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44 responses to “Stoops focused on Tennessee, not the Florida State job”

  1. gasman01

    Well, that answer doesn’t get it unless he’s wanting the job. An answer if I have no interest in the job would have stopped the rumors. He just threw gasoline on them.

    1. StillBP

      It would be foolish to not listen to an offer if they were to present him one. Even if he doesn’t want it, an offer would prob secure more money to stay. I’d rather him say this than “I’m not interested” and then he get an offer he feels he can’t refuse and bolt.

    2. tdub

      I agree

    3. satcheluk

      You agree with whom? There are two comments above yours saying basically opposite things.

    4. cats646


  2. mothandras

    He’s interested, they are possibly interested.. Stoops is going to be saying “Show me the Money!!!” to both parties for the rest of the year. The only good thing short term for us is that Stoops needs to finish the season strong and go to a bowl game to keep FSU’s interest peaked. If we go 6-6 and don’t go bowling I think FSU decides to look elsewhere.

    1. satcheluk

      FSU will have a coach hired long before we play a bow game.

  3. Ned T.

    A reasonable offer from FSU and he takes it.

    1. RackEmWillie

      Yeah, probably.

  4. Duuuuuude

    God bless him. We have been blessed to have him through this enormous rebuild process. He has done so in a way that has made us all proud, unlike the way it was done up I-64. We don’t want a coach that nobody else wants, so this is exactly what we should all want. I hope he stays. If he does, they will be building statues for him here some day.

  5. My Dixie Wrecked

    Why wouldn’t he be interested? FSU is a destination school, not a stepping stone school. If you can’t recruit at FSU, you have a problem. He would have repeated shots at the CFP there.

    1. uknowino

      So who is on Kentuckys short list ?

    2. My Dixie Wrecked

      Neal Brown? Some OC or DC somewhere? Let’s face it, UK would be looking at an OC or DC at a big program or existing Head Coach at a small program.

    3. bbn606

      I have no idea but P J Fleck is the hottest young coach out there.

    4. runningunnin.454

      We could steal another coach from Memphis; they’re 8-1.

    5. JASUN74

      Running, that’s exactly who I’d want if Stoops doesn’t want to be here anymore. I’d love to keep him though and we need to try hard to keep him at Kentucky. If we absolutely can’t hold on to him, I’d love to travel to Memphis and open u the check book. Lol

  6. mofocatfan

    I Saw Stoops at prism steakhouse at Jack Casino in Cincinnati Saturday night. Possible meeting with Florida State?

    1. CayutsBy90

      I saw the same and can confirm this

    2. mashburnfan1

      Or may have been having dinner? Was at High School game in Lex Fri night, may have gone to Cincy to see someone Saturday. We do recruit that area heavy, why do people try to start rumors?

    3. makeitstop

      Mash ur better than that, ur responding to the same person logged in as two people. Pathetic that is what passes for entertainment in their empty, meaningless life but it is what it is.

    4. mofocatfan

      You are a fool! And obviously have no idea what you are talking about!

  7. Rick_S

    He gone if they want him

    1. mashburnfan1

      People said same thing 2 years ago

  8. gasman01

    Wonder what he tells the recruits who are waiting to sign L.O.I’s??

  9. CombatMedic_98

    KSR are drama Queens…

    1. Jesus H. Chrysler

      Insert pic of QUEEN (Matt Jones) herself

  10. cats646

    This answer didn’t make me feel any better. I’ll throw up if he leaves! Best thing to happen to our school since Bear Bryant!
    Please stay coach Stoops!!

  11. bbn606

    That is exactly what every Coach says when they are interested in the job.

  12. maximumscott

    Remember Cal listened to UCLA…

  13. maximumscott

    If Stoops left Kentucky is in a much better position to get a good coach than before Stoops. Probably a DC or OC with significant experience on a big time program school

  14. cats646

    Mitch… open up that checkbook and pay this man whatever he wants to keep him here!

  15. az1006

    I don’t how strong Florida State’s interest would be in Stoops, at least initially…I think they’ll go after a couple of different names first, and if they miss, could get to Stoops on down the line. But, I honestly don’t think it’ll get to that point. I think we’ll ultimately see a press conference with Mitch and Stoops announcing a long-term extension sooner rather than later. Barnhart will go to bat to keep his guy, and I think he’ll ultimately stay.

    1. makeitstop

      Yea who have we lost that we wanted to keep since Mitch got here?

  16. lewisgr

    If Stoops should leave, throw a big number at Vince Marrow to take the head coaching job. He has as much experience as Stoops had before coming to UK, and is a great, great recruiter. He could probably keep several of the current assistants as well. The players would play their hearts out for him.

  17. TonyMontana

    Insert panic emoji

  18. livingood4UK

    I’m calling it now…Stoops stays

    1. cats646

      God I hope you’re right. I’m no joke worried sick over this.

  19. runningunnin.454

    Y’all can’t read between the lines; he’s holding out for an NFL gig.

  20. jaws2

    I am absolutely not a huge Stoops guy, but from what he inherited here and being in the SEC, he’s done a remarkable job. To think otherwise is just ridiculous. He’s not going to take a step back by inheriting another dumpster fire AND be in the ACC vs. the SEC. It’s just no going to happen.

    1. mashburnfan1

      FSU can be turned around much quicker that UK because of tradition and easier Conf. That said I don’t think he leaves for anywhere except OSU or NFL and no way an NFL team would want him at this point, maybe in a few years.

    2. cats646

      I’m curious why you’re not a huge Stoops guy if you think he’s done a remarkable job?

    3. jaws2

      Easy, because I think he’s given away a few games due to ineptness and lost games where we were definitely the better team. Florida, Vandy, and TN just as an example But, the turnaround he’s done with the program OVERALL has been remarkable. I don’t have to be happy with the style of play nor the staff in order to support UK football. I’ve done it for 50 years.

  21. UKCatAttack

    Unless he has a really good relationship with the FSU AD I don’t think he has a strong enough resume for FSU. FSU is looking to win championships. 7and even 10 win seasons aren’t going to cut it there. He hasn’t proven he can win at an elite level yet. Now if we make a CFP appearance in a couple of years or knock off a Georgia, LSU or Alabama all bets are off. So far we have fed on cupcakes and struggling SEC teams. Stoops has yet to beat one of the elite teams.

    1. makeitstop

      Ummmm they hired Willie Taggart? Jumbo left for a reason. And have u ever BEEN to Tallahassee? U can’t actually get there from anywhere in the state. Florida has a great recruiting base but just as an example, I live in Tampa and it takes me longer to get to Tallahassee than it does to NY, Philly, Houston or Chicago. There’s a couple crop dusters a day that fly in there. Not a problem for the coach on his jet but not exactly user friendly.