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Stoops Not a Fan of the Sugarcoat

One of the biggest problems that fans had with former head coach Joker Phillips, apart from his lack of producing a winning football team, was the way he expertly sugarcoated the problems that Kentucky football dealt with game in and game out. Instead of simply stating the facts acknowledging what UK was floundering at so they could improve, Coach Phillips gave the media lines like “we didn’t take advantage of our time on the field” or “our guys were confused”. This season, Cats fans have been dealt the hard truth. Mark Stoops is not afraid to tell it like it is, or publicly take any blame he feels is necessary after poor performances from Kentucky.

I read time and time again in the comment section how for years Kentucky football fans have been fed the same lines over and over again: “just wait till next year”, “it’ll get better, we’re improving” and “you have to put up with the bad to appreciate the good”. Granted, I’m guilty of saying them as well but I’m with ya, I’m done with hearing and typing those lines just as much as you are. Stoops knows that it’s time to put up or shut up for Kentucky football, and granted he will get, and deserves, a grace period. Magic rarely happens in college football, especially in the SEC, but there’s no excuse for players just not playing up to their talent level or simply fighting till the end. One of the best quotes I read from last night was Stoops telling the press “I think we’re making progress, but I don’t think anybody cares. The record is what it is.”

Yes, it sucks to get trounced and out-gained by nearly 500 yards in a game. Yes, it sucks to be the doormat of the SEC…for now. But yes, we are getting better, and yes, Coach Stoops realizes this. The second half of this season will have a large influence on the attitude of the fans and the attitude that will surround this program in general during the off-season and going into next year. The Cats have a chance to make some real strides and not just take “moral victories” (another phrase I know you are tired of hearing). I think everyone can agree the energy and atmosphere around this program is different than what it has been, and it’s time to capitalize on that. Stoops made a promise last night that the Cats will “compete” in the latter portion of their schedule, and only time will tell if this is the truth. The gauntlet is over, and Kentucky can finally have some favorable match ups on the field.

Stoops’ public addressing of the real hard facts is just another reason to show he belongs in the SEC. You will never see Nick Saban or Les Miles sugarcoat anything. They are never pleased. They are never satisfied. They watch their practices and games and state the facts based on what needs to be done to get their teams to improve. Stoops and Co. agree this is not something they’re used to, and there is a distinct learning curve on how to handle this program, but they know this and are candid with the media about it. “Our production is unacceptable, and I’m obviously not used to it, but we will improve,” OC Neal Brown said after the game last night. Take it how you want, but at least it’s the truth.


Article written by Wilder Treadway

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19 responses to “Stoops Not a Fan of the Sugarcoat”

  1. hersheyisabear

    This is what we get with the Joker leftovers. There can be some conversation on play calling but we just have to deal with what we got. It is only temporary. (hopefully)

  2. Joe

    Whatever, so Petrino is 4-2, yes better than 1-4, but let’s see; has he played Florida, UoL, South Carolina, and Alabama, back-to-back-to-back? So you’re saying Petrino would have beaten Bridgewater, Muschamp, Connor Shaw, AJ McCarron? Or broken even or what?

    Petrino is the most popular guy in town, the BACK-UP QB, or in this case Coach…after all he has a perfect record in our schedule.

  3. SugarCoat

    we want UK basketball news!!!!!

  4. Paul

    Sugarcoat go to top left tab there is your basketball news. Joe your post made no sense Petrino was not going to be the coach at UK or any other SEC school he has burned too many bridges. He is where he needs to be humbled and. Coach Stoops and Neil Brown and the rest of the coaches on this team have been on winning teams and the know how to win, they will get this turned around and all of you bandwagon fans will be back on here praising just how good this team is.

  5. StaytheCourse

    Look, anyone that thought this team would put up 30+ a game, compete with Florida, Bama, or South Carolina are not dealing with reality.
    We do NOT have the players yet, give Stoops and Co. a few more years to get some talent on the team and some depth behind them. Everyone wanted Joker and his staff gone, I was one of them, and I understand this season and probably next season will be tough only because the lack of talent on the team.
    Keep the faith, we ARE getting better.

  6. Matt Jones

    I will tell you guys what to think tomorrow.

  7. hoosier wild cat

    Relax. Stoops will bring us a winning team in two more years. Don’t panic. Pre season I said two wins. Next year four maybe five wins. Then we get seven. maybe even eight. Write it down!!!!

  8. Reality check

    Hey number 1. The majority of the players stinking it up on the field weren’t Jokers leftovers. They were new recruits.Look at the offensive put out and the defensive yardage given up for the game. Joker’s guys got in the game with a minute left. Big time players make big time plays. There were none last night.

  9. goUKats

    UK has no where near the type of players needed to compete in the SEC.
    Stoops has gotto be asking himself,”Why did I take this job?”

  10. Coach Stoops

    I don’t like to sugarcoat. But I enjoy sugar. Look at my big belly.

  11. theSkinny81

    The UofLoL fans are really getting it in while they can. They know that their time is running out.


    Please UK fans I know that we all want to win so bad!! but it is going to take at least 2 classes of players before we can play with the elite teams in the sec we have the wright coach to take us there just give him time to do it football is so different than basketball you can bring in one good class in hoops and everything is good but football it just takes longer so just give him time and he will get us there it took coach brooks about 4 classes and look what he did for us we had a lot of fun with those kids and I think coach stoops can do even better than coach brooks did so let’s just give him are support and show him what great fans we are and in the end it will be worth it and we will be going to bowl games and haveing a great time because we all know that we are the greatest fan in the country so let’s just give him time and win with class and lose with class

  13. Why do UK fans worry about UL so much???!!!

    ^Ul fans getting it while they can??? They seem to be going to BCS Bowl games here lately and should be going again this year… Not sure why UK fans are so concerned about how Jurich has built a JUGGERNAUGHT SPORTS PROGRAM 70 miles west . . Why do UK fans think it’s going to stop???… Has UK EVER been to a BCS Bowl game??? Has UK EVER been to the College World Series? ARE THEY REIGNING NCAA BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS??? I think UK FANS better worry about trying to beat WKU and Roberta Morris first and not worry about Louisville so much . . .

  14. Wildcatsteeler

    The bad part of the second half of the season is the teams we have a chance to beat are all road games. Miss St. and Vanderbilt. Mizzou is way better than I’d hoped so that’s a loss at home. At Georgia is a loss. The Vols at home but they throttled WKU who throttled us. I still only see 2 wins for the season.


    Face it folks, UK is a ONE SPORT COLLEGE TOWN.. IT’S HOOPS period…

    -UK fan support SUCKS (can’t sellout a beautiful night home game vs #1 Alabama???)
    -Recruits don’t want to play for a lif-long bottom-dweller whose “goal” is to play in the Music City Bowl!!
    -Commonwealth Stadium is a joke! (and they are putting lipstick on a pig soon!!!) <pitiful

    BULLDOZE COMMONWEALTH! Build practice basketball courts!!!

  16. theSkinny81

    13 -HAHAHAHAHAHA! And yet…………. here you are. Reading the COMMENTS of a random article, nonetheless. SMH

    UK has a National Championship in football, believe it or not. UL – 0

    UL beating UF biggest UPSET in Bowl history.

    Teddy Bridgewater leaves, UL sucks. Not that they’re world-beaters now.

    BCS loss will shut you up.

    UL moves to ACC, not big fish in little pond anymore.

    UK still leads UL in FB head-to-head.

    UK has more than twice the BB NC’s that UL does. Soon to be 3 times more.

    UK will destroy UL this year in basketball.

    Duke and UNC will smack you in basketball for years to come.

    Any more basketball de-commitments from the “Juggernaut” lately?

    Calipari won it first – 2012. 9 years faster than Fifteeno.

    Thanks for visiting. I sometimes visit the Inside Duh-Ville website…. for a good laugh.


    To # 13 I think you need to study what you mouth out of your pie hole outside of football head to head we have better record in women volleyball women softball baseball basketball and men and women soccer the only reason you all have a better record in post season is because you all always win your confrence because it always sucks outside of basketball and the football thing and the bcs thing we all know why you guys get that to there is know way in the world the confrence you play in should get a bcs birth and you know it to but when you get to the ACC next year all of this so called juggernaught shit will come to and end because you all will be playing real D1 schools and that so called greatest ad in the world you have won,t look so great I bet when all your sport teams go to the ACC outside of basketball all the other teams will be at the middle of pack then you,ll find out how great that AD is lol!!!

  18. BlowingSmoke

    “I just feel so much better this year even with losing to WKU and UL while stomping a lowly MAC team. It sure beats last season when we lost to WKU and UL while stomping a lowly MAC team.

  19. Doo Doo Brown

    He sugarcoated the coaches doing a piss poor job in a post complainting about Joker sugarcoating bad things.

    The defensive players are consistently out of position, when guy catches a pass and there’s no one within 10 yqrds of him that’s a coverage issue.

    Giving up and running a draw on 3rd and 16 is a coaching issue. Bringing up Joker is the biggest sugarcoat ever.