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Seven Reasons why you should go to the Music City Bowl

Music City Bowl

Kentucky did not lose consecutive games in the 2017 season until the final two games of the year, leaving a sour taste in the mouthes of many fans.  Mark Stoops’ Wildcats have a chance to change the narrative with a victory over the nine-win Northwestern Wildcats at the Music City Bowl in Nashville.  That’s just one reason why you should be at Nissan Stadium on December 29.

A Pregame Basketball Party

The Music City Bowl will kickoff at 4:30 ET, hours after the Louisville-Kentucky basketball game tips off at Rupp Arena.  Some may see that as a problem, but like Mitch Barnhart, I see it as a wonderful opportunity.

“I don’t look at it as a problem,” Barnhart said. “I look at it as a great opportunity and unbelievable celebration. I don’t know that there’s probably too many schools that have the incredible opportunity to have two showcase opportunities in one day for your two marquee programs.”

Broadway will be shut down for a Music City Bowl fan zone on Thursday and Friday.  Barnhart is working with the bowl game to create a place where fans can gather to watch the basketball game before heading to the football stadium.

“I intend to work very closely with the Sports Council to try and create an environment down there where our fans will have an opportunity to view the basketball game before the football game and walk across that bridge and go in that stadium for the football game and we’ll have some fun. We’ll look forward to that.”

The Cheapest Football Ticket all Year

It isn’t cheap to attend a Kentucky football game.  Even in the cheap seats it’s usually about $50 per ticket.  Price should not be a problem for those who wish to witness the Music City Bowl with tickets starting at just $22.  On third-party platforms, you can get inside the stadium for as little as $16.  Price should not be a problem.  Get your tickets from UK here.

No Nashville SEC Tournament

Each spring the BBN gets to celebrate the basketball season with a weekend party at the SEC Tournament in Nashville.  This year that will not be the case.  For the first time since 2014, the tournament is leaving Nashville.  Instead, St. Louis will host the tournament for the first time.  Replicating the madness in the Midwest will be difficult, but it’s safe to say Kentucky fans will be crazy for a December trip to Broadway.

It will be Better than the Last Game at the Titans’ Stadium

Mark Stoops’ Kentucky head coaching tenure began with optimism on a hot August day at Nissan Stadium.  The Cats left the stadium with a loss to Bobby Petrino’s Western Kentucky Hilltoppers.  No matter what happens on December 29, it can’t be as bad as that loss.

UK is Great in the Music City Bowl

Kentucky’s record in the Music City Bowl is 2-2, but in hindsight we can ignore the bad moments and appreciate the best parts.

Nashville’s New Year’s Eve Party

If you have yet to make plans for New Year’s Eve, few destinations are better than Nashville’s annual party.  The free concert at Bicentennial Park is headlined by Keith Urban and also features Maren Morris, Cheap Trick and Kentucky-native Carly Pearce.  If that option does not float your boat, you can party with Parrot Heads.  Huey Lewis and the News opens for Jimmy Buffett at Bridgestone Arena.

Even if you don’t stay until the 31st, hockey fans can enjoy a night in Smashville when the Predators host the Minnesota Wild on December 30 at 8:00 p.m.

A Proper Senior Send-Off

Stephen Johnson, Courtney Love, Austin MacGinnis, Juice Johnson and the entire 2017 senior class has done incredible things to take the Kentucky football program to new heights.  Their final game at Kroger Field could not have gone much worse.

The seniors have one more game to show the Big Blue Nation how far this program has come since Mark Stoops arrived.  They have an opportunity to knock off a nine-win Big 10 team and leave a lasting legacy, an opportunity I’m certain they will not let slip away.

Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

31 responses to “Seven Reasons why you should go to the Music City Bowl”

  1. mothandras

    I can think of ten reasons not to go.

    1. runningunnin.454

      Such as easy solution….don’t go.
      You’re welcome.

  2. TBW3011

    The title of the article and then the first sentence? 😂😂😂

  3. cats646

    I can think of ten reasons to punch you in the face

  4. jagar24

    “UK is Great in the Music City Bowl” with a record of 2-2?

    1. unbridled

      Hey apparently a lot of U.K. fans are completely fine with only winning 50% of mid level bowls. It’s basketball season now. Who cares about stoops “troops?”

  5. cats646

    Yea I didn’t really understand that sentence either

  6. unbridled

    The only reason to go would be to hang out in Nashville. I’m totally over mark stoops and his mediocrity

  7. cats646

    Who cares about basketball right now unbridled. We barely beat Harvard. There looking way worse than our football team. Let’s get rid of Cal he’s soooo mediocre. 😂😂. What a tool

    1. unbridled

      You can’t be serious right? Yeah I’ll enjoy watching the development of this team and watch as the hall of fame coach transform them come march. Your comparison is ridiculous. By all means, continue watching the amateur hour and undisciplined chaos mark stoops calls “progress.” I’m looking for a bit more and the basketball program speaks for itself.

  8. cats646

    Of course I’m kidding about that but it’s still football season too. I’m just as big a football fan as I am basketball. Maybe bigger. I don’t give a crap about basketball till football is done with. People like unbridled are the worst

  9. unbridled

    Yeah why care about about the winningest basketball program in collegiate athletics….when you can watch a mediocre team implode and regress throughout the season. People who deny that mark stoops is in waaaaay over his head are the worst.

    1. cats646

      Your not a real UK fan. You just like UK basketball because they are usually good. I bet you were a Florida fan in the Billie G days weren’t you?

    2. unbridled

      No stoopie. I was born in Kentucky. I attended the university of Kentucky. I live and will die in the bluegrass. I love U.K. basketball because it U.K. Basketball and yes they are normally phenomenal and relevant. The history of the bball program speaks for itself. Football…not so much. I hope you intently follow all non revenue generating sports just because they wear a Wildcat uniform.

  10. cats646

    Did you not read the one where I said I was kidding?! Of course I don’t want Cal gone but we ain’t lookin to hot right now. Ha. And I’ll enjoy watching these boys get a W in Nashville right after I watch our basketball team whip up on Louisville. This program is too good for a fan like you. Go cheer for Louisville basketball. There about as twisted and dillusional as you are. 👍🏻😼

  11. cats646

    No I’m just a UK fan through and through. I want us to win everything we play. And I enjoy watching a sport where they don’t get in trouble for running into someone. Football is a way better sport in every aspect in my opinion so yea I’m gonna cheer for UK. And yes stoops has made some mistakes but name me one head coach that hasn’t. Oh that’s right you can’t. He’s getting better and so is our team. Do you not remember the joker days?! We have a chance at winning eight games and your complaining. No the season wasn’t as good as it could have been but that’s football. These boys are fighters and are gonna go give everything to win this bowl and if your a UK fan and can make it you should be there. Because it goes both ways we have to be in the game just like they do. Can you not see that?! Keep your negative comments to your freakin self. No real fan or player wants to see that crap.

  12. unbridled

    After you said you were kidding, you repeated yourself by saying “I don’t care about basketball until after football season.” Your words not mine. Did you forget that? Who is delusional? Typical mark stoops apologist…”go root for Louisville. I feel triggered and need a safe space!” Sorry to be critical snowflake.

  13. cats646

    😂😂. I don’t care about watching basketball at all until footballs over I like football way better. I haven’t watched a basketball game yet. But I still want us to win and I’m not gonna get on here and rant about us doing bad these past few games and say we need a different coach😂 And I’m being serious when I say go root for Louisville. Glad to have you as a basketball fan but when it comes to football choose another team, get on there website, and post your irrational thoughts on there. I’m sorry I hurt your feelings….. Snowflake. No wait, I’m not. Go Big Blue!!

  14. johnson0918

    I’m assuming that @unbridled has forgotten that we are just a few short years removed from back to back 2-10 seasons and being throttled at home 40-0 by Vandy?

    1. unbridled

      I certainly remember. I also don’t think we have progressed beyond this years as far as you think we have. If uk was ever going to win 8-9 games in the regular season, beat Florida, make it to a good bowl game….this was the year to do it. I think next season will be very telling of the state of our football program.

    2. timewilltell

      Hey J0918. Post on this matter this same time in 2018.

  15. johnson0918

    I think we’ve progressed from back to back 2-10 seasons to back to back 7-5 seasons. I think we’ve progressed from getting throttled by 40 AT HOME against vandy, to dominating Vandy. I think we’ve progressed from finishing 6th or 7th in the east EVERY YEAR, to now finishing third two years in a row. I think we’ve progressed from being dominated by South Carolina to now having 4 in a row in the series.

    Are there things to gripe about? Absolutely! Are there things that need evaluated and fixed? Most definitely! Were there opportunities lost? Without question! But we are still better than when Stoops got here, and we are still bowling for the second straight year. This is year 5, look at what he’s done in five years. Imagine what he could do in 10. Be positive. Be happy, and remember there was a time when the fan base wanted Brooks gone.

  16. cats646

    Perfectly said Johnson!!

  17. Swizzle


  18. johnson0918

    @timewilltell, y are u worried about this time in 2018? A lot of things Chang happen and/change between now and then. Right now I’m focused on this time when 2017, when our CATS are 7-5 going to their second straight bowl game.

  19. cats646

    Timewilltell and unbridled are definitely a couple

  20. unbridled

    Ahhhhh. That’s cute. What a profound statement. You seem very intelligent. Just curious, have you ever actually been on the U.K. campus?

    1. UK Big Board Update

      Are you talking to Nick Roush?

  21. cats646

    I’ve had season tickets for ten years unbridled. I don’t miss a game. Have you ever said anything worth listening to? I’ll answer that. No

  22. unbridled

    Poor guy.

  23. cats646

    😂. Agree to disagree I guess.