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Stoops Not Impressed

Just like what McKayla thought about USA gymnastics, Stoops is not impressed with UK football.

Just like what McKayla thought about USA gymnastics, Stoops is not impressed with UK football.

Kentucky football Coach Mark Stoops was visibly upset all throughout the Missouri game yesterday, pacing the sidelines and verbally abusing those poor refs. At one point, he even called a timeout not to talk to the Wildcats, but just to have some extra time to let the ref know what he was feeling. This frustration and anger continued into the post game presser where Stoops commented on the mismatch of talent, if he broke something in the locker room or not, and what the determining factor to win in the SEC is.

Opening Statement

STOOPS:  Tough day for us out there today.  Very tough match‑up.  Give Missouri credit; they beat us in all three phases of the game.  It’s a very good football team.  It was very tough for us to match up. Defensively I thought we had some decent stops.  We had an opportunity on several others and they made the play on 3rd down, we didn’t. Offensively we did good things at times.  We didn’t do it at the right moments.  I think early on it would have been nice to move it a little bit better there when we had good field position after we were up three and got the turnover.  I thought that possession hurt.  We need to do a better job in that situation. But overall very tough night.  Give them credit; they outplayed us in all areas, and we need to improve.

On his frustration throughout the game

STOOPS: It is, it’s frustrating.  I’ve got to do a better job.  That’s it.  It is what it is.  It’s a tough situation.  I’m trying to fight and claw and help lead this team as best I can.  It is frustrating at times, but we all need to do a better job, and we need to overcome adversity.  There’s going to be bad plays, there’s going to be adversity, and we’ve all got to handle it better.

On Sanders’ fumble being an example of execution issues

STOOPS: We’re not making the play.  I thought Neal (Brown) was set up perfectly.  We had some runs off that same action.  We had a nice beautiful play action pass set up.  We get it out to the 40 after we had just moved it.  He’s got to hold onto the ball.  That’s it.

On if Missouri’s growth this past season gives you hope for the future

STOOPS: Yeah, I think so.  I know guys are working hard and doing the right things.  We need to do things better in all areas.  I always take responsibility.  It starts with myself and the coaching staff, and on to the players, we all need to do better.

On what UK needs the most to win in the SEC

STOOPS:  Well, I think there’s so many areas that we need to improve.  I think that’s our focus is really improving in all areas.  I mean, we need play‑making ability, we need big, physical guys, we need a lot of things.  We need linebackers.  You’ve got to have a secondary.  The match‑ups are so difficult, you play a team like this that spreads you out all over the place with extremely talented wide receivers, and then you go play.  We had to play Alabama and all the rest and on the road next year at LSU and then you’ve got to be physical as heck, so you need a lot of bodies.  You need a lot of good players and you need some guys that are versatile.

On keeping frustration from boiling over after so many losses

STOOPS: Yeah, it’s hard, but you’ve just got to go back to work, and you’ve got to stick to what I preach all the time, and that’s getting better.  I’ve got to get these guys up.  We’ve got to get them mentally prepared to practice on Monday and to prepare, and to go out there and compete and try to win a game.  That’s what I’m going to do.  I’m going to go back to work and stick to the things that I feel are necessary to help build this program.  I may get frustrated, but I’m not discouraged.


Article written by Wilder Treadway

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28 responses to “Stoops Not Impressed”

  1. rainman

    I coudn’t agree more, I’m not impressed either!


  2. rainman

    HOWEVER!! lol

  3. DB11

    We don’t have the talent to compete. It’s that simple.

  4. ukrazy

    How mad do u think this pic of Stoops will make him?

  5. thankGODforBASKETBALL

    Thank you lord, for basketball season finally being here.

  6. schwing

    she is so hot to me.

  7. niaps

    Till he rids UK of the joker rejects we lose and that includes Whitlow. Not a quarterback and I will never back off that. We lose remainder of games in big fashion wait and see. THANK YOU AGAIN JOKER AZZ HOLE!!

  8. Henegg

    I still don’t understand why Phillips does not at least get a shot. It’s not like we need to RS him. He had to be a better passer than Whitlow.

  9. SevenT

    I don’t think Stoops understood the complete lack of SEC talent and depth on this Kentucky Team until he arrived in Lexington.

    One thing is certain this program needs major surgery not a band-aid. I just hope the players stick together and concentrate on building for next year.

  10. DNKY

    Folks!! This is a BASKETBALL SCHOOL. Don’ lose seep over football.

  11. Jim

    We had a chance to get Petrino and Barney says no, so we deserve to suck. He will end up at Florida, just watch ………….

  12. JJ

    Stoops not having any head coaching experience has shown through this season. Some coordinators can successfully make the jump and some need at least a year or two of head coaching experience at mid-major division I schools before coaching in a major conference. Stoops is the latter case. He was ready to be a head coach, but not in a major conference and certainly not at the worse football program in the SEC. He was setup to fail and will struggle a few years until he learns. Neil Brown has been horrible, his play calling just atrocious. He should be fired.

    1. CATandMONKEY

      JFC. How many articles are you going to cut and paste this comment on?
      Once was MORE than enough. Thanks for your incredibly astute football analysis. (sarcasm off)

    2. Alexis

      I hope he/she posts it another hundred times. It is true and needs to be said.

    3. Alexis

      Agreed. Stoops & Brown have looked like amateurs. Sad to say…

  13. Chuck

    I believe the game could have easily been closer than 31 points. The Missouri back that hit the pylon for their 4th td obviously didn’t have the ball in his hands when it hit the pylon and that would have made it a touchback, UK’s possession. If Sanders would have held on to that ball on the long pass and run could have led to another td. The two possessions in the second half that led to touchdowns were as good as any this year. One thing these coaches have instilled into this team is to fight hard the whole game. They remind me of some of Jerry Claiborne’s early teams. Be patient, more help is on the way next year and hopefully the year after. I agree with most people about the poor student attendance. Take away some of those sections and sell them to the public. Stoops is doing the best he can with the talent and the schedule he has had to face.

  14. Bonkrshr

    This will be a process… It isn’t like basketball where one Julius Randle recruit makes you an instantaneous contender…
    Even with drew barker caliber qb, You have to have a line capable of blocking the front four…
    If not, barker will not be able to get it done…
    You have to have athletic corners jam receivers on the line… Otherwise they pass all day…
    You have to have a defensive front that can control the LOS… And then linebackers that can clean up the leftovers…
    And then the playmakers… Which I left for last bc if your line struggles and you can’t stop anybody… Won’t matter because your qb is picking grass out of his helmet all day…
    UK football as a legitimate contender will take minimum 4-5 years… And lots of “tears” in between.

  15. mudcreekmark

    You all edit all of my posts and not let me post and then you let a bunch of trolls get on here and make our football fans look like idiots. The trash that people wrote on here yesterday after the game does not need to be on a “fan” web site. Recruits read this and what do they think of all the negative talk about our coaches and players? Yet you won’t let a real fan express his support?

  16. Bunny

    At least we’ve got the basketball cats…

  17. Wild bill

    After every game you keep saying you have to do a better job, then after the next game you say I have to do a better job. I was one of the 500 fans left in the stands with 10 minutes left in the game. Your student section was 25 percent full at the beginning of the game. Most left at halftime.

    Why, because your football is flat out boring. The fans are now staying home. The upper decke were sparse, about 1/3 full. Your product you contine to put on the field s””ks. Your DBs, WRs, linebackers and offensive line is simply not good. You say you have to do a better job coaching. You elected to totally bury guys not giving them even a chance to see action while your DBs get burned every series and your wide receivers play the entire game with 0 catches, your lineman are beat every play, your linebackers and safeties get creamed.

    It was 48 to 17. You had 4th and 12 from the 50 and you punted with 6 minutes left in the game. You threw in the towel. If you truly want to do better, quit playing only your freshman who aren’t getting it done. You saw your lack of students and fans in the stands yesterday. Win some games instead of only worrying about renewing your contract in 2 years.

    I Agee you need to do a better job. How about doing it this week, instead of saying next again next week after you lose 50-0, that you have to do a better job.

  18. MC from Tiline

    I agree with 15. This site lets every hack post negative and vulgar filth with np. But let a true fan try to post a positive comment and you get moderated. Why is this happening? Just like in all media, good news is boring?

  19. Reality

    I’m frustrated and discouraged. I wish we’d leave the SEC and go to the ACC. Imagine that basketball schedule. It would be phenomenal. And we could actually compete in football. Even when we had a good coach and talent we only won 6 games and a mediocre bowl. I’m convinced a gypsy put a curse on the football program. I’ve never seen a team snatch defeat from the jaws of victory so often.
    Meanwhile Vanderbilt throttles Florida at Florida and beat top 15 Georgia and sit at 5-4. About to be 6-4 next Saturday when they throttle us. Making them bowl eligible with 2 games left. There should be no reason we can’t win in the SEC. But something is always there preventing it from happening. And I don’t see it changing. We may get back to 6 game bowl seasons but that will be our cap.

  20. JohnW

    Because the Powers that Be in the UK Administration at this Basketball Only School would never allow their basketball team to actually have to try and Compete in a Conference that plays Basketball. If they had ever played in a Bball Conference UK would not have been the first to 2000 Wins…Have numerous Conf Championships and Tournament Conference Titles like they do….Those with the money that run such schools got what they always wanted to win at one sport and UK chose Basketball…..and I should say Men’s basketball because it took them forever to support women’s basketball as well….Kentucky being 6-8 Hrs or less from Cities like Nashville, Cincy, Memphis, Atlanta, Chicago, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, Columbus, St Louis and Washington DC…just to name a few…should never have had a Recruiting disadvantage in any sport…… Which leads you back to Kentucky is what the Old Lexington Money wanted it to be the Horse Capitol of the World and just men’s basketball….

  21. Brown is killing this team

    Piss poor offensive play calling in the 4th quarter by not even throwing the ball. Just giving up. I don’t see UK winning an SEC game this year because of Brown’s play calling and how he uses the qbs. Come next year if UK doesn’t run the air raid then I see major backlash coming from the fan base. I don’t care what the talent level is, you have 2 qbs on the bench that can throw the ball just fine. I am tired of Brown and this fake ass offense.

  22. Logical Thinker

    Even Jared Lorenzen put up big stats back in his day against SEC teams. They didn’t win many games but they did put up the stats. He could throw the ball far but never had any other attributes but still an offensive linemen was playing qb putting up big numbers in SEC play.

  23. Dan

    I agree that our offensive play calling sucks, but I think it’s the best we can do right now. I believe that Brown has every intention of running the air raid, but when you don’t have guys who can pass or catch effectively, how do you do that? Once Barker, Snodgrass, Bone, Baker, Williams etc. get here and get some experience, we should be ok. Every problem that we have right now boils right down to a low level of talent. Stoops’ defensive playbook is proven and Brown’s offensive one is as well, as Stoops took FSU’s D from one of the worst to 2nd in just a couple of years, and Brown produced one of the best passing offenses in college football as well. We just don’t have the guys to pull it off on the field… yet.

  24. clancyhat

    Who are you people ?????

  25. Captain Obvious

    Jokers stars kill us again…first of all, Sanders is fumble prone and falls down after getting one finger laid on him, always has. How Aumiller is better than Tyler Robinson, Ill never know, but that veteran player killed a couple of drives on his own. Ill be glad when some of these guys graduate, cuz Sanders for one has way better players behind him…due to him, George’s talent has been wasted…