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Talented Edge Rushers Convinced Brad White to Leave the NFL for Kentucky
by Nick Roush on February 12, 2018 at 2:30 pm

For the last six years Brad White coached some of the NFL’s best pass rushers.  After working with Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis with the Indianapolis Colts, the potential to create the league’s future stars was enough to lure him to Kentucky.

White did not have a long time to mull over the offer from Mark Stoops.  After talking with his wife, there was too much potential to turn down Kentucky.

“We felt this was the best move for us.  It had nothing to do with NFL vs. College, but this was an ascending program with a lot of talent there at the outside linebacker position,” White said. “That’s potential and we saw the potential, but now I have to come in and do my job and help those guys fulfill their potential and hopefully we can see those guys playing on Sunday down the line in the future.”

Josh Allen wasn’t the only person that stuck out on tape.  Denzil Ware, Josh Paschal, Jordan Wright and Boogie Watson give White plenty of talented depth to work with in Lexington.

“You want talented guys that can make plays.  If you’re afraid of that as a coach, if you’re afraid of setting the bar high in that regard, than you probably shouldn’t be in this conference.”

White had no previous working experience with Stoops, but he has plenty with Dean Hood.  Last year’s outside linebackers coach was White’s defensive coordinator at Wake Forest and gave him his first job as a graduate assistant.  He considers Hood to be a mentor.

White’s relationship with Hood should make the transition easy for the edge rushers; he’s just adding a little bit of nuance that he learned in the NFL.  That experience gives White credibility not every new coach has.

“They have to understand they have to be dominant every week on every snap on every play.  Technique’s not just a one or two down deal.  You’ve gotta be technically sound.  You’ve gotta play with effort on every down in a game.  If you’re fading, then we gotta get someone else in there because you never know when that game-changing play is going to happen.  If that’s the play you take off, that could be the difference between winning and losing, especially in this conference.”


42 Replies to “Talented Edge Rushers Convinced Brad White to Leave the NFL for Kentucky”

  1. Great now we are still gonna go 6-6 at best.

    1. cats646 says:

      You actually are dumb.

    2. I disagree I think we have the potential to be 7-5

    3. I mean if we get a miracle win there is a chance. I mean well NEVER be good at football.

    4. BBNDan7 says:


    5. Please Dan enlighten me. How good are we gonna be then?

    6. cats646 says:

      8 win season at least.

    7. I don’t think Dan gives two craps about your predictions for number of wins. He’s just responding to what is either a weak troll attempt or your Fellowship of the Miserable douchiness. I’m going to go out on a limb and say you’re both single. If you aren’t I’m going to bet you wish you were. I know she does.

    8. lol are you wondering if I’m single cause you have a crush on me? Cause you follow me around a lot. I’m not into midgets or antiques sorry.

    9. I think we need to scrimmage Trinity early on in the year to see how we stack up with the ELITE in the state.

  2. jaws2 says:

    Great attitude and experience. He says all the right things and I hope he really helps this defense. I renewed in December.

    1. I like the fact that he knows what it takes for these edge rushers to get to the NFL. I think it immediately gets him credibility and respect from these guys.

  3. I like the fact that there is a positive attitude around the program even though we have been below average. It makes me proud to be aKentucky fan!

  4. An 8 win season is unheard of for Kentucky football.

  5. I mean 8 wins is completely out of the question. We haven’t had a 8 win regular since in over 30 years. Have only won 8 games twice since then too, and it took a bad bowl game to win 8 LOL get real dude I love my cats football but we gotta have real goals.

    1. Yeah, you love your Cats football. :eye roll:

    2. I just like knowledge and real goals. I love cats football just like you love midgets and antiques.

  6. cats646 says:

    So a real goal is to go 7-5 forever? It’s one more win to get to eight. You know that right? Not impossible.

    1. You know we’re lucky to go 7-5 this right? It wouldn’t shock me if cmu beat us. Benny better run for 165 every game.

    1. He won’t. Well go 4-8 before we go 8-4.

  7. Could we even go 8-4 on the old college football video game? With the difficulty on freshmen?

    1. cats646 says:

      I do believe your an obvious troll now. You sound like a 13 year old who’s in his mommas basement waiting for her to fix him a snack. Your gonna go far kid. And you are definitely not a UK fan. Get a life that’s not on a computer screen

  8. Maybe I am just knowledgeable. I have facts, 34 years since we have won 8 games. We have beat Florida since then. So maybe you are just ignorant if you think 8 wins is reachable this year.

    1. cats646 says:

      That may be the dumbest statement you have ever made. Then again thirteen year olds say a lot of stupid things. And it’s not very hard to google when the last time we won 8 games were. That’s not having facts.

  9. So because the information is on google makes it not a fact? That means there is not a single fact in this world. Are you retarded? You sound like it.

  10. I honestly feel bad for you right now. You sound like a complete idiot.

    1. cats646 says:

      Don’t feel bad. I’m livin pretty good. And I didn’t say it wasn’t a fact I said you don’t have facts. There’s a difference. Again you’ve clearly shown you ignorance. I hope you can amount to something and finally come out of your mothers basement one day. But I doubt it.

    2. I’m assuming you don’t have anything. People who brag usually don’t have much. So not having facts is based on if you google it or not? You’re a idiot. Complete waste of sperm.

  11. cats646 says:

    Assume what you want kid but just don’t come at me acting like you know about football. Especially a program you obviously don’t cheer for

    1. I’m gonna go out on a limb here. You probably never played or sucked if you did. I obviously know a lot more than you do lol. It’s not a fact cause you googled it LFMAO stfu

  12. notFromhere says:

    7-11 wins. All depends on development, attrition, and health of the team

  13. notFromhere says:

    You can tell the dude is not a UK fan when he doesn’t know the last time UK football had 8 wins. Either that or hes just not reached any level of maturity since he wasnt alive 10 years ago

    1. I told you when they last won 8 games in a regular season. It was 1984. Good try 7-11 wins is hilarious we have 4 sure loses on our schedule

    2. cats646 says:

      It’s obvious he’s a troll. He said he knows a lot more than us. Haha

    3. It’s obvious you are two idiots. 7-11 wins? Are you out of your mind.

  14. cats646 says:

    Why is 7-11 wins so hard to achieve?

    1. cats646 says:

      And use some of those facts that are swarming around inside your head to answer me.

    2. So you’re telling me we beat Flordia,Texas a and m, Louisville, Tennessee, Missouri and only lose to Georgia to get your 11 wins? We have for sure 4 loses. We will also lose to 2 other teams they we could possibly beat if we play our best and they are off. Like I said 6-6 8 wins is absolutely best case ever scenario.

  15. cats646 says:

    First off I said 7 to 11. Second off there are 0 for sure losses. That’s why you play the game. And third but not least, you used 0 facts. What a shocker.

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