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28 responses to “Sporting News ranks Mark Stoops the 33rd best coach in America”

  1. UKinIN

    At least only one coach that has lost to Stoops is ranked ahead of him.

    1. Mike Honcho

      Guess we need to put Derek mason, Jeremy Pruitt, and Matt Luke ahead of stoops by that logic

    2. UKinIN

      Try reading my comment again … slowly … maybe you’ll get it.

    3. UKinIN

      Clarification: I was only referring to the current SEC coaches.

    4. Mike Honcho

      Oh man tough look for my reading comprehension skills lol

  2. Thetruthshallsetbennyfree

    Dabo is clearly # 1 as long as the talent is even close to Saban’s he walks away with a win. If it’s equal it’s a blowout.

  3. cats646

    How can they put James Franklin ahead of Stoops? He done showed y’all who the REAL blue and white is!!!!
    GO BIG BLUE!!!!

    1. J. Did

      Good point. I’d like to also point out how dook, which used to be an almost dark navy blue, like PSU, ‘transitioned’ – during Mike’s watch – to a color scary-similar to KENTUCKY’s.

  4. drew_123

    Finally that put Muschamp behind stoops. Still don’t think there are 32 other coaches that could what stoops has done at Kentucky.

  5. KYjellyRoll

    Not even close. Stoops has done in the last 3-4 years what very few others could do in 10…

    1. notFromhere


  6. Cole28

    What a time to be alive!

  7. gasman01

    I like my coach and staff.

    1. Boman2112

      He’s only getting started! When Stoops retires from football he will leave as his statue goes up! What he has accomplished at UK I thought would take at least 10 years to do!
      I love my coach and his staff!
      Go Big Blue!

    2. J. Did

      Whatever happened to the Thumbs Up?

    3. notFromhere

      Def like em and hope they stay. More with less so far, and i cant wait to see what they do with MORE which they’ve been getting steadily better

  8. Headhurts

    To do what stoops & co have done at KY he should be top 10 easy.

    1. notFromhere

      He’s not feeding the press well enough when theyre in town. Which is AWESOME! LET EM starve!!

      Bulletin board material is ALWAYS good

  9. The Professor

    Muschamp should be 136th. The guy couldn’t even win at Florida!

  10. blueblue

    And Neal Brown is at #26, seven spots ahead of Stoops!! Good coach, but what has he done to earn that spot???

  11. Luether

    SEC middle of the pack – my sources say that’s about right…

    1. bbn606

      You have sources??

  12. stevemotley

    Brohm and Neal Brown plus a couple other coaches ahead of Stoops, there’s now way. This poll is bs

  13. notFromhere

    Fk the rags and mags. Havent gotten sht right about the Cats for over 25 years. They’re frkn name droppers and tradition worshippers. If Stoops is 33rd wtf are these other SEC coaches doing less with more going to be ranked.

    All they’re good for is lining bird cages and keeping weeds down. Fkrs.dont.know.sht.

  14. BlueWildcat_99

    I just don’t see Ed Ogeron as being a top 30 coach. I would take Stoops any day.


    Arguably you could move him to 5 cause who else is turning around the Kentucky program like he has!? He is becoming a great coach right in front of our eyes. He can make this his home like Coach Beamer if VTech. I can see us in contention for the CFBP maybe every 4-5 years under Stoops. You cannot deny his recruiting and development of players. Plus he is taking in a Coach Cal mentality of. Okay what kind of players do I have this year. Are we a running team, a defensive tram,a offensive tram etc.. He plays the style his players let him play he does not have a system and I think that is a great way to go. I think this coming year we will be more of an offensive team since our secondary will be young. I think we will have to average around 30 points a game. I think we are in for a fun run ,! Hell it has been fun with some of the biggest wins in the history of the program the last couple years.l can’t wait!

  16. Righteous1

    Stoops needs 25 wins to be the all time wins leader at UK in Football. Currently, 60 wins by Bear Bryant is the leader. Let that sink in. That is how bad UK has been in Football prior to Stoops.

    1. jaws2

      Boy, I couldn’t agree more. It’s depressing to think about this actually. I really hope Stoops can keep this thing moving forward another 6-10 years. I’m concerned that if he stays near 9 wins a year we’ll never keep him from the big dogs of college football. I hope I’m wrong.