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Stephen Johnson announces retirement from football

Breaking news: Stephen Johnson just announced his retirement from football on Kentucky Sports Radio. 

Johnson said he’s stepping away from the game because his body just can’t handle it anymore. After being injured in the Music City Bowl, Johnson said he’s about to have surgeries on both shoulders and his left knee.

“I am completely done with football,” Johnson said. “That is the big news. I really don’t have the fire or desire or drive to keep on playing it. To have these surgeries on top of it, it would shut my body down.”

Johnson said he’s still upset how his career ended, specifically the late hit that wasn’t called vs. Northwestern, which forced him to leave the game.

“I was pissed,” Stephen said of the no-call. “I was definitely ticked off, just because I knew I didn’t have a throw so I tried to draw a foul…It ended up being at my cost.”

Amazingly, Stephen was able to come back in and finish the game despite not being able to move his right arm, a testament to his toughness and heart. What’s next for him? Johnson says he wants to stay in Lexington and work with UK Athletics.

“I’m excited to see what the future holds,” he said.

So are we. Thanks to Stephen for sharing his big news on KSR and giving us some incredible memories.

Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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29 responses to “Stephen Johnson announces retirement from football”

  1. Ridge Runner

    Your a Cat forever my man. Thank you for everything!

  2. UK_fac_boi

    We should give this dude his own day in Lex.

  3. LegggoooCats

    If Benny Snell isn’t ejected on the most ludicrous call I’ve ever seen, then we’re able to send Stephen Johnson out with a W. He’ll always be remembered for his passion, toughness, and heart. I wish him the absolute best for the future. Thank you SJ!

  4. BigPerm

    He is such a smart guy. Boss.

  5. Cowboy

    First… I commend him on the long term vision it take to makes such a decision at his age. . I know that when I was at that age…. I was indestructible and couldn’t see 5 feet in front of me.

    Second….as articulate as he is….coupled with his heart and love for the game…. this young man needs to go into coaching.

    Thanks for the memories and sacrifice Mr Johnson. BBN appreciates you.

  6. kydrummer

    Make him a GA please. We need this energy and toughness around our football program

    1. steve simpson


  7. empiremaker

    exactly what I was thinking, or some other position within the staff.

  8. Ben27

    I am so happy he is going to stay at UK in Lexington. I can’t blame him for not wanting to put his body through more. I think he has a future in coaching or management. Great person!

  9. BigPerm

    He’s gonna be lampin.

  10. Bleedblueky

    LOVE you to death Stephen but still prefer your old hair style lol

  11. BlueCamo

    Enjoyed watching you play! Going to miss you next year. I wish you nothing but the best and hope you can stick around UK! Maybe get that ring after all!

  12. DerBaron

    Has to be 1st Team “All Heart Team”.

  13. DennyC

    Put him on Stoops staff. Stoops should pay for it HIMSELF! Johnson is responsible (along with kicker) for Stooos still having a HC job at UK and earning bonuses and contract extensions!

  14. Swizzle

    Well since he did that, I’m Announcing my retirement from football too. C’mon man

    1. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      Seemy comment at 15.

  15. bigbluechesticles

    Is it really a retirement if you have no other options to play?? Guess the arena football route is no more nowadays.

    1. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      Even if that was true, it’s a jerky thing to say about a young man who has exhibited nothing but class (you too SWIZZLE). I think he could have possibly played in the CFL or the Arena League myself. Either way, be classy bro.

    2. steve simpson

      What a shit move. You have no idea his options. NFL no but other places to play.

  16. deancdurbin1

    I think he is one of the biggest winners to ever wear the uniform.

    If I had a company in his field, I would hire him on the spot, interview not necessary, I’ve seen all I need to see the last 2 season to know what kind of person he is…….pure class.

  17. Jimi40

    Thanks for the memories Stephen.

    Perhaps Stoops will hire you on as a QB coaching assistant and start your coaching career!

    ….and we both have 1 thing in common….


  18. ukspanky

    “Stevie J” will live forever in my Blue Bleed’n Memory as one of the top 5 Wildcat QBs for HEART and leadership. I agree with the comments suggesting he be retained as a GA. His inspirational play helped this year’s edition of BBFootball to a winning record. Love me some Stevie J.

  19. Rsn2GoBlu

    Retiring from football? You are a senior and are not even projected to be drafted per all the NFL draft boards. Is this some type of ego retirement announcement? I guess Charles Walker will next be announcing he will be retiring from football as well.

    1. ClutchCargo

      You realize there are other avenues to play football professionally, right? Just like there are other fast food chains for you to try to advance your career.

    2. CatsfaninFL

      Clutch… golden response lol.

    3. steve simpson

      ^^^^. That guy!!!!!

    4. My Dixie Wrecked

      Agree. I don’t think he really had a choice in his “retirement”.

    5. Rsn2GoBlu

      Clutch, if you are referring to the Canadian League where they throw the ball 80% of the time and only have 3 downs to go 10 yards, I don’t think the CFL is looking for a QB with a 57% passing efficiency and marginal accuracy beyond 20 yards. Maybe you think he has a future in the Arena league where they throw shorter passes.

  20. Brutal Hustler

    Make Stephen Head Coach in Waiting, Associate AD, AND kick the Capilouto’s out and let him live in the President’s house on campus. He’s earned it. Also, Willie T is now known as Stevie J