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Some Things To Know Entering Saturday’s Game


The 2013 edition of the Governor’s Cup is days away and the two participating football programs are at completely different stages of the being-good-at-football process. Kentucky, the team you root for, is coming off a much-needed convincing win after suffering a catastrophic loss to the Hilltoppers in the season opener; while Louisville, the team you loathe, is loaded with talent, including Heisman trophy candidate Teddy Bridgewater, and has a schedule that screams undefeated season. And national championship snub.

Much of the early week here at KSR was spent focusing on the alumni game and how awesome it was — sorry, football fans — but now we’re ready to direct our focus to beating the Louisville Cardinals and ruining their hopes and dreams of 12-0.

It’s the week before the biggest game of the year, Louisville still sucks, and here are some things you need to know as kickoff approaches.


Teddy Bridgewater leads the nation in touchdown passes.

Touchdown Teddy has thrown nine TDs through the first two games of the 2013 college football season, leading the nation in passing scores. He’s the first Louisville quarterback to throw for nine touchdowns in the first two games since Brian Brohm in 2007. That 2007 Louisville team, coincidentally, was a top ten team through two games and coming off a BCS bowl win the year before — and then Stevie got loose in Commonwealth Stadium in the third week of the season.

Louisville ranks ninth in points allowed.

Ohio and Eastern Kentucky managed to only score one touchdown apiece against the Cardinals in the first two games in Papa John’s Stadium this season. Ohio and Eastern Kentucky aren’t very good at football, though.

Las Vegas is rooting for Kentucky.

With over 90% of the betting public taking Louisville in the game with the second-most action this weekend, Las Vegas sports books will be chanting “On-On-U-of-K” once the ball is kicked. Vegas generally tries to get an equal amount of money on each side of a line, but even an early five-point movement couldn’t sway bettors to take Kentucky.

Vegas has a lot riding on a Kentucky cover.

Louisville is deep at running back.

Senorise Perry, Michael Dyer, and Dominique Brown make up a vicious three-headed monster at running back for the Cardinals. Perry, the starter for Saturday, leads the team with 94 yards on the ground, while Dyer and Brown have tallied 70 and 53 yards rushing, respectively.

Charlie Strong’s offense relies on Bridgewater’s arm, but don’t sleep on the backfield.

Michael Dyer likes guns and marijuana.

Transfer running back Michael Dyer enrolled at Louisville this fall to repair his tarnished image. Dyer left Auburn — where he was named Offensive MVP in the BCS National Championship as a true freshman — prior to the 2011 Chik-fil-A Bowl after he was suspended indefinitely for a failed drug test. It was later discovered that a gun owed by Dyer was used in a robbery committed by four teammates in the spring of 2011 between his freshman and sophomore seasons.

Dyer transferred to Arkansas State University with intentions to play football after sitting out the 2012 season. However, marijuana and a gun were found in Dyer’s vehicle when he was pulled over for going 96 mph in a 70 mph zone, forcing then ASU head coach Gus Malzahn to dismiss Dyer from the team.

My point is, Dyer likes guns and marijuana.

Marijuana and guns violate two of Louisville’s five core values.

The fact that Louisville has to list these “core values” on the wall of the locker room still blows my mind. Treat women with respect? The players really need to be reminded to do that?! No drugs? No stealing? No guns?

What about murder, prostitution, arson, jaywalking and ripping the tag off a mattress?

Zeke Pike is on Louisville’s roster, somewhere.

Remember him? He was that quarterback from Dixie Heights ranked higher than Patrick Towles in the 2012 class. Pike signed to play quarterback for Auburn, got arrested on campus prior to his freshman season, and now he’s a tight end at Louisville.

#A1C4: Auburn First, Cardinals Forgive-whatever-got-you-kicked-out

This game means something different to Jason Hatcher.

Hatcher chose to sign with Kentucky over his hometown Cardinals, a rare move from a product of Trinity High School. Louisville wide receiver James Quick, his former high school teammate, stuck with Trinity tradition and signed with Louisville last spring.

UK’s young defensive end, the star of Stoops’ first recruiting class, said Saturday’s game holds a special place in his heart.

The KSR pregame show starts at 8:30 a.m. on 630 WLAP.

Listen from the parking lot, because you should be tailgating by then.

Stuff like this will be found around Commonwealth Stadium.


With the Louisville game in Commonwealth Stadium, comes the Louisville fans in Commonwealth Stadium. Several of the UofL fan base’s finest citizens will make the hourlong drive down 64 to see their Cards in action, meaning we’ll see things we’re not used to seeing at a Kentucky football game.

Get your cameras ready for male tramp stamps, stripper poles in truck beds, mountains of empty Mad Dog 20/20 bottles, and whatever else hops on a Greyhound to Lexington Saturday morning.


Go Cats.


Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

55 responses to “Some Things To Know Entering Saturday’s Game”

  1. Homeless in Seattle

    I was thinking about all of those “core values” the yuts have, as T. Jones was stomping on me. That and the fact that I’m glad I’m not Liggins baby-momma. An Xbox to the dome can hurt…

  2. Oh c'mon

    #1 at least our guys have the courtesy to commit infractions after they leave instead of before they transfer in. Lol

  3. Louisville1Cal4

    Handy piece of advice, if you are attending please be sure to hide your valuables if you are unfortunate enough to have to sit beside a UofL fan. You’re welcome in advance.

  4. NiceLilBroComplex

    5 We are so glad you care about us so much. If you didn’t care, you wouldn’t be here, you would be on your own team’s site. What a good little brother you are. I hope that pat I just gave you satisfies your need for big brother’s attention. Run along now so mommy can read you a bedtime story.

  5. Stoops Troops

    Come on #BBN there are still tickets left for the game this Saturday. Let’s FILL the stadium up with blue, be LOUD, and CHEER our C-A-T-S to a victory. Still tickets left for ONLY $41.00 it will definitely be worth the price of admission and there’s not a bad seat in CWS. Please help keep the red OUT!

  6. mike

    @bob While I’ll give you the DUI, I still can’t figure out why people still care if someone hits a little bud every once in awhile. It’s just pot. It’s safer than alcohol. Now if you got a problem with an athlete consuming any type of drug, including alcohol, then I can understand. However, I don’t understand hypocrisy.

  7. YT

    Nothing gets them more fired up than making fun of their man tramp stamps.

  8. Teddy Bongwater

    I find it hilarious UL fans come onto a UK sports site. You all must not have a lot going on huh?

  9. YT

    Haters are a good thing.

  10. Teddy Bongwater

    Louisville fans continue to show they have ZERO class.

  11. YT

    They should be relishing in what they have right now. The problem is they know what’s coming. If I was a UofL fan I would talk as much shit as I could right now.

  12. bob

    I guess you didn’t read how this post started…and we have ZERO class…like this

    Get your cameras ready for male tramp stamps, stripper poles in truck beds, mountains of empty Mad Dog 20/20 bottles, and whatever else hops on a Greyhound to Lexington Saturday morning

  13. Teddy Bongwater

    Evidently the card chronicle sucks cuz they come here for news. Even their fan sites pale in comparison to UK’s.

  14. YT

    Can we just through out all the morality and just let the hate continue? Hate hate hate…I think that we need a player haters ball/roast type deal with the ksr crew and all the boys at krd. It’s a UK site if Drew didn’t talk shit about UofL it wouldn’t be any different than your boring sites that you chose not to go to because the hate is so much more fun. That’s what makes ksr what it is. Great post Drew. From a true hater. Thank you sir

  15. Tyrone Biggums

    Remember what the Bible says: He who is without sin, cast the first rock. And I shall smoketh it.

  16. bob

    #6 don’t think that will be problem. If the attendance is like last week in commonwealth (79%) full there will be plenty room to move around. By end of season UK fans will be able to get a full row to themselves.

  17. hey

    Hey don’t hate. Let’s be real, who doesn’t like guns and weed???? Can’t fault him for that

  18. bob

    #15…agree your coach has:

    Roger Lewis, a four-star wide receiver who recently plead guilty to falsification in exchange for dismissal of a rape charge, has emerged as a new target for Kentucky’s coaching staff and plans on attending Saturday’s game against Louisville, according to Cats Illustrated’s Justin Rowland.

  19. Stoops troops

    I think It’s safe to say UofL has surpassed is in every sport 🙁

  20. Stoops troops

    I wonder if liggins is any good at madden?

  21. Stoops troops

    Smoking weed > beating your girlfriend with an Xbox

  22. YT

    Wow stoops troops. You obviously don’t share the same views and lifestyle of a true UK fan. We not only beat our GF’s with xbox’s, but we believe in sex with minors, bum chest stomping and burning couches!! We are BBN!!

  23. NRA Member/ BBN FAN

    Am I the only one who notices that Core Value #5 is a direct violation of The Second Amendment? How is owning a gun on the same list as dishonesty, mistreating women, drugs or stealing? Idiots.

  24. REAL YT

    I see my hating has caught the attention of someones eye! Just a little more math for you haters that I adore…so…so much. The number eight is greater than the number three. Thank you and hate on

  25. red headed step child

    I see all of our little brothers came out to play tonight.

    Welcome, now go sit at the kiddie table and drink your malt liquor, speak only when you can put together a sentence with valid points. Oh, put your needles, guns, and hair brush in the collection bin until you leave. Any food stamps left by accident will be donated to DARE TO CARE or KENTUCKY HARVEST.

  26. GoCards

    Ohio would beat Kentucky by 2 touchdowns.

  27. bob

    #24..has basketball season started? Difference from UL and UK. UL has teams to root for all year. Womens Final game, Sugar Bowl, World Series, National champs….and all Uk has is…well nothing this year unless NIT counts. 1 sport school…how boring…

  28. REAL YT

    Sounds like a lot runner up to me…

  29. REAL YT

    And #24 of course we are going to bank on basketball. Because that’s what we have. And it’s the one thing that you will never have and that kills you. That’s why you’re here talking shit to me. Because you’ve got it all right now and can’t even enjoy it because you’ll never have what you want. I love it.

  30. REAL YT

    Being great at one thing>Almost being great at everything…hate on

  31. Homeless in Seattle

    Wow – you make one (spot on) reference to Michael Porter and the comment gets deleted? Forget about the 2nd amendment #23 – ksr doesn’t believe in the 1st…

  32. REAL YT

    I didn’t see it getting constitutional..well played homeless man who was kicked by the real t jones. Your hatred is well received. Are you working off Starbucks Wifi or what?

  33. REAL YT

    I just wish we could’ve been good at any sport in the year of the cardinal 🙁 But I’m now a WKU fan during football season!!

  34. REAL YT

    UofL has officially surpassed us in all sports. Because I don’t count the titles from the 40’s, rupp was too racist for my taste..

  35. typical card fan

    I can typing!!!


    Nope I’m cats all the way win or lose. We are good and you would be too. I know it hits home and I’m right but you don’t have to keep taking my name. Imitation as flattery is a rather childish move. I enjoy you too. Keep hatin

  37. Homeless in Seattle

    I’m not sure how pointing out Porter, or Jones, or Liggins are people of questionable character could be construed as “hatred” #32. Particularly when framed in the context of the article trashing Dyer because he (like 70% of college students and 90% of football players) have smoked pot.

    That’s just keeping it real (YT)…


    You’re not following me #37. I think we should all be talking shit. That’s what its about. You guys came here to talk shit right??

  39. Smurf Killa

    Cards by 40

  40. Smurf Killa

    #38 he’s just saying that UK fans coming at micheal Dyer for smoking pot is hypocritical and hilarious. You know, because you guys having players locked up for domestic battery (with an Xbox), assault (on a homeless man and RAPE..

  41. Homeless in Seattle

    Right you are #40. That and the fact that those dudes are welcomed back with open arms by jc andthe lbn – all to help out recruiting.

    #38 – I’m guessing you talk shit, because you are shit. That make you feel better?

    You’re welcome…


    YOUR COACH MURDERED A BABY. Does there really need to be anything else said.

    BTW congrats on tyour women getting stomped in the championship and your baseball team lasting about as long in the college world series and your bball coach in the sack.Or should I say on the table.


    I was winning..and this guy showed up. I hope it’s one of you assholes playing games again. You’re going to be hard to find come spring

  44. Do whut?

    Wondering why my previous post was deleted. It was clean, unlike many still here and really wasn’t particularly controversial. Do some posts just fall off or do the fine folks at KSR just delete posts they don’t like? That’s pitiful and embarrassing if they do.


    If you dont like it dont come here. Its real simple.

  46. Hyperbolic in Lexington

    Umm #42, so now giving some skank “go away” money is = “murder”? I’m guessing any coursework you completed was more religious studies than law. And correct me if I’m wrong but, isn’t there a Pitino banner still hanging in Rupp? A little consistency from bbn would be nice…

  47. red headed step child

    @46. Paying for an abortion is murder. Paying a skank to go away is “hush” money.

    I wish they would remove the Pitino banner at Rupp. Congrats to the Tards for successful season. By the way, a new season has started, your Tardinals have lost to UK in two sports already.

    But why do we explain anything to you. Your on an opposing teams blog site.

  48. Hyperbolic in Lexington

    #47 -You must be another associate at Issacs & Issacs. I guess when you give a skank “hush money”, there’s no telling what she will do with it. I bet that your desire to see Pitino’s banner removed has less to do with Sypher, and everything to do with you being butthurt that he left for the Celtics and now coaches at Louisville.

    Speaking of explanations, regardless of a fan site’s affiliation, please have someone bring you up to speed on the correct usage of the words “your” and “you’re”.

    “You’re” welcome…

  49. Seven Ate Nine

    #48 The arrogance and bitterness you speak with is astounding. Did daddy not hug you enough?

  50. Hyperbolic in Lexington

    #49 – what a dumb post. It’s clear you don’t understand the meaning of the words you’ve chosen. Put a little more effort into it next time.

  51. Seven Ate Nine

    #50 explain to me how I don’t know what I just said. Explain to me what it really means, oh wise and powerful one. Because from my perspective, it looks like you didn’t have any sensible comeback, so you just attempted to undermine my statement by saying I don’t know what words mean.

  52. quickie

    I don’t see No Lying, No Cheating, or No Bullying on that board.

  53. jimbob

    LOL gonna be another sellout crowd at commonwealth!

  54. UKGrad93

    I hope the “lady” I saw openly breast feeding her child while WALKING AND SHOPPING AT HOBBY LOBBY with her Louisville shirt pulled up will not grace the pages of KSR. It’s burned in my memory.

  55. Hyperbolic in Lexington

    #51 – 1. You chose to characterize my earlier response to the “YOUR COACH IS A MURDERER” poster as arrogant and bitter. Nothing could be further from the truth — I simply expressed an opinion that perhaps his hyperbole was fueled as much by being upset that Pitino left uk and now coaches UofL as anything else. Given the warm reception that bbn gave to a woman-beater and someone who stomped (unprovoked) on a homeless person, it isn’t unreasonable to suggest that if Pitino was still the coach, his tawdry situation with Sypher would be rationalized away by bbn fans.