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Article written by Nick Roush

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13 responses to “Spring Practice No. 2: Terry Wilson’s Fundamentals and Life After Benny Snell”

  1. weneedpitino

    We are going to be awesome this year, i can’t wait for football season. Rose is going to be the man, and touchdown Terry is gonna be able to not only run the call but he is going to get his accuracy down and throw for a ton of touchdowns. Go Cats!!

  2. weneedpitino

    I have been waiting for years to start posting to this site, i used to read everyone’s comments and i didn’t decide to join in on the fun until just a couple of days ago, and boy i’m glad that i did. It’s fun to be a part of something, and by something i mean we all share one love and that is the Kentucky Wildcats. You guys and gals are like family, and i enjoy bantering back and forth with you all. You all give me your sound advice and opinions and i share mine right back with you all, my blue blood family. Go Cats, and go everyone in this awesome chatroom.

    1. ready4nineNOW

      We most certainly do not need pitino

    2. Jesus H. Chrysler

      …yeah, what he said…

    3. Matt10

      All this time you were waiting to join and that’s the name you pick?
      Please excuse us while we wonder what you mean by that. It’s not a good look.

  3. KentuckyTexan

    A season under Terry’s belt to adjust to the game speed (who essentially was a true freshman thrown to the wolves) and to get the game experience necessary to see what he needs to be worked on is great for him. He had a better starting season, statistically speaking, than Andre Woodson’s first year starting. With Terry having a MUCH quicker release, I’m expecting TW to have a blowout year now that we have an extra burner at wideout.

  4. Blue Bill

    I really think Terry is going to be drastically better this year, looking forward to football season!!

  5. Logic_Prevails

    Agreed. Not many QBs starting for the first time light the SEC on fire. Terry did a good job considering the circumstances and he will be better next year. I am looking forward to him, Rose, Bowden, and which ever one of our newbies step up. It’s going to be a fun year.

  6. 8 god

    Two things:

    one, this weneedpitino character seems like a football fan, so that’s good at least.

    two, Terry’s shirt is incredibly lit and I want one

    1. kjd

      Wilson must be able to read his receiver, and make the throw knowing the receiver will be there. As Freddie Maggard says: throwing the receiver open. You can’t wait for a receiver to come completely clean from coverage. A major weakness for Wilson last season.

  7. RAGE

    If Wilson don’t show major improvements this spring and off season… I am kind of worried that the team will take a major step backwards next season… I don’t think we will have the type of defense we had this year to bail us out… At least not early

  8. UKinIN

    If Wilson just avoids the sacks that he took last year it will be a huge improvement.

  9. notFromhere

    Harris and Crumes will also be a big help this year, perhaps even Tisdale. Really wish Javonte Richardson had gotten hear this spring, but I’m still hoping for a summertime or fall enrollment