJ in there. Great idea, JPhelps

  11. notFromhere

    A Couple More Minutes of Oxygen, How a High Ceiling Helped Me Die Last

    Memoirs From the T-tanic series

    By J Pruitt

    1. JPhelps

      ROTFLMAO this one wins.

    2. notFromhere

      Ancient mariners proverb – “he who laughs lowest drowns first”

  12. notFromhere

    How I Became a Color Commentator –

    Bad Analogies From My Days As A Coach

    By JPruitt

    …silver linings. Thankful for silver linings

  13. RealCatsFan

    HaHa, not-from-here is on a roll!

  14. Look Out Fireworks

    I hope you know the titanic was a sinking ship long before it was a movie about a sinking ship.

    1. ClutchCargo

      Pruitt was referring specifically to the movie in his comments. It couldn’t be more clear in the article.

  15. Look Out Fireworks

    Oh thanks Clutch!

    You were really “clutch” in that response!