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Steve Spurrier believes in Mark Stoops


Yesterday, we found out that Mark Stoops and Steve Spurrier used to vacation at the beach together (remember that time Spurrier wrote “Florida State sucks!” on Stoops’ back with sunscreen? That crazy guy), and ever since Stoops took the job at UK, the old ball coach has had nothing but nice things to say about his friend.

That goodwill continued today during Spurrier’s comments to the media today when he said he believes Mark Stoops “will eventually do an excellent job there at Kentucky, but they have struggled a bit.”

Coming from Spurrier, that’s practically a love letter.

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13 responses to “Steve Spurrier believes in Mark Stoops”

  1. kentucky effect

    Of course he’s going to say that…DUH…Did anyone want Joker or Billy Clyde to leave? NO…..When a team isn’t winning the other coaches always say…. Quote: he will be fine, he’s the man for the job… My God don’t believe a word of Spurrier’s crap.

  2. TheBigToe

    That might be the nicest thing that ole prick has ever said about us. I bet it took every fiber of his being to say it with a straight face.

  3. TN Cat

    Hey Steve, does Dobyns-Bennett suck?

  4. fiber

    It’s unfortunate that he used every fiber of his being to say that. He’ll be irregular for weeks. Poor old man. Get him some Metamucil

  5. bill

    I don’t care…I love spurrier

  6. TN Cat

    Probably lucky he hasn’t pulled out the comment You can’t spell suck without UK.

  7. Take your meds

    1. KY effect- I’m not one to like much that comes out of the pricks mouth, but I think this is a pretty true statement. Stoops is making strides in the right direction and with a few more years of recruiting will have us being a consistent competitive team. Kind of a far stretch to compare Stoops to joker and bcg.

  8. kentucky effect

    @ 7…. I agree with you, not comparing Stoops to Joker or BCG other than when a coach is down the opposing coach has nothing but accolades for the other coach when they’re getting ready to play them.. Yeah, I think Spurrier may have been sincere on this one about Stoops but over all I don’t believe anything he has to say. But he is a hell of a good coach!

  9. jpg

    1, Spurrier has never been one to shy away from how he views UK football. No complements have come our way. He has a solid friendship with his brother Bob, so this is probably legit.

  10. Al/in/Indy

    Love Letter? Coming from Spurrier it kinda sounds like a marriage proposal.
    Was chatting with a few Uvel fans (I know I know ) in an Eric Crawford’s post about this season and I told them that the season’s going the way we all thought it would. And of course they were really blasting us how bad we suck and ect ect. I just told them until they get out of that “HOSTESS” conference they’re in they’ll always enjoy going undefeated. They win all their games but will NEVER play for the nation title. Now get this one dude said once they get in the ACC they’ll go undefeated there.
    After I cleaned my screen off because spitting my coffee all over it, I was laughing so hard I couldn’t even reply.

  11. Lee Lawrence

    He will run the score up on us as much as he can. He did it to Joker because he got beaten for the first time by us a few years ago.

  12. Jughead

    There is no SEC without Spurrier. He da man.

  13. barn

    can’t argue with his philosophy. he says “if you don’t want us to run up the score, then play better defense and stop us”.