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Stoops on criticism over bowl rings: “I really don’t give a crap what anybody else says”



Earlier this week, Kentucky football players received bowl rings even though they didn’t win the TaxSlayer Bowl, a move which has drawn some heat online. I’ve already gone over why the players getting rings is completely normal, but Mark Stoops put it best in an interview on “Full Ride,” a show on Sirius XM College Sports this morning.

“Our players — we have bowl games and we have money allotted to bowl games so they can get what they want,” Stoops said. “I could care less what they get. They want a ring? We’ll get a ring. They want a t-shirt, we’ll get a t-shirt. They want a sweatsuit? We’ll get that. That’s for those guys to decide. So, I really don’t give a crap what anybody else says.

YEAH. SASSY STOOPS. Hear the clip for yourself below:

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28 responses to “Stoops on criticism over bowl rings: “I really don’t give a crap what anybody else says””

  1. Booby Petrino

    Great response! Get em Stoops! (other than I’m pretty sure he meant ‘couldn’t’ care less)

    1. Sentient Third Eye

      It’s amazing how many otherwise-intelligent people make that same mistake. It’s a pet peeve of mine.

    2. Realme
    3. jzoneblue

      it is the same for all intensive purposes. but that is a mute point.

  2. runningunnin.454


  3. catsarerunnin

    RingGate continues….yawn.

  4. RackEmWillie

    I think this might be the most I’ve liked Stoops.

  5. DrSayre

    TJ Beinser made a good point on some radio show the other day. He basically said he wasnt crazy about the rings, but it’s pretty much the only way you can really reward the players. It would be better if they could just give them like $500 for a good season instead, but that’s against the rules and this is the best they can do.

  6. kykats

    Gogettem STOOPS. Kids had a breakthrough year. Deserve the rings. Glad to learn they got to choose their reward.

  7. david8577


  8. 2Dogs

    They should have made the ring bigger and inscribed “You don’t like it? I really don’t give a crap”.

  9. krautdog

    We really don’t give a crap what Stoops says either!

    1. DACats86

      We? Got a mouse in your pocket?

    2. krautdog

      BRING IT Luether!

    3. Brian in Franklin

      This we does. I like the guy. How bout doing what momma said if you dont have anything nice to say shut yer mouth.

  10. claiborne_field

    Regardless of the rings, that sounds like something a meathead coordinator in a side interview would say- not the head coach of a division 1 team in a power conference…

  11. TonyMontana

    Lets be honest though, getting a ring for a game you didnt win sounds like something Indiana would do.

    1. UKrailbird

      If your son were a senior on the team and received a ring, would you ask him to not accept it or return it? If no, then STFU!!

    2. blackmilk23

      Just because I would let me son keep it doesn’t mean she should have got it…

      They were 1 game over .500 and lost their postseason game.

  12. Ridge Runner

    Love stoops standing his ground here. However rings are still bad idea.

  13. GroundControlToNumber9

    “These kids want something that represents what a champion should get but aren’t champions… we’ll get them a participation ring.

    We have let go of teaching young folks what it means to achieve to the higher level.

    4-4 in the conference, we only beat one team with a winning record, and finished unranked (not even in the top 45) at the end of the season… and this school allots money for extra’s. You think I’m going to complain about that.

    It just means my job has been defined as good enough (easier than it should be) by my boss. That’s their decision. They keep selling that to the fans (and if they fans keep buying it) then I keep selling that to the fans.”

    – Mark Stoops

  14. AmazzzingLarry

    I still think these rings are stupid. On the other hand, I can see that Coach Stoops wants to make his players happy and reward them for a hard fought season. Still don’t agree with participation trophies, but if this is something you get bent out of shape over, you might want to get some perspective on your life.

  15. DennyC

    ^^^^^^^^^ Well Said.

  16. Big DAWG Loggin

    I wanted to post this before. Innumerable times. Tyler, your work product is splendid. What’s painfully profound is the disparity of responses. I Love this site. And, your work. My 2 cents: Add a thumbs down.
    And a threshold to delete. Many comments need a thumbs up; but some need a thumbs down. When you add that functionality, feel frre to thumbs down my comments. Thanks for what you do. Go Cats!

    1. Bill the Cat


    2. catsarerunnin

      Dawgs don’t have thumbs…

  17. UK Fan In Nashville

    We got bowl rings every year under Brooks and Phillips. I have three bowl rings for my time soon coaching video and two of them were losses.

    1. UK Fan In Nashville

      Doing* not soon.