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Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

40 responses to “Six ‘What Ifs’ Kentucky Fans will be Asking after another Disappointing Loss to Florida”

  1. 4everUKblue

    All very valid “what ifs”….this one hurts.

  2. UKfanman01

    That fans face says it all. I still can’t believe I just watched that go down. I thought we were beyond this blow games when up stuff. I’m gonna hear about this at work Monday.

  3. maximumscott

    Missing a 35 yd FG is terrible… no excuse. After all of the bad calls, injuries, TOs we still had a chance to go ahead for the win… moral victory?!?!?

    1. Wakecrash

      We should not have played for a field go with a red shirt freshman.

    2. RealCatsFan

      I hate to pile on the kid, but wth were his parents thinking when they named him?

    3. UKfanman01

      Wake we shouldnt have ran the ball right and made him kick across his body. We shouldn’t have let Rose run up the middle with the o line spread thin on a 4th and 1. Smith shouldnt have thrown an interception after marching to the red zone. They shouldnt have blown coverage in the fourth. They shouldnt have ran the ball up the middle in the 4th on a 1st and 15.

  4. Hot Stuff Eddie Gilbert

    Pretty sure Chance Poore has a vagina.

    1. RealCatsFan

      Well, then he obviously wouldn’t be a romantic interest for you.

    2. eyebleedblue

      Kicker should’ve never been in this position. Coaching and officiating lost the game.

    3. Thetruthshallsetbennyfree

      I think he would have been better if he had a vagina because at least then he would know what it takes to hit the hole.

    4. Skooms

      LMAO…. I’m sorry Truth, but I about spit out my coffee laughing when I read that!

  5. jakew60

    What if somehow we get lucky, and Florida loses a couple sec games and somehow we get way better after this and beat Georgia, then again we are Kentucky and if we don’t play to win we won’t

    1. UKfanman01

      I’d feel better if they just went ahead and fired Eddie Gran

    2. maximumscott

      Its not Gran that gets conservative. Gran was the 1st half. Stoops was the one telling Gran to go Rushing in the 2nd half, which put Sawyer in predictable passing situations which made it harder for him to complete his attempts. This one is on Stoops… and Chance Poore, what a terrible name.

    3. jakew60

      I agree scott I do think chance poore will definitely be kicking himself after this but just maybe we still have a shot we got to win this one next week for sure though

    4. Great American

      Kavosie smoke should be rb1. And we need a new kicker….

  6. eyebleedblue

    What if UK had any other OC other than Gran? He is horrific. Next two weeks will tell the tale.

    1. eyebleedblue

      Benny Snell isn’t walking through that door. But may/e Grans poor performance will keep Stoops here, when FSU or Oklahoma are looking.

  7. Hot Stuff Eddie Gilbert

    Stoops and his sausage fingers cost us another big game.

    1. Blue Bill

      Yeah, just 12-3,the last 15 games. Dumb. Ass.

  8. Miller45

    They lost the game on purpose that’s the only explanation

  9. Hot Stuff Eddie Gilbert

    Was Stoops the fat guy from Teen Wolf

    1. BluesBrother


  10. bennybbn

    I’m just about tired of seeing aj rose, runs straight upright, never falls forward, always on his back, but that’s who we give it to on 4th smh

  11. Le Docteur

    What if our power RB, Rodriguez, hadn’t been shelved already? And what if they put him in on 4th and less than 1. AJ Rose on 4th down from the freakin Wildcat was never going to work.

  12. dcforuk

    There were too many what ifs. We did not play well enough over the last 18 game mins to win. The first 42 game minutes also had a few costly mistakes. Momentum works for you or against you and worked against us after QB went down. Also, don’t underestimate their motivation and desire from that point forward after Franks went down. They are humans like our guys. And, though not an illegal play like a horsecollar, were probably just as amped up and mad. Then, when Trask scored that 1st TD it was game on

  13. JPhelps

    What can’t you people believe? Why are you acting surprised. This is UK football.

    1. makeitstop

      Man that’s the sad truth. My wife couldn’t understand why I said “this game’s over” when we were up 11 and got stuffed 2 plays in a row running #10 who can’t get a yard. But when they threw TJ out I left. No experienced safety. No line pressure. No Chance – sorry no chance. Game over. Seen this movie so many times before.

    2. dcforuk

      Stop with that garbage Phelps!

  14. Bourbon-n-Coke

    What if we had a coach that didn’t play prevent offense & prevent defense in the second half when we have a lead and stuck with what got us the lead…

    1. RealCatsFan

      Yeah, what if we had Joker again? Or better yet, we should have hired Petrino like some of you other bozos were wishing for. That would have turned out swell – just ask University 6 down the road. Some of you people anaze me. Yeah, I’m pissed too – we let those bastards sneak out with another win they didn’t deserve, and a lot of it is on the coaching decisions. But Stoops has built this program to way beyond where I expected he would take us. And we have closed the gap on programs like Florida. In spite of how dark it looks this morning, the future is still pretty bright. we have a lot of new talent coming in, a lot of young guys getting valuable experience. Be careful what you wish for.

    2. makeitstop

      I agree with realcats, we have made great progress and done it the right way. It wasn’t “conservative” play calling, it was a LOFT problem after the ejections and injuries: lack of f’ng talent (or experience). We weren’t playing prevent we were down two pass rushers, and had no experience in the secondary. And I would bet that smith’s wrist injury (brought on by his horrible interception and great hustle) was the cause of some of those bad throws or he confused Bowden for Ahmed Wagner. I love Bowden but just a side note, he seems disconnected somehow, and that’s troubling. Reminds me of when Boom went and pouted for a game or so when Benny was getting “his” snaps. Hope it’s just not enough reps. But none of that is on Stoops and Gran. The wildcat w AJ on 4th down is, fair point but the wildcat instead of a sneak or Smoke to the left isn’t “conservative” it’s just a mistake.

  15. Yankee

    What if’s
    4th and 1. UK has backup lineman in on right side. Right guard gets lost and misses the block.(blocks no one). QB sneak, 1st string lineman or run Smoke all better ideas

    Bowden doesn’t get overthrown and walks into the end zone

    1. makeitstop

      Right? Of all the plays, why sub a lineman then? And is Rodriguez so bad w ball security we just can’t use him? He’s good for a yard for sure, running left behind those beasts.

  16. ukisdabest

    What if we cover a receiver and Florida doesn’t get a touchdown in the first quarter

  17. makeitstop

    All good what ifs – answer is: we win. But we live on what ifs in UK football – it’s a staple of our diet, sadly.

  18. BluKudzu


    Back to the future; bottom of the SEC East.

    Will somebody please tell Stoops and company, to stop using the non-cover two defense…..especially against Florida?

    It never prevents touchdowns.

    LOL….give him another raise!

  19. Larkin123

    Rose Has never been good in short yardage and he’s easy to tackle and he doesn’t fall forward well or get extra yards. And there was no evidence that had changed Before the game.

  20. TBW3011

    Not to beat a dead horse. Kentucky is 3 TD’s better than that team they played last night. Very bad loss.

  21. mashman 93

    Heck I believe Kentucky wins if Franks doesn’t get hurt. The other guy got the ball out of his hands so quick while Franks usually didn’t in this game.