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Article written by Drew Franklin

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49 responses to “Takeaways, Overreactions And Complaints From This Sad Kentucky Fan”

  1. bluecrowe

    There is simply no way UK should have lost this game! I am still stunned. This should not have happened. Sawyer looked okay but he is the reason we lost. He had three turnovers, so I am not sure if this is the right time to declare us safe in his hands. This is the game that mattered. The rest of them will either be not worth playing or we will get crushed. This was the game against an SEC top ten team which was winnable. Very sad.

    1. JASUN74

      Dude that’s ignorant! He wasn’t the reason we lost the game. Not one player was the reason we lost the damn game. Just jump off the train and see ya!! Bdidbemxhcbdkxhdnlajebekxnsn!!! Yeah, you know what I mean!! Assnuts!!!

    2. makeitstop

      I thought he was just ok. Did a lot right but 2 of the INTs were horrid. One cost us at least 6 points, the other was a momentum killer. It wasn’t a steep drop-off… But, I agree it’s a little premature to say we are “fine” … we shouldn’t throw in the towel perhaps but “fine” is more optimistic than I can muster.

    3. dave1964

      OUT coached…when you play to lose in the forth quarter guess what you lose.

    4. UKiyaoyas

      No player on that field is to blame for the loss. The coaches on the side line lost it for us. Florida gift wrapped this W for us and we did everything possible to throw it away and it worked. Play not to lose, run a dumb play on 4th down, don’t send the house on a blitz every play to a new QB. Dan Mullen took a back up and torched our D. Good coaching prevails.

  2. Ridge Runner

    So disappointed to see this type of loss yet again.

    1. JPhelps

      Ridge… Why??? Did you think we were past it? As long as Eddie Gran roams the sidelines, we have the ability to go full regression.

  3. wadmalawcat

    Complete meltdown from the coaching staff from the start of the fourth quarter on. With that said, gotta hit that FG if you’re a Division 1 kicker, so highly ranked out of HS. Season not over, regroup, beat Miss. St. GO CATS

  4. Lip Man 1

    And… can write down another game in the lllooonnnggg history of Kentucky football where they snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

  5. Thetruthshallsetbennyfree

    Please act like you know who is the head coach of this team. Unless Gran gets a promotion the conservative plays are not on him.

    1. runningunnin.454

      You win a cookie; we’ve seen it too many times.

  6. makeitstop

    4 turnovers. Missed chip shot FG. Turnover on downs w a predictable play – 2 in a row – to ur worst back bc he has seniority. U tell me who u can beat w 4 turnovers. But had we not had the atrocious targeting call and the missed holds (plus the missed target on Smith on the slide or do those only go one way?) we still would’ve won. Taking ur foot off the gas is ok if u use ur best back to grind out first downs… but AJ can’t do that. Rodriguez is still in the doghouse for fumbling I guess, but he’s not alone, and if anyone can get a yard on 3rd and one, it’s him. Just some really dumb calls and plenty of blame to go around. I assume the hangover will cost them the next 2 games as well.

  7. ky1988

    Only if officials done their job. But at least UF fans should be happy UK took their horrible QB out

  8. tgoff

    This is the typical loss that we should have won that we are used to. We have coaches who would rather play not to lose than to play to win. Same crap different year! You at the very least try to score a touchdown not run the clock out and put the win on a redshirt freshman kicker! These players deserve better but they can only run the plays they’re told to run! Sickening!

    1. runningunnin.454

      True. Too much pressure on that young man; you could see it in his face.

    2. ClutchCargo

      Quite honestly, my gut reaction was that we should go for the first down. Even if he makes it, there was too much time left on the clock.

    3. DirtyDave

      What 454 said!!! You could read the fear on his face on the sideline while prepping for the kick! The wife even commented on that. Was obvious he didn’t want that challenge

  9. BlueBanker18

    There were a number of things we should’ve done differently, but man this targeting shit is getting out of control.

  10. JPhelps

    When people wanted rid of Gran last season, and KSR tried to convince us we didn’t, THIS is why… He coaches not to lose. And losses it’s what that brings you.

    1. 4everUKblue

      Weird, I didn’t see you posting this kind of comment last season.

    2. KYCat4EVER

      SPOT ON JPhelps…
      Gran gets far too conservative… when he needs to attack! It’s a lot like Calipari in that vein!

      As for the small contingency, and they are small, who live on KSR strictly to make “unsportsmanlike comments” about others…just enjoy their comedic stupidity. ?

      These are experts who know little about little… because their sports playing ended when they were little…

      Keep posting JPhelps…

      GO BIG BLUE!

  11. CatsfaninFL

    Ok i’ll take the complete opposite approach. Last night we 1) played a top 10 team 2) with our backup QBs first start and only a few wks in the system. We 3) lost multiple DBs for a variety of reasons in our thinnest and most inexperienced position group. We 4) had some costly turnovers. We 5) had some questionable play calls in the final few drives, but otherwiss had a well called and executed game. We lost some horrible 50/50 calls and no calls not go our way. Literally a smorgasbord of WTF and we still should have won. That gives me hope for the season. Hopefully our coaching staff learned this is NOT like last year where we can grind out wins. Short passes that work all night are just as good as runs. We got this.

    1. DirtyDave

      I like your take!!! All true, however I would add some coaching decisions were baffling! AJ had a rough game the whole night outside of one or two runs! Never call me coach!!!! But I’m going with smoke or L Bowden to get the”2” yards needed to extend those critical late drives

  12. BluKudzu

    The bottom line….we were exposed for what we obviously are; pretty good against MAC teams, but in the SEC, back to the bottom.

    At least we do not need to make reservations to be in Atlanta when the SEC championship will be decided.

    The smoke has cleared, and the mirror reflects an ugly image.

    We have no defense. We lost to an average Florida team, at home, and were out played and out coached, on both sides of the ball.

    Our offense, will need to score on every possesion just to be in the game. Our defense is always out of position or in the wrong sets. I think we have proven, on many occasions, the non-cover two will not work in the SEC, especially against Florida. Please after many years, you would think our millionaire coaches could fix that. Little league coaches can, they get no pay.

    It will be a very long season when you have to rely on a a kicker that can’t hit one from 35 yds out, at any angle. The Poore guy should take up fishing, but I am sure his lure would get hung up from casting in the wrong direction.

    However we do have something to be happy about, just as Spurrior pointed out years ago; we got a punter. Best part of our game.

    Predition for the SEC; if we play not to lose with our offense, as we seem to always do, maybe 2 wins. For Louisville….we will lose.

    We showed everyone how bad this team is last night. We are back to battling Vandy for the bottom. We have neither the players or coaches to be competitive this year.

    But man can we recruit, except of course for kickers, cornerbacks, safeties, QBs, and others.

    Those that blame the fans are as delusional as the fans, like me, that bought into the hype.

    Reality is a bîtch, and she bites.

  13. StillBP

    Lol yall still crying today? We lost a game we weren’t supposed to win. Boo hoo. Sure, it sucks. But damn some of yall need to seek therapy for the butthurt.

    1. Bluehender

      Good call BP..

  14. Le Docteur

    Lynn Bowden running the Wildcat is a terrible idea. He is too physically weak. The Wildcat is good usually for a few yards but you need a skilled RB to do it. Bowden doesn’t like contact. (Of course, neither does Rose).

    1. mcp157

      Let’s just hope we ditch the Wildcat, or at least use it way less. Snell’s effectiveness with it had been escalating for a season. Too, damn predictable!

    2. mcp157

      Diminishing, not escalating.

  15. ky1988

    SEC Officials who worked the game last night needs to suspend. If targeting on Carter wasn’t not called uk wins easy. Now uk is without him for an half because he made a football play. Mitch and Stoops need to be on phone with the SEC head office because carter got screwed and Kentucky by the officials. Make football great gain by letting them hit.

  16. makeitstop

    When ur only experiences safeties are out for the season or tossed on bad calls, when ur line is depleted bc I guy gets hurt warming up (?) and another one gets tossed in a travesty of a bad officiating, ur really not going to slow anyone up. That stuff we can’t control. We outplayed Florida until the 4th quarter and then Lucy moved the ball on us, again. Stoops and Gran didn’t miss the FG (though we SHOULD hv centered it in the field if that was the plan). Smith played just as I would expect – good enough to win except for two total bonehead throws but that’s how u lose against teams in the SEC, we are proficient at that. We could’ve survived the second one if he hadn’t made the first. The play calling was generally fine but the damn wildcat without a guy who can run it is the ugliest most predictable doomed to failure play there is . THAT is on the coaches. Chris Rodriguez can get u a yard… if he can hang on. If we have a yard, and a badass line WHY ARE WE IN A SHOTGUN AT ALL? That TD from under center w a good old fashioned QB sneak was all we needed to move the chains. But frankly w a poore kicking game I’m not sure it makes much difference. We just aren’t good enough and deep enough to beat UF and make dumb mistakes and 4 turnovers, snaps that weren’t called for and hit the QB in the chest and the aforementioned mental lapses and bad calls are the difference in beating a top 10 team and losing like are used to. My prediction: this is a two game hangover and the beginning of the end, back to hoping for the Belk Bowl. Hope I’m wrong.

    1. ky1988

      If officials did there job correctly Kentucky wins. The targeting on Carter handed them the game on sliver plater.

  17. kjd

    I’ve seen no comments, questions about Smith’s right hand. He obviously injured it on the the TD saving tackle after his first INT. It looked to me like it bothered him the rest of the game, affected his play and outcome of the game.
    I’m putting my money on Smoke on 4th and one whether wildcat or hand off. Rose is not our best back and not a short yardage back. Blame goes on the coach.
    Jumbotron showed a great shot of Chance Poore when he took the field for the go ahead FG. The look in his eyes foreshadowed the miss. He was so tight you couldn’t have drove a ten penny nail up his tail end.

    1. ky1988

      It’s on the SEC Officials for the loss. Targeting is made up bs. It’s call a football play. It flipped the game

  18. sp

    There’s never been free money like Florida +4.5 at the beginning of the 4th quarter.


    Typical Stoops. We are winning so let’s play “not to lose” instead of playing to win. 2015-2017 all over again.

  20. Adam

    A lot of good points Drew. Any one of a dozen things go a little different and we win, despite all the bad luck, bad calls and self-inflicted wounds. My prayer at church this morning will be to never see the wildcat formation again.

    Smoke needs to be the RB1, he’s just better. He almost broke a 90 yard TD run,…dude needs more touches. Wagner needs more targets. Smith will get even better on his decision making.

    Eddie Gran will continue to break our collective hearts, it’s just who he is. I love what Stoops has done for our program, and I know Gran tells him it’s about metrics and playing percentages, but Stoops has to tell him to keep running plays to move the chains and score. Gran is taking years off of my life!

    Why does Florida get away with holding every game? Following that amazing punt to the 4 yard line by Duffy. They throw on 1st down and their RG holds in the end zone with that official looking right at it. That’s a Safety! Based on what I saw last night, they would’ve called that on us in a heartbeat.

    Once again, we have a loss after playing Florida and feeling like we were the better team.

    1. mcp157

      A ton of holding, on Florida, was not called!

  21. FunkyMonkey

    If it wasn’t for Austin MacGinnis, Stoops would not even still be Coach here. You would think he would learn KICKERS MATTER.

  22. johnnycat

    Could have been 21-7, 21-3 at half. Then REALLY put the hammer down in the second half and give somebody a REAL a$$ kicking!!!! Why can’t we DESTROY a team instead of winning by a score or two, or “playing not to lose”?????? WTH???!!!!! When you put the ball in the end zone, it make the crappy calls and the bad missed calls more tolerable and manageable.

  23. johnnycat

    And at home, w a rowdy and excited packed crowd, shoulda been a big W for us….

  24. Hot Stuff Eddie Gilbert

    While we did make our share of mistakes, we win the game going away if Franks isn’t knocked out of the game. He is a terrible QB and obviously wasn’t the best QB on their roster.

  25. VMI1957

    UK will wind up at best 4-8 for the season. Secondary sucks, defensive line and linebackers can’t stop the run, kicker doesn’t know how to make a field goal, quarterback throws interceptions…..geeze this Kentucky team is horrid!!!

  26. TBW3011

    We were never upsetting them. They “upset” us. This was a bad loss. I don’t care what their name is, they are mediocre.

  27. just a guy

    Eddie gran and mark stoops went conservative late in the game with the lead???? You don’t say.

  28. Bluehender

    Agree on all points Drew..

  29. Cat68

    Stoops keeps calling it ‘situational football’ and he’s 100% correct! Keep coaching and calling plays like this and you’ll be situated at the bottom of the SEC! Come on coach – let these guys go out and win a game!!!

  30. bluecorvettecat

    Our team deserved to win but Stoops always plays to not lose
    End of first half and start of second half game plan changed to conservative hold on –
    Enjoy your $500K raise Stoops- you continue to sucker punch the BBN

  31. mcp157

    Each bullet point of this post is correct!